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Ep. 103 Hard to Say Goodbye

http://ukprogressive.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/TTM-Ep-103-Full-Audio.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSShttp://ukprogressive.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/TTM-Ep-103-Full-Audio.mp3 We say farewell to Number 44, President Obama. We also discuss Trump’s fight with civil rights icon John Lewis on Martin Luther King’s... Read More
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NHS will need £88bn extra by 2067, says OBR forecast

The rising costs of providing healthcare in coming decades could force ministers to increase the proportion of GDP going into health from the 6.9% expected in 2020-21 to 12.6% by 2066-67. That 12.6% would equate... Read More
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Dancing in a Cairo Street!!

by Ahmed Tharwat The young ballerina, Nour Yasser went on a dancing spree across Cairo’s old streets, “she captivates city dwellers and passers-by, drawn to a scene unusual in Egypt’s conservative urban life.” reported the Cairo... Read More

‘Little Britain’: newspapers in Europe mock UK and Theresa May over PM’s Brexit speech

Newspapers across Europe have given their verdicts on Theresa May’s #Brexit speech – and many are less than favourable. Germany’s Die Welt mocked the Prime Minister with a headline of “Little Britain”: View image on... Read More
A reviewing stand is seen outside of the White House for the upcoming presidential inauguration in Washington, U.S., January 15, 2017.  REUTERS/Carlos Barria

One habit Trump says he will keep as president: tweeting

Trump’s team had discussed moving news conferences out of the small West Wing briefing room to the Old Executive Office Building, which is part of the White House complex, incoming White House Chief of Staff... Read More

NOAA, NASA Declare 2016 The Hottest Year Yet

Last year, global warming reached record high temperatures — and if that news feels like déjà vu, you’re not going crazy.   The planet has now had three consecutive years of record-breaking heat.   The... Read More

Donald Trump’s criticism of Angela Merkel cannot be accepted by Europeans, says French finance minister

Criticism of German Chancellor Angela Merkel by Donald Trump cannot be accepted by Europeans, the French Minister of Finance has said.   Michel Sapin said the President-elect’s criticism of Europe only serves to reinforce European... Read More

Hard Brexit will hurt UK more, say EU diplomats and business leaders

European leaders and industry chiefs welcomed the clarity brought by Theresa May’s Brexit speech, but said the course she had chosen would hurt Britain more than the remaining EU member states.   Donald Tusk, the... Read More

Barack Obama Is Preparing for His Third Term

He was supposed to retire to a triumphant post-#presidency. Then Trump happened. Now, as Jason Zengerle reports, Obama is gearing up for a political battle he never planned to wage—and has no intention of losing.... Read More
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EU Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt says Theresa May can’t ‘cherry pick’ benefits of the European Union

The European Parliament’s point man for #Brexit negotiations has said Theresa May is creating an “illusion” after she outlined Britain’s plan for leaving the European Union.   Guy Verhofstadt said the United Kingdom would not... Read More
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Bishop Eddie Long’s cautionary tale about homophobia

by Rev. Irene Monroe When news hit the airwaves that Bishop Eddie Long died from an unnamed aggressive cancer resulting in dramatic weight lost, many now throughout the Black Church community wonder if his death... Read More

May’s Brexit threat to Europe: ‘no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal’

Theresa May warned European leaders that the UK is prepared to crash out of the EU if she cannot negotiate a reasonable exit deal in a speech where her tough talking rhetoric prompted key figures... Read More
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‘Apprentice’ Alum Hits Trump with Defamation Lawsuit Over Assault Denial

Summer Zervos, a season five contestant, accuses Trump of attacking her in a hotel room — and then saying it didn’t happen.   Just days before he’s set to be sworn in as the 45th president... Read More

Chuck Schumer: Tom Price may have broken the law in stock transaction

(#CNN)Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday that Donald Trump’s pick to quarterback the replacement of Obamacare, Tom Price, may have broken the law with a questionable stock purchase. “If he knew about it, it... Read More

Donald Trump waits in his tower — accessible yet isolated

NEW YORK — Exactly one week after becoming president-elect, Donald Trump stepped outside his namesake fortress here for the first time. He ventured just five blocks, to dinner at the 21 Club — a dark-mahogany-and-red-leather-banquette throwback,... Read More
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Tory backbenchers to push for white paper on No 10’s Brexit priorities

Conservative backbenchers have not given up the battle to force the government to publish a white paper spelling out its priorities for Brexit, despite No 10 making clear Theresa May’s speech is the only plan... Read More

Barack Obama Belongs to the Ages

For anyone who remembers the bipartisan sense of national uplift that attended #Barack Obama’s inauguration eight years ago, it’s easy enough to list the ways in which his presidency has been a disappointment: Political divisions... Read More
US tycoon Donald Trump plays a stroke as he officially opens his new multi-million pound Trump International Golf Links course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on July 10, 2012. Work on the course began in July 2010, four years after the plans were originally submitted.  AFP PHOTO / Andy Buchanan        (Photo credit should read Andy Buchanan/AFP/GettyImages)

Donald Trump Expanding Scottish Golf Resort After Vowing Not To Make New Foreign Deals | The Huffington Post

A multimillion-dollar expansion of Donald Trump’s Scottish golf resort is proceeding despite a promise just days ago by his attorneys that “no new foreign deals will be made whatsoever” by the president-elect’s businesses, in an... Read More
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Global Warming Clobbers Ocean Life

by Robert Hunziker The waters of the Pacific off the California coast are transparently clear. Problem is: Clear water is a sign that the ocean is turning into desert (Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,... Read More
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Theresa May to confirm UK exit from EU single market

Theresa May is expected to use the most important speech of her premiership to confirm that Britain will be leaving the single market while insisting that it wants to remain “the best friend” to European... Read More

First on CNN: Trump’s cabinet pick invested in company, then introduced a bill to help it – CNNPolitics.com

Washington (#CNN)Rep. Tom Price last year purchased shares in a medical device manufacturer days before introducing legislation that would have directly benefited the company, raising new ethics concerns for President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Health... Read More
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Trump said he’d do a lot — fast. Expectations, meet reality.

Running for president, Donald Trump promised an immediate revolution — to quickly rebuild America’s cities, overhaul the tax code and deport millions of illegal immigrants.   Just this week, Trump vowed to get started right... Read More

This college just paid a $28,000 ransom, in bitcoin, to cyberattackers

District officials report that the payment yielded the desired information. Email and other information systems were back in working order as Los Angeles authorities investigated what officials believe was a randomly targeted attack. As of... Read More

Refugee crisis: More than 100 asylum seekers drown as boat sinks in the Mediterranean Sea

Two people were found dead at the bottom of one of the four boats saved and the bodies of four other migrants were found off the coast of Spain. Several #asylum seekers have also died... Read More
WATCH: CNN spent ten straight minutes tearing down Trump’s lies

WATCH: CNN spent ten straight minutes tearing down Trump’s lies

CNN host Anderson Cooper and his colleagues on Thursday night criticized President-elect Donald Trump and his spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway for spreading falsehoods.   Cooper, along with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Jim Sciutto and Acosta, brought up several... Read More
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Theresa May given one-month deadline to end secrecy on her Brexit strategy

Theresa May has been given a one-month deadline to finally end the secrecy surrounding her Brexit strategy, a hard-hitting report by MPs revealed today.   Crucial issues including membership of the EU’s #single market and customs union –... Read More
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How Trump Could Kill a Plan to Get You Overtime Pay

A rule that could get overtime pay for four million workers is in limbo, and Trump will help decide whether it survives. by Justin Elliott ProPublica Donald Trump ran for president as the billionaire who... Read More

Influx of refugees means Belgrade risks becoming ‘new Calais’

The country is not part of the European Union, but it borders several countries that are part of the bloc, including Hungary, #Bulgaria and Romania, and has become a key transit point for those hoping... Read More
MSNBC broadcast abruptly freezes and repeats the word ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ over and over

MSNBC broadcast abruptly freezes and repeats the word ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ over and over

Thursday night, MSNBC’s signal abruptly froze during a broadcast of Hardball with Chris Matthews and repeated the word “Russia” over and over.   As Mediaite.com reported, the broadcast froze just as Washington Post columnist David... Read More

Cops: Greenwich Republican Insulted Town Worker, Then Pinched Her Groin

GREENWICH, Conn. — A well-known Greenwich Republican called a town worker “nothing but a bloodsucking lazy union employee” and later reached in from behind to place his hand between her legs and pinch her in... Read More