David Cameron clearly sees Vietnam as a regime he can do business with | Politics | The Guardian

The glorious French colonial architecture of the presidential palace in Hanoi, once the headquarters of the governor general of French Indochina, has long had a contemporary twist, with a giant bust of the Vietnamese war... Read More

Are you a ‘bogus’ Labour leadership voter? | Politics | The Guardian

Excitement around #Jeremy Corbyn’s candidacy has inspired thousands of voters to sign up as a Labour supporter in order to vote in August’s Labour leadership election.   More than 20,000 new full members have joined... Read More

Billionaire Koch brothers’ network takes cue from Obama’s playbook – The Washington Post

“Ma’am, do you have time for a quick survey about the economy?” asked Carlos Muhletaler, a senior field director for AFP. Ninety seconds later, he had logged key details about the 45-year-old mom into an... Read More
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Donald Trump Is The Nickelback Of GOP Candidates | FiveThirtyEight

  On average in these polls, Trump’s favorability ratings among Republicans are barely better than break-even: 47 percent favorable and 43 percent unfavorable. Among the 17 Republican candidates, Trump’s net favorable rating, +4, ranks 13th,... Read More

NASA tests new camera at a space station

    The station received high-definition cameras, 3-D cameras, but also a Red Epic Dragon camera that is capable of recording images with six times more detail than either of the previous cameras, NASA reported.   This... Read More

Huckabee ignores critics after Holocaust uproar | MSNBC

The Israeli ambassador to the U.S., now lobbying intensively against the Iran nuclear accord, on Monday rejected as inappropriate the harsh language that Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee used likening it to the Holocaust.  ... Read More

A rape test for welfare is a chilling way to save money | Keir Starmer | Comment is free | The Guardian

The chancellor attempted to root his approach in a notion of fairness, emphasising that it is “important to be fair to the many working families who do not see their budgets rise by anything like... Read More
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Germany Just Got 78 Percent Of Its Electricity From Renewable Sources | ThinkProgress

According to an analysis by German energy expert Craig Morris at the Energiewende blog, a stormy day across northern Europe combined with sunny conditions in southern Germany led to the new record, the exact figures... Read More

Damn it. Damn it all, you little fool. I want a pay rise | Lucy Mangan | Comment is free | The Guardian

In fact it makes a bitter kind of sense. When you talk about feelings – or the absence thereof – there are places to hide. Language is obfuscatory. Kind. Figures are so much crueller. Somebody... Read More

Yet Another Republican Climbs Into The Clown Car | Crooks and Liars

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking if you can afford a yacht that could somehow need $60K in repairs, you damn well can afford to pay the taxes on it.   Hamilton County Prosecutor,... Read More

How Classical Musicians Use iTunes (and Why They’re Ready to Stop) – The Atlantic

When the developer Erik Kemp designed the first metadata system for MP3s in 1996, he provided only three options for attaching text to the music. Every audio file could be labeled with only an artist,... Read More
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Bobby Jindal’s Stand Against Religious Freedom

by Tina Dupuy I’m a free speech extremist. I believe the government has absolutely no business regulating or censoring speech. Of course, commercially popular speech doesn’t need protection. It’s only unpopular—racist, sexist and vulgar—speech that... Read More

The Mind-Bending Science of Awe | Atlas Obscura

Perhaps that’s why, up until about ten years ago, psychology “had surprisingly little to say about awe,” wrote Dacher Keltner and Jonathan Haidt in a 2003 paper. The two psychology professors aimed to outline the key qualities of an... Read More

Jimmy Kimmel destroys lion-slaying dentist: ‘Is it that difficult for you to get an erection?’

“Is it that difficult for you to get an erection, that you need to kill things that are stronger than you?” he said. “If that’s the case, they have a pill for that.”   “If... Read More

Twitter’s Facebook fixation could be sending the company into crisis | Technology | The Guardian

Twitter is in trouble. With user growth stalled, staff fleeing the company by the hundreds, and the company’s stock still at the bottom of the cliff it fell from in April, sources say the company’s... Read More

Alabama officials push to strip pregnant inmate of her parental rights before she even gives birth

“It appears to me that what the state is attempting to do is turn Jane Doe into a vessel, and control every aspect of her life, forcing her to give birth to a baby, which... Read More

US–Turkey cooperation on ISIS is bad news for Kurds

via The Conversation A deadly week in Turkey has pulled Ankara closer to the US in the fight against ISIS and led to an emergency meeting on Tuesday during which NATO members expressed support for... Read More

Calais crisis: medics struggle to cope with number of injured migrants | UK news | The Guardian

As French police confirmed the death of another migrant attempting to cross the Channel, Médecins du Monde, which has a semi-permanent base in “the jungle” migrant camp in Calais, said that the number of people... Read More

Donald Trump Is Doing Business With a Controversial Azerbaijani Oligarch | Mother Jones

Experts say these organizations are often the work of the offspring of the Azeri elite. “There is a phenomenon of the children of oligarchs acting as lobbyists abroad,” said Tom de Waal, a South Caucasus... Read More

Behind the wheel of VIRTTEX, Ford’s distracted driving simulator | Ars Technica

The Ford Edge inside VIRTTEX is painted matte black to keep down reflections. For our test, we were driving down a rural highway in New York, but the simulator can recreate city or suburban environments,... Read More

Armstrong Spacesuit Funded, Smithsonian Takes Next ‘Giant Leap’ on Kickstarter

The Washington institution’s “Reboot the Suit” fundraising campaign soared beyond its $500,000 goal on Friday (July 24), just four days after being launched on the Kickstarter website. The sum, which represents pledges by more than 6,000... Read More

How many gun stores are there in cities around the world? — Hopes&Fears — flow “City Index”

Currently, there are more people in favor of gun rights than gun control in the United States, with 52% in favor of gun rights and 46% calling for stricter control. Gun violence is so prevalent in the... Read More

Welcome to the Quietest Square Inch in the U.S. | Outside Online

The quietest inch isn’t a sound vacuum. It represents a place with a minimum of human-made noise. The discipline of acoustic ecology, which is dedicated to understanding the natural sounds that come through loud and clear when we’re not around, outlines an important distinction between sound... Read More
sandra bland

Where is my black body safe in America?

by Rev. Irene Monroe Like so many African American women, myself included, Sandra Bland’s death, resulting from police brutality is not new news. The national attention it’s receiving is, however. The reality of unarmed African... Read More

House Limits Chamber Access for Pope Address

The move appeared to signal that the House is preparing for widespread interest in attending the pope’s address. Capitol security officials are already bracing for what Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Frank J. Larkin described as the “mass of... Read More
josh bolton

John Bolton Tells Alan Colmes That He Wants To Strike Iran | Crooks and Liars

John Bolton strikes terror in those who watch and listen to him. He still has a strong desire to be President of the United States one day, but thankfully, he realizes that is highly impossible.... Read More

Uber’s Phantom Cabs | Motherboard

Screenshot of the four phantom UberX cars Heather saw on her screen. Note how close the cars appear to the passenger pick-up location pin, yet the closest available vehicle appears to be 17 minutes away,... Read More

Watch Mika Brzezinski’s amazing emotional takedown of Mike Huckabee over his Nazi ‘oven’ comment

During an interview with the conservative media outlet Breitbart News over the weekend, Huckabee had accused the Obama administration of being “naive” on foreign policy.   “This president’s foreign policy is the most feckless in... Read More

Very premature or underweight babies at risk of being neurotic adults – study | Society | The Guardian

The researchers, publishing in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood, part of the BMJ group, say that adults born with very low birth weight are more likely to have what they describe as a... Read More

Bankruptcy rates at lowest level for 15 years | Money | The Guardian

The total number of bankruptcies in England and Wales peaked during the financial crisis in 2009, but has fallen dramatically since then and now stand at the lowest level for 15 years.   Part of... Read More