The Questionable Math Behind Manafort’s Extravagant Home Renovations – Bloomberg

A company called SP & C Home Improvement is listed as the general contractor on renovation projects for both the Hamptons and Brooklyn. The company’s owner, Stephen Jacobsen, who moved to Florida several years ago,... Read More

Goldman Sachs boss calls for second Brexit referendum

The boss of Goldman Sachs has suggested a second EU referendum to confirm there is a consensus in the UK on the “monumental and irreversible” Brexit decision. Lloyd Blankfein, in his latest intervention via Twitter... Read More

House: Ratings Changes in Seven Districts as GOP Majority in Peril

If it wasn’t already clear, last Tuesday’s election results confirmed a political atmosphere that would seriously endanger the House GOP’s majority in 2018. In Virginia, turnout was up 20 percent over 2013 in localities won... Read More

Trump choosing white men as judges, highest rate in decades

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is nominating white men to America’s federal courts at a rate not seen in nearly 30 years, threatening to reverse a slow transformation toward a judiciary that reflects the... Read More

Kaine calls for eliminating superdelegates

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is urging the Democratic National Committee to end its tradition of using superdelegates, which activists say diminish the influence of regular voters at the expense of party bigwigs in the presidential... Read More

NRSC poll: Moore trails Jones by 12

Republican Roy Moore is trailing Democrat Doug Jones by 12 points in the Alabama special Senate election, according to a poll conducted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee after five women accused Moore of pursuing... Read More

Russian troll factories: researchers damn Twitter’s refusal to share data

It is impossible to accurately estimate the number of Russian state-sponsored accounts operating on Twitter and Facebook. Researchers come up with a wide range of possibilities, suggesting that Russian interference in British political and cultural... Read More

A Wide-Open Door for Pesticide Lobbyists at the Agriculture Department

A former lobbyist for the pesticide industry now leads the deregulatory team at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Visitor logs show old ties remain strong. by Robert Faturechi, ProPublica, and Danielle Ivory, The New York... Read More

Nearly 1.5 million have signed up for ACA coverage in 2 weeks

Nearly 1.5 million people have signed up for coverage through in the first two weeks of this year’s open enrollment period — up from just over 1 million at the same point in the... Read More

Theresa May ‘close to offering financial deal to progress Brexit negotiations’

Theresa May is close to offering a deal on money that would unlock the Brexit negotiations, according to the head of Europe’s centre-right MEPs, who said he had received “positive messages” during a meeting in... Read More

Corker, Cardin See Little ‘Firm’ in Latest Trump North Korea Shift

Senior Senate Foreign Relations Committee members aren’t quite sure what to make of the White House’s dramatic shift on North Korea during President Donald Trump’s recent Asia tour. Before the president departed on the 12-day... Read More

Current Lawmakers Have Sexually Harassed Staffers, Speier Alleges

Two current lawmakers allegedly have sexually harassed congressional staff in the past. And a former staffer reportedly asked to deliver papers to a member’s home was greeted by him wearing only a towel. That’s what... Read More

When It Comes To Sexual Harassment Claims, Whose Side Is Human Resources On?

As more executives accused of sexual harassment are being ousted from companies around the nation, including NPR, many are rethinking whether human resources departments are willing or able to handle the job of fielding and... Read More

Trump says he loves miners. Critics say he’s putting their lives in danger.

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to bolster America’s mining industry, rolling back environmental regulations, appointing mining executives to high-ranking jobs and funneling more money to struggling coal plants. “We’re going... Read More

ECB criticises banks’ relocation plans after Brexit

The European Central Bank has warned banks that some of their #Brexit plans are inadequate as they involve setting up “empty shell” operations in the EU that are not properly staffed. The Frankfurt-based institution said... Read More

Donna Brazile’s Revenge with “Hacks”

by Rev. Irene Monroe Since the election of Donald Trump, most Americans on both sides of the political aisle feel American democracy is under siege. The infighting going on in both the Democratic and Republican... Read More

CFPB Director Richard Cordray Exits: What Happens Next

The head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (#CFPB), #Richard Cordray, announced Wednesday that he will be stepping down at the end of the month, putting the agency’s future in jeopardy. “I wanted to share... Read More

Daily Telegraph ‘Brexit mutineers’ front page blamed for threats to MP

Conservative Brexit rebels have attacked rightwing papers for trying to bully them into silence as the government’s EU withdrawal bill continued its passage through parliament. Anna Soubry blamed the Daily Telegraph front page depicting her... Read More

Ron Johnson Opposes Senate Tax Overhaul

Sen. Ron Johnson is opposed to the Senate Republicans’ tax overhaul, a spokesman for the Wisconsin Republican confirmed Wednesday. “If they can pass it without me, let them,” Johnson told The Wall Street Journal. “I’m not going... Read More

‘Lock Her Up’ Becomes More Than a Slogan

WASHINGTON — President Trump did not need to send a memo or telephone his attorney general to make his desires known. He broadcast them for all the world to see on Twitter. The instruction was... Read More

Paul Ryan says Roy Moore “should step aside”

Speaker #Paul Ryan said Tuesday that GOP Senate candidate #Roy Moore should drop out of the special election race in Alabama. “He should step aside,” the Wisconsin Republican said at a press conference with House... Read More

Trump’s Asia trip was hardly the success he says it was

All things considered, President Trump’s lengthy five-country trip to Asia was not the total fiasco some feared it could be. The president had a chummy swing through Japan and then delivered a well-received speech before the South... Read More

Help make Julian Assange Australia’s US ambassador, WikiLeaks urged Trump Jr

WikiLeaks tried to have Julian Assange installed as the Australian ambassador to the US after Donald Trump’s election, a new leak of private correspondence from inside the Trump circle has revealed. On Tuesday the Atlantic... Read More

Patriotism, Taxes, and Trump

by Robert Reich Selling the Trump-Republican tax plan should be awkward for an administration that has made patriotism its central theme. That’s because patriotism isn’t mostly about saluting the flag and standing during the national... Read More

North Korea crisis: Pyongyang slams Trump, says he deserves death

North Korea gave its version of a diplomatic verdict Wednesday on President Trump’s recent trip to Asia: He’s a coward who deserves to die. Pyongyang’s state media slammed Trump for insulting North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un while on... Read More

Theresa May accuses Russia of interfering in elections and fake news

Theresa May has accused Russia of meddling in elections and planting fake stories in the media in an extraordinary attack on its attempts to “weaponise information” in order to sow discord in the west. The... Read More

Republicans wade into the dangerous waters of health care again

So how do you make the Republican tax efforts even more difficult? You pair it with re-starting the Obamacare Wars. As NBC’s Benjy Sarlin writes, the Senate GOP’s tax plan now includes a repeal of... Read More

Senate plan would make individual tax breaks temporary while corporate cuts would be permanent

In a bid to make their proposed corporate tax cut permanent and avoid adding to the long-term deficit, Senate leaders are now proposing to have most of the expanded individual benefits offered under their plan... Read More

Zimbabwe’s Army Seizes Control, Detains Mugabe And His Wife

Zimbabwe’s army said Wednesday that it has seized control in what is being described as “a bloodless transition” that has apparently pushed aside President Robert Mugabe. The military said he and his family are “safe... Read More

Sessions says he ‘told the truth’ about Russia contacts

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday again revised his account of what he knew about the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russians, acknowledging for the first time that he recalled a meeting where a foreign policy... Read More