race issues

It’s dismally apparent that some black lives matter more than others

The Guardian’s report on race issues says police shootings in the US rightly provoke enormous outrage. So where’s the outcry over the drowning of hundreds of Africans in the Mediterranean? ollowing the killings of unarmed... Read More
gallup poll on conservative v liberal

For the First Time Ever, Social Conservatives No Longer Outnumber Social Liberals in America

Mother Jones reports. What’s interesting about this is that the change is due almost entirely to Democrats and Democratic leaners. Since 1999, that group has gone from 35 percent socially liberal to 53 percent, and... Read More

Hundreds of Tech Companies Line Up to Oppose TPP Trade Agreement

Alternet reports that a letter signed by more than 250 companies demands greater transparency and says ‘dangerously vague’ language would criminalize whistleblowers. More than 250 tech companies have signed a letter demanding greater transparency from... Read More
perfect 1

33a. Best of The @ThreeMuckrakers podcast

Podcast: Play in new window | Download   We’re on holiday this week after a bruising election season so enjoy this look back at the UK election and craziness in US Tea Party politics. Join... Read More
jeb 23

Jeb Bush, seeking more distance from his brother, offers some rare criticism

The Washington Post reports. CONCORD, N.H. — Jeb Bush … put a bit more space between himself and his brother, part of a slow-motion and seemingly reluctant distancing effort as he moves toward a White House... Read More
helms and Schweizer

Clinton Smear Book Author’s Past Revealed: He Was Ghostwriter for Jesse Helms

Alternet reports that it’s odd that Peter Schweizer’s right-wing roots didn’t give pause to the Times or Post. Something strange is happening in America’s biggest-time media circles. When it comes to mainstream news departments covering... Read More
matt taibbi

Matt Taibbi On How Journalists And Politicians Were Cheerleaders For Iraq War

Crooks and Liars reports on a Democracy Now! programme. Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman’s web only interview with Rolling Stone’sMatt Taibbi on his recent article “Forget What We Know Now: We Knew Then Iraq War Was... Read More

Whatever Happened to Antitrust?

by Robert Reich Last week’s settlement between the Justice Department and five giant banks reveals the appalling weakness of modern antitrust. The banks had engaged in the biggest price-fixing conspiracy in modern history. Their self-described... Read More
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks about the Trans-Pacific Partnership during a trade speech in Renton

Is TPP about jobs – or China?

The Conversation reports. Washington is in the midst of a heated debate over President Obama’s proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. It certainly has created some unorthodox political bedfellows. The president is widely supported in... Read More
job search

Newest crop of college grads may find underemployment easing a bit

The WashingtonPost reports… It was one of the most iconic symbols of post-recession America: the college graduate working as a coffee shop barista, carrying a mountain of student debt and a bachelor’s degree into a... Read More
jindal in KS

Louisiana House to Gov. Bobby Jindal: Pay your own travel expenses

The Advocate reports the bloom is gone from Jindal’s local rose. Louisiana legislators clipped Gov. Bobby Jindal’s wings Thursday by inserting wording into the state budget that would require the governor’s office to pay the... Read More

The Web Has Known About Josh Duggar for Years. When Did TLC Find Out?

Gawker.com has the disturbing history. In 2006, Oprah Winfrey canceled an appearance on her show by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the parents whose 15 children had made them famous not just to fellow evangelical... Read More
Obamacare loss

The Obamacare Curse: What If, Next Month, the Republicans Finally Get What They Want?

The Daily Intelligencer and New York Magazine reports… Last summer, two Republican-appointed federal judges ruled, against the furious dissent of the Democratic appointee, in favor of what had theretofore been viewed as an outlandish lawsuit... Read More
depression 2

Could depression be an early manifestation of Parkinson’s?

The Washington Post reports… …Researchers have long observed that Parkinson’s and depression go hand in hand. Both are associated with imbalances in brain chemistry, such as dopamine and serotonin levels. And a large percentage of... Read More
obama 6

‘Look … It’s My Name on This’: Obama Defends the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Atlantic revealing interview shows how the U.S. president ties his legacy to a pact with Tehran, argues ISIS is not winning, warns Saudi Arabia not to pursue a nuclear-weapons program, and anguishes about Israel. On... Read More
scout jamboree

Scouts and the LGBT Community

by Carl Matthes The Girls Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) and the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are attracting the wrath of those who do not want to accept the fact that... Read More
edward timson

New law will force councils to merge services to improve adoption rates

The Guardian reports… Councils will be forced to merge services in order to speed up adoption rates, according to plans to be set out in the Queen’s speech next week. Adoption is “happening at too... Read More
made in the usa

The Return of ‘Made in the USA’

JSTOR Daily reports… It’s hard to guess what President Lincoln might have thought about his namesake toy—Lincoln Logs building sets—being manufactured in China for decades. But Honest Abe would surely relish recent news that K’NEX... Read More
driving and texting

Oh Look, More Evidence Humans Shouldn’t Be Driving

Wired reports… SAVING LIVES IS the best argument for cars that drive themselves. Road crashes killed 1.24 million people worldwide in 2010. Here in the US, they take more than 30,000 lives each year. And more... Read More
France supermarket chain

France makes it illegal for supermarkets to destroy edible food in effort to cut waste

The Independent reports that chains are being made to donate products to charity or send it for recycling. France is making it illegal for large supermarkets to throw away edible food as part of a... Read More
derrick charles

Why is it So Easy for States to Execute the Mentally Ill?

The Intercept addresses this key question. LONG BEFORE HE COMMITTED a vicious triple murder in Houston at the age of 19, Derrick Charles had shown signs of serious mental problems. Raised amid crippling poverty, domestic abuse, alcoholism and neglect, he... Read More
edward snowden

Edward Snowden: NSA reform in the US is only the beginning

The Guardian reports that in an exclusive interview from Moscow, Snowden cautions that more needs to be done to curb NSA surveillance two years after his disclosures. Edward Snowden has hailed landmark shifts in Congress... Read More
ted cruz 5

Louie Gohmert and other Texas congressmen to endorse Ted Cruz’s 2016 bid

Raw Story reports on a real clown car. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz‘s presidential campaign will announce the endorsements of four members of the Texas congressional delegation. Republican U.S. Reps. Michael Burgess of Lewisville, John Culberson of Houston,Louie... Read More
uk polling votes

I’m proud to be an Am-er-i-can (and a Brit-ish sub-ject…)

This is The Monday Line by Denis G. Campbell ‘Old-fashioned’ British election resoundingly answers the ‘paper’ or ‘voting machine’ question Yes, Lee Greenwood’s song has a better cadence. And as a dual national living in... Read More
yvette cooper

Yvette Cooper warns against Labour lurch to the left or right

The Guardian reports. Yvette Cooper has hit out at leadership rivals who believe “there needs to be blood on the floor for the Labour party to rise again”. In an apparent swipe at Andy Burnham,... Read More
letterman finale

David Letterman Finale Draws Almost 14 Million Viewers in Ratings

The New York Times reports… David Letterman closed out his 33 years in late-night television on Wednesday with one of the highest-rated shows of his career. “The Late Show” brought in 13.7 million viewers, Mr.... Read More
Sage Advice from Robert De Niro to NYU Arts Grads – ‘You’re F***ed’

Sage Advice from Robert De Niro to NYU Arts Grads – ‘You’re F***ed’

In fairness he tells them real truths about the life ahead and starting in a deficit situation is not all bad.
wooden skyscraper

Could The Skyscrapers Of The Future Be Made Out Of Wood?

digg .com has the story. Vancouver-based architect Michael Green was unequivocal at a conference at which I heard him speak a while ago: “We grow trees in British Columbia that are 35 stories tall, so... Read More
josh duggar

TLC pulls Duggar family series amid misconduct reports

The Press of Atlantic City reports. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – TLC pulled the reality series “19 Kids and Counting” from its schedule on Friday, a move that follows reports of sexual misconduct allegations against one... Read More
professor student

Why Professors Should Never Have Affairs With Their Students

Slate Magazine reports… I’ve recently been feeling exhausted by the number of male professors I know who’ve had, or tried to have, affairs with their students. I am not the kind of person who always... Read More