Huh? Indiana GOP’er Says Testing Welfare Recipients For Drugs Doesn’t Target Poor People

Huh? Indiana GOP’er Says Testing Welfare Recipients For Drugs Doesn’t Target Poor People

Reverb Press has the story… you have been warned, it is VERY stoopid! On a recent Fox and Friends “Entitlement Nation” segment, an Indiana state lawmaker bizarrely claimed that drug testing welfare recipients does not amount... Read More
george lucas

George Lucas strikes back: Filmmaker to build affordable housing despite rich neighbors’ protests

Raw Story explains… ymied in his attempts to develop the property known as Skywalker Ranch, Star Wars creator George Lucas will finance and build affordable housing in wealthy Marin County over the protests of his... Read More
irans ayatollah

(Smackdown!) Iran leader: We are in talks with ‘the major powers,’ not the U.S. Congress

The Washington Post reports… Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that Tehran was negotiating a comprehensive nuclear deal with world powers, not the U.S. Congress, and called a Senate committee’s vote to give Congress the... Read More
iss space station

Espresso In Orbit: SpaceX Craft Brings Coffee Machine To Space Station

npr has the space shattering story… The coffee on the International Space Station is about to get much better. The SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule linked up with the station on Friday, bringing groceries, supplies —... Read More
alzheimer research

Promising new Alzheimer’s study finds possible cause of disease

The Guardian reports that findings of US research contradict current thinking on Alzheimer’s and offer hope of finding new treatments. A study using mice has uncovered a possible cause of Alzheimer’s disease, and suggests that... Read More
Bill Maher Eviscerates the GOP Climate Deniers

Bill Maher Eviscerates the GOP Climate Deniers

Raw Story has the details… Republican presidential hopefuls have twisted “zombie lies” to fit their purposes,Real Time host Bill Maher said on Friday, pointing out that they continue to deny climate change while half of... Read More
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This CEO Just Raised His Company’s Minimum Salary to $70,000 a Year

Mother Jones tells the story of someone who recognises his company will grow exponentially with good, happy, well-paid staff. Inspired by research suggesting that the emotional well-being of many of his employees could be improved... Read More
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(Beyond cool!) 11 images that capture the incredible vastness of space

Vox shares them and they are awesome images… 1) The sun is incomprehensibly huge (John Brady) We all know the sun is big. But this image, part of a great series on the size of astronomical... Read More
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Op-Ed: U.S., Russia, China, All Torture Prisoners

by Sherwood Ross The three most powerful nations all operate prison systems that are places of sadism, sickness, and madness unfit for human habitation, much less human reformation. They also lead the world with astonishing... Read More
home erasure

Tories offer the dream of home ownership – but do Britons want it any more?

The Conversation takes aim at signature piece of Tory Manifesto… The Conservative Party has pledged to extend the Right-to-Buy scheme to housing association tenants in England, offering discounts worth tens of thousands of pounds depending... Read More
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The great Nike heist: employees are accused of stealing hundreds of valuable rare sneakers

Quartz reports… Nike’s name has turned up in court repeatedly in the last few years, but a recent case involving the sneaker giant may be the weirdest. On April 8, a former Nike employee named Kyle Yamaguchi was... Read More
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GOP Poll: Foreign Policy, Not Economy, Voters’ Top Concern

The National Journal reports that Republican strategists believe a growing body of evidence suggests that national security could play a pivotal role in the next election. A GOP poll is reinforcing Republican strategists’ conviction that... Read More
warren sapp

One in six NFL players file for bankruptcy

The Washington Post has the tragic story… Yes, NFL players work hard and bang heads all day long. But they can make a million bucks. That, at least, is the brutal, but plausible trade-off facing... Read More
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Images show rapid Chinese progress on new South China Sea airstrip

Reuters has the disturbing story… Recent satellite images published on Thursday show China has made rapid progress in building an airstrip suitable for military use in contested territory in the SouthChina Sea’s Spratly Islands and... Read More
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IKEA Just Made It Crazy Easy To Add Wireless Charging To Your Furniture

Gizmodo reports… Slowly but surely, IKEA’s getting into the electronics business. The Swedish furniture giant will start selling wirelessly charging furniture this spring. Don’t want new furniture? No sweat. IKEA makes it incredibly easy to... Read More
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Today in ‘Oh crap!’) ‘Geo-inference’ can reveal your location in all mainstream browsers

The Daily Dot has the bad news for those wishing to remain invisible. Many of the world’s most popular websites and browsers are leaking your location, right down to your country, city, neighborhood, and home... Read More
driving while black

Driving While Black Has Actually Gotten More Dangerous in the Last 15 Years

Mother Jones reports… Walter Scott’s death in South Carolina, at the hands of now-fired North Charleston police officer Michael Slager, is one of several instances from the past year when a black man was killed... Read More
David Letterman: GOP must decide which candidate ‘can lead Republicans to another crushing defeat’

David Letterman: GOP must decide which candidate ‘can lead Republicans to another crushing defeat’

David is in the home stretch towards his retirement next month but still is funnier than ever.
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Indiana poll: Mike Pence’s ratings drop by 1/3 after ‘religious freedom’ law

Politico reports… The “religious freedom” law signed by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has taken a toll on the potential presidential candidate’s image in his home state, according to a poll released Thursday that shows most... Read More
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(Maybe in Narnia, but not in DC) 100 days of Congress: Stumbles but signs of progress

USA Today explains a ridiculous first 100 days… Now that the first 100 days of the first GOP-controlled Congress in nearly a decade are in the rearview mirror, Republicans say the party is knocking the... Read More
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28. Where’s Waldo, errr… David Cameron edition

Podcast: Play in new window | Download   David Cameron was named and shamed for his debate absence, Sturgeon and Farage attacked Labour’s Miliband saying no…. pick me!, Party manifesto booklets released to mostly yawns,... Read More
gay conversion

“Conversion” therapy’s deadly outcomes

by Rev. Irene Monroe I wish Leelah was alive today. She would know how a petition on the White House website with 120,000 plus signatures calling for the enactment of “Leelah’s Law to Ban All... Read More
leader  debate

Why is David Cameron not at the debate?

The Guardian reports that the second most searched-for question on Google during the challengers’ debate was ‘Where is the prime minister?’… While the leaders of the five opposition parties – Labour’s Ed Miliband, the SNP’s... Read More
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4 Most Idiotic Election 2016 Stories So Far

Alternet explains that the press seems to consistently fail at serious coverage, opting instead to discuss the most trivial details. With the kickoffs of the Cruz, Paul and Clinton campaigns, political journalists have launched their... Read More

Jeb Bush takes a risk with embrace of his brother’s world view

The Washington Post explains… If Jeb Bush is elected president, the United States won’t be on speaking terms with Cuba and will partner more closely with Israel. He’ll tighten sanctions on Iran and urge NATO... Read More
The Force is Back: Star Wars Episode VII trailer released to salivating fans

The Force is Back: Star Wars Episode VII trailer released to salivating fans

JJ Abrams extravaganza is set for a Christmas 2015 opening…
Morning Mika to Carly Fiorina: Who are you to criticise Hillary Clinton?

Morning Mika to Carly Fiorina: Who are you to criticise Hillary Clinton?

She was a shambolic CEO of hp nearly driving the company into the ground with the Compaq merger and failure to acquire PwC’s consultancy business. Yet she questions Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments? Oh that’s right, forget... Read More
John Oliver tries to drum up appreciation for the IRS, nearly succeeds!

John Oliver tries to drum up appreciation for the IRS, nearly succeeds!

John Oliver explains how hard the IRS works with an arbitrarily cut budget.
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Survey: Nearly 9 in 10 U.S. adults now have health insurance

CBS News reports… Underlining a change across the nation, nearly 9 out of 10 adults now say they have health insurance, according to an extensive survey released Monday. As recently as 2013, slightly more than... Read More
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Scott Walker’s Steep Learning Curve

Politico explains that the Wisconsin governor is stumbling as he finds his way on the 2016 campaign trail. Governor Scott Walker has always bragged about his superior political skills, citing the fact that he’s won... Read More