the anthropocene

Human-Made Evolution

by Robert Hunziker Evolution is nature’s way of preserving itself, but nature is losing out for the first time ever as it becomes curiously unnatural, artificially induced to adapt to human existence. It is human-made... Read More
labour leadership

Lord Sewel: was it really necessary to go on and on humiliating him? | Media | The Guardian

  Am I alone in having some sympathy for Lord Sewel (aka Lord Coke, Lord Sewer, The Cocaine Peer, Baron Sewel of Orange Bra and, doubtless, plenty of nastier nicknames in pubs across the land)?... Read More

GoButler Takes Its SMS Personal Assistant Out Of Beta, Raises $8M | TechCrunch

Today, the startup is announcing that it has moved out of beta testing and is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It’s also announcing that it has raised $8... Read More

AP Investigation: Olympic teams to swim, boat in Rio’s filth

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Athletes in next year’s Summer Olympics here will be swimming and boating in waters so contaminated with human feces that they risk becoming violently ill and unable to compete in... Read More
obama on iran

Obama Wants the US to Build the World’s Fastest Supercomputer | WIRED

Supercomputers are at the heart of a huge number of important scientific and defense research projects. They’re used by aerospace engineers to model planes and weapons, and by climatologists to predict the the near-term impact... Read More
mh 370 debris

MH370 search: Australia ‘increasingly confident’ debris is from missing jet | World news | The Guardian

A two-metre barnacle-covered chunk of aircraft debris will be flown to Toulouse, the hub of #Europe’s aerospace industry, for identification amid hopes it is the first physical evidence from the disappearance of the #Malaysia Airlines... Read More
ai and meds

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Drugs Better and Faster | Popular Science

When researchers used to try to diagnose and treat diseases, they would often search for one mutation on a single gene that was causing the problem. Or maybe they would look for average effects of... Read More

Report: Fox Debate Rules “Generating Controversy” Among Network’s Staffers | Blog | Media Matters for America

Fox News has previously announced that the top 10 performers in national polls will qualify for the first debate, but the network has yet to provide clarity on which polls will be included in its tally.... Read More

Rand Paul attributes Trump’s rise to a ‘loss of sanity’ | TheHill

Trump drew 20 percent support in a Quinnipiac poll released Thursday, ahead of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, while #Paul tied with several candidates for fourth place in the poll, taking 6 percent.   “I... Read More

Texas Gov. Abbott accused of stifling mental health care bill after being pressured by Scientologists

Updated | Texas Governor Greg Abbott had no sooner emerged from a controversy—the “Jade Helm” brouhaha, when he was accused of pandering to the right-wing fringe after his decision to ask the Texas National Guard... Read More
bacon cooking

BBC – Future – The molecular medley that gives bacon its rich flavour

It’s the chemistry of the meat, the chemistry of the smoking and the chemistry of the cooking that combine to make bacon smell and taste irresistible, as Veronique Greenwood discovers.   There are few foods... Read More

Rand Paul attributes Trump’s rise to a ‘loss of sanity’ | TheHill

Trump drew 20 percent support in a Quinnipiac poll released Thursday, ahead of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, while #Paul tied with several candidates for fourth place in the poll, taking 6 percent.   “I... Read More

The Fox News GOP Debate Could Draw the Biggest Audience in Cable News History — and Roger Ailes Is Making All the Rules

From NY Magazine At the start of his career, not long after he helped Richard Nixon win the 1968 election, Roger Ailes boasted to a reporter that television would one day replace the political party... Read More

Homeland Security Is Tracking Black Lives Matter. Is That Legal? | Mother Jones

Nusrat Choudhury, a staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union’s Racial Justice Program, says that while this type of surveillance may not be illegal, it may have significant chilling effects that do infringe on... Read More

The FBI Built A Database That Can Catch Rapists — And Almost Nobody Uses It – Digg

Dubbed the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program, or ViCAP, it was a database designed to help catch the nation’s most violent offenders by linking together unsolved crimes. A serial rapist wielding a favorite knife in one... Read More
100 yr olds

The First Humans to Live to the Age of 150 Are Already Alive | GOOD

At first glance this is a mind-blowing projection, until you consider the record holder for longest recorded age, France’s Jeanne Louise Calment, who lived to 122, and more adults are living well past 110. Astonishing... Read More

Turkish deputy prime minister shouts at lawmaker: ‘You as a woman, be quiet!’

Deputy premier Bulent Arinc made the remark while speaking during an emergency debate in parliament over the government’s military intervention against jihadists in Syria and Kurdish militants in Iraq.   Justifying the decision to attack... Read More
music pref

Scientists Want to Know: Are Musicians Playing to the Weather? | Hakai Magazine

The icebreaker inspired a true scientific endeavor: a hunt for the influence of weather patterns not in the atmosphere, but in pop music. A team of scientists searched through more than 15,000 karaoke songs to... Read More
at and t

Judges Revive Claim that AT&T Overcharged Schools for Internet Service

A lawsuit can proceed against the company for allegedly failing to offer the required discounts to schools and libraries, says an appeals court. by Jeff Gerth ProPublica For seven years, a Wisconsin telecom consultant has... Read More

Afghanistan: Still the King of Opium | Foreign Policy

The country’s own drug use rates remain among the highest in the world, according to a new quarterly report by the congressionally mandated Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction, or SIGAR.   A 2014 World... Read More
Opposition to Iran Nuclear Deal Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder | Mother Jones

Opposition to Iran Nuclear Deal Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder | Mother Jones

The congressional hearings into the Iran nuclear deal continue apace. Steve Benen points us today to this lovely exchange between Sen. Lindsey Graham and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter:   So there you have it: (a)... Read More

Maryland Gov. Hogan orders immediate closure of Baltimore city jail

Hogan said leaking roofs, flooding, inhumane conditions and a dangerous environment for guards and inmates meant the men’s section of the Baltimore City Detention Center had to be closed.   “Frankly, the Baltimore City Detention... Read More
hillary clinton

Morning Plum: The GOP Congress is set to run off the rails. That could help Hillary Clinton. – The Washington Post

Meanwhile, every decision on Capitol Hill is likely to be second-guessed by the rowdy band of Republicans trying to secure their party’s presidential nomination, four of whom serve in the Senate.   The Environmental Protection... Read More
trump 10

Trump’s Campaign Manager: We’ll Release Specific Policies When We Want To – BuzzFeed News

Lewandowski said the mainstream media will not dictate to them how they should release their specific policies, reiterating that the policy positions are in place.   “They’re done and we’re waiting for our schedule and... Read More
Bill O’Reilly Freaks Out About #BlackLivesMatter | Alternet

Bill O’Reilly Freaks Out About #BlackLivesMatter | Alternet

“Do you think they know that [they are] giving money to an anarchistic group like this that wants to tear down the country and is talking about genocide, and really really extreme things,” O’Reilly told... Read More

Off-duty NJ trooper opens fire on teens who mistakenly knocked on his door: ‘Get off my f*cking property’

“After knocking on the door, they heard the loud voice from inside saying ‘I don’t know who the f*ck you are, get off my f*cking property,’” said Lindsay Marasco. “They didn’t recognize the voice so... Read More

California’s Drought Is So Bad That Thousands Are Living Without Running Water | Mother Jones

What do you mean by “no running water”? No water is coming through the pipes, so when residents turn on the tap or the shower, or try to flush the toilet or run the washing... Read More

Undocumented Immigrants Beg Ohio Governor To Protect Their Families From Deportation | ThinkProgress

Though Kasich appeared to be sympathetic to undocumented immigrants’ concerns, he refused to budge when immigrants and advocates urged him to remove Ohio from a multi-state immigration lawsuit that’s since spawned a federal court order... Read More

Calais migrant crisis to last through summer, says Cameron | UK news | The Guardian

More sniffer dogs and fencing are to be sent to Calais and Ministry of Defence land is to be used as a lorry park to ease related road congestion in Dover.   Cameron announced the... Read More

What the Scott Walker fundraising controversy means for 2016

Under the Federal Election Campaign Act, an individual donor may contribute only a maximum of US$2,700 to a candidate’s campaign in federal elections. Many states impose similar limits on contributions to state campaigns.   But... Read More