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Health Gadgets and Apps Outpace Privacy Protections, Report Finds

In 2009, Congress asked for recommendations on what to do about information that falls outside the privacy law known as HIPAA. Today, health officials released their report, but offered no suggestions. by Charles Ornstein ProPublica... Read More
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UK may impose cut-off date on EU migrants, says Brexit minister

Appointed last week to the new role of secretary of state for exiting the #European Union, Davis said it might not be possible to warn in advance when this date might fall, as the “sheer... Read More

Utah reports Zika infection in person who cared for patient with virus

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that a person who helped care for the individual who died last month while infected with Zika has now contracted the virus, Utah officials said.... Read More

Chris Christie’s week from hell: Five of the governor’s appointees have drawn the attention of federal prosecutors over corruption allegations –

On the same day that he was in the final throes of the Trump VP search, one of his closest political allies David Samson, was standing before a federal judge pleading guilty to one count... Read More
WATCH: Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin humiliates herself trying to justify her party’s anti-gay platform

WATCH: Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin humiliates herself trying to justify her party’s anti-gay platform   On CNN Monday morning, Fallin, the co-chair of the GOP platform committee, trotted out Trump’s slogan “make America great again” and claimed that this new generation of the Republican Party will “stand... Read More
nice attack

The Nice attack heralds a new kind of terror – one we can’t define

After attacks such as Nice, we demand answers. A requirement to understand is necessary both to protect ourselves in the future and to deal with the consequences of horror. What was the motivation? Are there... Read More
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Trump’s Coalition Looks a Lot Like Brexit Voters

“They’re frighteningly close,” said Mary Nugent, a doctoral candidate who teaches U.K. politics at Rutgers University. “The demographic breakdown is also similar in that overwhelmingly lower-educated and lower-income people voted for #Brexit. That’s true of... Read More
glut of apartments

Cameron’s housing legacy was a glut of luxury apartments – Theresa May must clean up ​the mess

“Housing is the first of the social services,” said the manifesto. “It is also one of the keys to increased productivity. Work, family life, health and education are all undermined by crowded houses.” The incoming... Read More
minneapolis shooting

Police Brutality… from Cairo to Minneapolis!

by Ahmed Tharwat You know the situation here is so bad when family and friends in Egypt are worried about me because of police brutality and not Islamophobia. The latest tragic shooting of police officers... Read More
coup turkey

Military coup was well planned and very nearly succeeded, say Turkish officials | World news | The Guardian

It was midnight in the Turkish capital, just two and a half hours into the attempted coup, and the group of nine senior ministers who were gathered in a conference room at the prime ministry... Read More

Mike Pence Argued For Criminalization Of Adultery Before Joining Trump Ticket

In May of 1997, Pence railed against the news that U.S. Air Force Lt. Kelly Flynn had received a general dischrage despite having been accused of two adulterous affairs. While Pence said he was glad... Read More

Pollster Frank Luntz: GOP has ‘lost’ the millennial generation | TheHill

CLEVELAND — Republican pollster Frank Luntz on Tuesday told delegates at the Republican National Convention that the GOP has “lost” the millennial generation of voters.   Addressing the South Carolina delegation, Luntz attributed the Democratic... Read More
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The Murdochs Have Decided to Remove Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes’s tenure as the head of Fox News may be coming to an end. Rupert Murdoch and sons Lachlan and James — co-chairmen and CEO, respectively, of parent company 21st Century Fox — have... Read More

Tech giant ARM Holdings sold to Japanese firm for £24bn

Britain’s biggest technology company is set to fall into foreign ownership afterARM Holdings accepted a £24.3bn offer from Japanese group SoftBank.   The deal poses an early headache for Theresa May, the new prime minister,... Read More
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Ep. 78: Ask Not Who Wrote the Speech Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Melania Trump learned the hard way that if University Professors can find plagiarism in :60 seconds online, a laid off reporter/interior designer in... Read More
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Seven-day NHS unachievable for 20 years, expert claims

The government’s pledge to deliver a seven-day NHS will remain unachievable for 20 years because of underfunding and chronic understaffing, a leading expert has said.   There are also fears that providing more NHS services... Read More
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A Citizen’s Guide to the Upcoming Conventions

by Robert Reich I’ll save you the guesswork. On July 21, Donald Trump will become the Republican nominee for president of the United States. On July 28, Hillary Clinton will become the Democratic nominee. Trump’s... Read More
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Revealed: delivery giant Hermes pays some couriers less than living wage

Britain’s second-biggest parcel company, Hermes, which delivers for John Lewis and other major retailers, is paying some of its couriers at levels equivalent to below the national living wage according to a snapshot of information... Read More

GOP insiders dreading Trump’s convention

Forget about the balloons, the expressions of party unity and the quadrennial celebration of partisan pride. GOP insiders are dreading the Republican convention in Cleveland this week.   That’s according to The POLITICO Caucus —... Read More
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Make Perfect Sense of Trump as Nominee

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Make Perfect Sense of Trump as Nominee

As only they can. Spit takes optional.

Police shootings down in Chicago as Taser use increases: report

Chicago police shot nine people in the first half of the year, continuing an 18-month trend of fewer average monthly shootings in a department that previously had more such incidents than other major U.S. cities,... Read More
pokemon go

Pokémon Go: how the overnight sensation was 20 years in the making

“Oh my days! There’s a Gengar over there, and there’s a gym over there and that woman’s playing it too. Everyone here is playing it! What level are you? How many Pokémon do you have?”... Read More
mcdonalds wifi

Quarter-pounder without sleaze – what can you watch on McDonald’s newly porn-free Wi-Fi?

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario: you order your Big Mac meal, log on to the restaurant’s complementary Wi-Fi and settle down to watch some hardcore #pornography to help the food digest. Okaaaaay, maybe that’s not familiar... Read More

The US government says if you make less than $20 an hour, a robot is probably going to take your job

Whatever the number, the effects will fall disproportionately on those with low incomes, according to Furman. The Council of Economic Advisers ranked the occupations in the Oxford University study to see where automation was likely... Read More
helen bailey

Novelist Helen Bailey’s partner charged with her murder | UK news | The Guardian

The partner of novelist Helen Bailey has been charged with her murder.   Ian Stewart, 55, who is due to appear at Hatfield remand court on Saturday, was charged after the body of the 51-year-old... Read More
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The Great Republican Crack-Up

Dayton was once a bastion of the GOP establishment. The story of how a city changed helps explain the rise of Donald Trump. by Alec MacGillis, ProPublica This story was co-published with Politico. LAST SEPT.... Read More
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Bank of England chief economist calls for big post-Brexit stimulus

Andy Haldane made it clear the Bank’s monetary policy committee would do more than merely cut interest rates from their already record low of 0.5% when it meets in August.   The Bank’s chief economist... Read More

Cornel West endorses Green Party’s Jill Stein, calls Trump “neo-fascist catastrophe,” Clinton “neoliberal disaster” –

“This November, we need change. Yet we are tied in a choice between Trump, who would be a neo-fascist catastrophe, and Clinton, a neo-liberal disaster. That’s why I am supporting Jill Stein.”   West, the... Read More

GOP makes last-minute pitch to billionaire Sheldon Adelson for RNC funding help

The Cleveland 2016 Host Committee said in a statement on Friday it had approached Adelson, a generous party benefactor, while also acknowledging its fund-raising has come to a virtual standstill, leaving a $6 million shortfall.... Read More

Flailing phone business forces Microsoft to back off plans for Windows 10

Microsoft says it will take more time than it thought to get a billion devices running Windows 10 because of its sharply curtailed ambitions in the smartphone business. The company last year set a goal... Read More