barrister p[rotest

Appeal court judge ‘horrified’ at number of litigants without lawyers

The Guardian explains…. yet another Tory signature initiative FAIL. People representing themselves ‘clog up’ courts, says Elizabeth Gloster, as report details legal aid cuts’ effect on lawyers’ morale. A court of appeal judge has said she... Read More
restroom logan airport

(Not the Onion) Naked man falls from ceiling of women’s restroom in Boston airport

The Guardian has the unbelievable story… A Boston man was arrested on Saturday after he took off his clothes in a women’s restroom at Logan international airport, police said, before allegedly assaulting an 84-year-old man.... Read More
redskins stadium

A fierce, lifelong Redskins fan takes a stand against his beloved team’s name

The Washington Post has the story… The fiercely devoted gathered beneath a burgundy-and-gold tent outside FedEx Field, where the Washington Redskins were an hour from kickoff. All around were members of, a team-sponsored message... Read More
youtube screen grabs

Why YouTube Videos Go Viral

New Republic explains…. Half of all YouTube videos have fewer than 500 views, but a tiny fraction of the 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute garner millions of hits, turning amateur filmmakers into stars... Read More
amazon hunger striker

Former Amazon employee set for hunger strike at Seattle headquarters over employee treatment

Raw Story reports… rmer Amazon employee embroiled in a legal battle with the online retailer is set to go on hunger strike in an attempt to force the company to change business practices which he... Read More
We All Live in a Constant State of Failure and Dread, Charlie Brown

We All Live in a Constant State of Failure and Dread, Charlie Brown

Vice magazine explains… When I tell people that I love Charles Schulz’s great, long-lasting, hugely influential comic strip Peanuts, the response is generally a sort of half-chuckle, half-shrug. It’s like I’m admitting to being into model... Read More
1st grader no lunch

First grader left hungry by lunch lady over account balance: ”Guess what, you can’t have a lunch’

Raw Story has the senseless, stupid behaviour. Parents of a first grader attending school in Snohomish, Washington want answers after an elementary school cafeteria worker denied their son his school lunch program meal, telling him,... Read More
formula one boss

How Formula One Actually Works: A Guide For Confused Americans

Jalopnik explains our exciting motor sport! Cricket is considered to be the most impenetrable game for non-Englishmen to comprehend. Being English I cannot understand why foreigners might struggle to grasp the appeal of sitting on... Read More
boehner post immigration

The anxieties of the GOP majority

Politico explains that: even after a historic midterm win, Republican confusion over how to respond to Obama on immigration is evidence of a changing party. It was a quiet meeting on the eve of a... Read More
biden in turkey

‘Biden, get out': Protesters heckle VP in Turkey

USA Today discuses the Veep’s trip. Vice President Biden announced in Istanbul on Saturday that the U.S. will provide nearly $135 million in additional humanitarian aid to help feed civilians affected by the ongoing war... Read More
12 year ols shot

Cleveland police shoot dead 12-year-old boy carrying ‘airsoft’ fake gun

The Guardian has the horrible story… A 12-year-old boy holding what turned out to be a replica gun died Sunday after he was shot twice by a Cleveland police officer responding to a 911 call... Read More
climate surprise

The Global Warming Bubble

by Robert Hunziker The Global Warming Bubble is prodigious and growing exponentially. It makes the 2007-08 Financial Bubble look like child’s play. And, here’s the basic issue: Bubbles are not recognized until after they pop.... Read More
stall writing

Today’s burning question: Why do people scribble on bathroom walls? Other than, you know, for fun.

The Atlantic attempts to answer the question… “Well sung of Yore, a Bard of Wit/That some Folks read, but all Folks shit/But now the Case is alter’d quite/Since all who come to Boghouse write.” So... Read More

Will they ever learn? Tips From the Princeton Review: Act Less Asian, Add Pics if You’re Black

Bloomberg BusinessWeek has the disgusting racial profiling trend… Stakeholders in the contentious debate about how, and whether, colleges should consider applicants’ races or ethnicities tend to use careful allusions to the importance of “differences in life... Read More
san francsisco airport

I have experienced them all! America’s Worst Weather-Delayed Airports

The Weather Channel has the honours list… Few things can disrupt a beach vacation or business trip as quickly as a delayed flight. It’s a fairly typical occurrence, but some airports run into trouble with... Read More
e-cig charging

May not kill you but: Now e-cigarettes can give you malware

The Guardian writes: better for your lungs, worse for your hard drives, e-cigarettes can potentially infect a computer if plugged in to charge. E-cigarettes may be better for your health than normal ones, but spare... Read More
Jose Antonio Vargas

If You’re White and Feel Discriminated Against, Jose Antonio Vargas Wants to Talk to You

Mother Jones explains:  “It’s so easy to hate something you don’t know. What’s harder is to actually scratch the surface.” “Do you think some people treat you unfairly because you’re white?” “Do you feel you’re... Read More
self harm

Behind the scenes of a ‘shocking’ new study on human altruism

The Guardian has the report. How much money would you give up to prevent a stranger’s pain? And how does this compare to what you’d pay to prevent your own pain? With colleagues at University... Read More

Facebook’s Bus Drivers Form Union To Fight Low Wages And Grueling Hours

ThinkProgress explains… After protests and heated debate, Facebook bus drivers that shuttle Silicon Valley’s tech workers unionized to combat the long hours and low wages. Eighty-seven drivers from Loop Transportation, which provides bus service for... Read More

‘There were hundreds of us crying out for help': the afterlife of the whistleblower

The Guardian covers… Whistleblowers speak out because they feel they have to, often at great personal cost. But years later, do they think it was worth it? In his former life, Dr Raj Mattu was... Read More
obama in las vegas

Network News’ Shameful Decision to Snub Obama’s Immigration Address

Alternet asks: What’s behind this bizarre decision about an issue that affects millions and is said to be so controversial? Early in his first term, President George W. Bush  addressed the nation in primetime about allowing for... Read More
middle school student

Middle School Girl Sent To Principal’s Office After Refusing To Be Weighed In Front Of Her Class

ThinkProgress explains…. A physical fitness assessment program is under scrutiny after a middle school student in Iowa refused to be weighed in front of her classmates. During a check-up in her physical education class, Ireland... Read More
Ed Balls

Use bank fines to fund national health service, says Labour

The Guardian explains… Labour is calling for £1bn in bank fines to be handed to the NHS as the party seeks to move on from the political damage of a tweet by the former shadow... Read More
cable selections

Get Rid of Your Cable TV Package Now!

Alternet explains: I was afraid, too. Then I cut the cord, saved a ton and can still watch whatever I want. Here’s how to do it. For those of you sick of paying  ever-higher cable bills,... Read More

Op-Ed: I Started Out as a Child… How My Abuser Created a Bill Cosby Comedy Obsession

This is The Monday Line By Denis G. Campbell This is a conflicted piece for me. I want to believe… but know there is an ugly truth hidden. How? Because I remember being told as... Read More
ebola unit

The Ebola Epidemic Could Be Reaching A Turning Point

ThinkProgress on global efforts… While global health officials say the Ebola outbreak that’s currently ravaging several countries in West Africa is far from over, there are an increasing number of positive signs that the deadly... Read More
new member losers

Best line about the new GOP US Congress: Freshman Class Filled With Losers

Roll Call has the story… Congress is filled with a bunch of losers, but not exactly in the way you’re thinking. In the wake of the elections, it’s easy to second-guess losing candidates and their... Read More
Bill Maher: America has never been welcoming to immigrants

Bill Maher: America has never been welcoming to immigrants

Bill on Real Time hits for the fences. Raw Story and others explain… The renewed Republican complaining over immigration reform, Bill Maher said on Real Time on Friday, should dispel one of the country’s popular... Read More
jeb's company address

(Nothing to see here?) Jeb Bush’s Four Mysterious Companies Share The Same Address And Have Never Done Any Known Business

ThinkProgress explains Jeb’s expensive address… Jeb Bush and his capital investment company have set up several companies that, despite being registered to his office and being approved for “any and all lawful business,” have seemingly... Read More
The Cotswold Hunt.Meeting north of Cirencester.Photograph; Graham Turner

The foxhunting ban 10 years on: has the countryside changed for ever?

The Guardian explains… It was one of New Labour’s defining policies – but a decade after the hunting ban came in, enthusiasts still ride out across the country. So did the law change things? Can... Read More