White House braces for fallout from Trump remarks on Charlottesville violence

President Donald Trump no doubt pleased part of his political base on Tuesday by passionately arguing that both right- and left-wing extremists were responsible for violence at a white supremacist rally in Virginia on Saturday.... Read More

White privilege turned deadly in Charlottesville: How would police have reacted if a mob of angry black people had gathered there?

On Friday night, hundreds of white supremacists marched through the city, torches in hand, channeling the brutality and evil of the American Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis of Hitler’s Germany. These white supremacists encircled... Read More

Tax Overhaul Path Unclear Amid Budget Chair’s Expected Departure

Action on the fiscal 2018 budget resolution that is key to a tax overhaul remains uncertain as House Budget Committee Chairwoman Diane Black is expected to resign to run for governor of Tennessee, say CQ... Read More

Bannon in Limbo as Trump Faces Growing Calls for the Strategist’s Ouster – The New York Times

Rupert Murdoch has repeatedly urged President Trump to fire him. Anthony Scaramucci, the president’s former communications director, thrashed him on television as a white nationalist. Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, the national security adviser, refused... Read More

If Trump goes down, Pence will too

When Al Gore became vice president, legendary scholar Richard Neustadt — one of Gore’s former professors — sent him a memo with advice. One sentence stuck with me: “The White House staff lives in the... Read More

Exasperated Jake Tapper wonders why it’s easier for Trump to criticize anyone but ‘these actual Nazis’

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday seemed unable to grasp why Donald Trump, a man who prides himself on “[calling] them as sees them,” can’t seem to call avowed white supremacists “Nazis.” “That’s how he rolls,”... Read More

Intel CEO exits President Trump’s manufacturing council

#Intel said Monday that CEO #Brian Krzanich was leaving #President Trump‘s American Manufacturing Council, the latest executive to distance himself from the president following the weekend’s events in Virginia. In a blog post, Krzanich said... Read More

Here are all the things Fox News covered to avoid talking about the Charlottesville attack

While most cable news programs Monday night remained focused on the aftermath of a tragic white supremacist attack that killed one and injured 19, Fox News was more than willing to discuss the really pertinent... Read More

With Charlottesville, Trump made his own ‘deplorable’ mistake

Donald Trump once said he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose his supporters, and during the campaign he kept proving himself right. I figured this incident would prove similar.... Read More

A New Generation of White Supremacists Emerges in Charlottesville

A group that included many people who were college-educated or ex-military displayed effective planning. “White people are pretty good at getting organized,” said one. by A.C. Thompson, ProPublica, and Karim Hajj, special to ProPublica The... Read More

North Korea’s Kim appears to ease rhetoric in standoff over nuclear weapons

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared to take a step back from the brink of nuclear war Tuesday, when state media reported that he would “watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct... Read More

Theresa May seeks interim EU deal to avoid Brexit trade chaos

Ministers hope to strike a temporary deal with the European Union to retain the key benefits of the customs union for an interim period after Brexit, to avoid cross-border commerce grinding to a halt. The... Read More

Trump campaign emails show aide’s repeated efforts to set up Russia meetings

Three days after Donald Trump named his campaign foreign policy team in March 2016, the youngest of the new advisers sent an email to seven campaign officials with the subject line: “Meeting with Russian Leadership... Read More

Trump fires back after the CEO of Merck resigned from his manufacturing council

The chief executive of #Merck said Monday in a tweet that he was resigning from President Trump’s manufacturing council, saying he was doing so “as CEO of Merck and as a matter of personal conscience” and... Read More

Bill de Blasio may be running for president

Mayor de Blasio is putting out feelers to run for president, spreading whispers that Bernie Sanders, 75, and Elizabeth Warren, 68, are too old, sources say. De Blasio, 56, will claim he’s the rightful standard... Read More

Brexit: UK retirees rushing to settle in Europe, say financial advisers

British retirees are rushing to settle in European countries such as Spain, Portugal and France before the Brexit deadline, according to financial advisers, believing that such a move will become significantly more difficult in the... Read More

‘Kid Rock’ May Be Ineligible for Michigan Ballot

For example, a candidate “may specify that both his or her given name and middle name, or only a middle name, shall appear on the ballot,” or “may specify a name that constitutes a common... Read More

Inside the Elizabeth Warren merchandising empire

Prayer candles. Action figures. Temporary tattoos. Coloring books. Elizabeth Warren isn’t just a progressive icon, she’s a merchandising industry unto herself. The Massachusetts senator and presidential prospect is at the center of a sprawling business... Read More

UK’s armed police to wear head-mounted cameras

Metropolitan Police firearms officers will be issued head-mounted cameras fitted to ballistic helmets and baseball caps, a recommendation that follows the death of Mark Duggan during a police shooting in 2011. Undercover officers, such as... Read More

Bluefin Tuna at the Brink

by Robert Hunziker Bluefin tuna at 3%, that’s it! Pacific bluefin tuna has unique worldwide status as one of the most awe-inspiring remarkable creatures on the planet. They grow to 12 feet and 1,500 pounds... Read More

Trump ‘seriously considering’ a pardon for ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio

President Trump may soon issue a pardon for Joe Arpaio, the colorful former Arizona sheriff who was found guilty two weeks ago of criminal contempt for defying a state judge’s order to stop traffic patrols... Read More

Just a few more bongs for Big Ben before London bell is silenced for four years

LONDON — So it has come to pass that the Keeper of the Great Clock announced Monday that London’s Big Ben hour bell will be silenced for four #long years as desperately needed repairs are... Read More

Donald Trump Sees White Nationalism as Something to be Coddled

 You can choose to have whatever opinion you have on the president’s statement today condemning white supremacists, but it’s hard to believe he would have read it out if he’d had his druthers. No, the... Read More

Kellyanne Conway Takes Steps to Sell Her Consulting Firm

Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, has taken steps to sell her political consulting firm, according to a document released Monday by the federal Office of Government Ethics. Conway received the right... Read More

‘An American was assassinated!’: Van Jones smacks down ex-Trump adviser defending president’s comments

State of the Union panel went off the rails Sunday morning when a former Donald Trump adviser attempted to defend the President’s “both sides” comment over the Charlottesville attack. Former Trump adviser Michael Caputo claimed... Read More

U.S. detects possible death threat against Rubio from Venezuela

One of Venezuela’s most powerful leaders may have put out an order to kill Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a fervent critic of the South American country’s government, according to #intelligence obtained by the #U.S. last... Read More

Trump advisers signal the knives are out for Bannon

Two senior Trump advisers — one inside the White House and another who recently departed — signaled Sunday that the knives are out for Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s controversial chief strategist. The comments come... Read More

‘Get the f*ck out of here, coward’: Watch the Charlottesville march organizer chased from his press conference

The organizer of the white nationalist march in Charlottesville attempted to address the press Sunday afternoon, only to be chased behind city hall for protection as spectators chanted “murderer” and “shame.” According to videos posted... Read More

‘He totally wants to be a dictator’: Bill Maher warns CNN host that Trump won’t relinquish power easily

Appearing with CNN host Fareed Zakaria in a two-part pre-recorded interview, HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher tore into President Donald Trump saying he loves the idea of being a dictator and that it might... Read More

Trump adviser tries to school Tapper — and gets pounded: ‘How many people did the counter-protesters kill?’

CNN host Jake Tapper called out White House Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert on Sunday because President Donald Trump had refused to specifically condemn a so-called Alt-Right rally with self-styled Nazis after an alleged white... Read More