Dollar Guilt in the Land of the Collapsing Ruble

The explains this American worker in Russia’s happy (?) dilemma… I’ve gotten a 100 percent raise. Not as a reward for hard work or long-term loyalty to my employer, but as a gift of... Read More

Listen to the Real Stephen Colbert Explain How He Maintained His Flawless Character for 9 Years

Mother Jones has a fascinating podcast where Colbert explains his RWNJ character. Visit their website to hear the SoundCloud recording. It is incredible. The curtain comes down on The Colbert Report Thursday night after a... Read More
healthcare costs

Gouging the Gougeable: Yet Another Triumph of the American Health Care System

Mother Jones explains… Len Charlap has had a couple of outpatient echocardiograms recently. Elisabeth Rosenthal tallies up the damage: The five hospitals within a 15-mile radius of Mr. Charlap’s home here charge an average of... Read More

The best films of 2014 – readers’ picks

The Guardian has list… From book adaptations to chilling thrillers, here are your picks of this year’s best. Earlier in the year, we asked for your favourite films of the year so far, and you... Read More
james wright

66 journalists killed in past year as attacks grow more barbaric

Raw Story has the details… Attacks on journalists have grown more barbaric and kidnappings have soared, Reporters Without Borders said Tuesday, after a year when violence against the media took centre stage and 66 reporters... Read More
prison 2

Will Private Prisons Finally Be Subject to the Freedom of Information Act?

Mother Jones explains… Anyone can use the federal Freedom of Information Act to request records about prisons owned and operated by the government. Information about prisoner demographics, violent incidents, and prison budgets are all obtainable.... Read More
facebook mobile

Alternet: 8 Ways Facebook Is a Cult Just Like Scientology

Alternet explains our obsession with updating our status.. We all know Scientology is a cult. But Facebook, everyone’s favorite social network, has plenty of cultish qualities too. After all, the amount of control and personal... Read More
scott tucker

Hurray! About time! Payday Loan Mogul May Face Criminal Charges Under Laws That Targeted Mafia Loan Sharks

ThinkProgress explains the new charges… Federal prosecutors are plotting sweeping criminal charges against a car-racing mogul whose online payday lending empire uses American Indian tribal lands as a base of operations to evade state law,... Read More

Love and Debt: 5 Takeaways from Putin’s Three-Hour Press Conference

Bloomberg Politics reports on the rambling Kremlin year-end speech by Putin. The economy is tanking, but his dating life is thriving. Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the country’s economic woes and his love life at... Read More
Tesco trolleys

Kantar figures show Tesco is no longer worst-performing supermarket

The Guardian has the ‘good’ news? Tesco put in its strongest sales performance since June over the past three months as the grocery market stepped back into growth amid an escalating price war. Overall, prices... Read More

Just Wrong: Thousands Of Vets Are Getting ‘Less Than Honorably’ Discharged Because They Have PTSD

ThinkProgress has the disgusting story… Two months after attempting suicide and receiving a less than honorable discharge from the Army, Kristofer Goldsmith received a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) diagnosis from the U.S. Department of Veteran... Read More
Bernie Sanders: Destroy the big banks before the big banks destroy you

Bernie Sanders: Destroy the big banks before the big banks destroy you

Raw Story explains… n. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) plans a legislative push for the breakup of Wall Street’s largest banks and lifting the cap on contributions to Social Security. “If Congress cannot regulate Wall Street, there... Read More
us torture guantanamo

CIA torture: health professionals ‘may have committed war crimes’, report says

The Guardian explains the dilemma… Physicians for Human Rights called for federal investigation on CIA torture program participation, calling rectal feeding technique ‘form of sexual assault’ Health professionals who assisted in the CIA’s torture programme... Read More

Coca-Cola Capitalizes On Weak Milk Market by Charging Twice The Price For GMO Milk-Based Drink

by Theodora Filis Coca-Cola recently partnered with a dairy farm called Fairlife to launch a new brand of milk. “Who knew milk could be so spectacular?” grins Fairlife CEO in a marketing video. Lactose free,... Read More
meeting of minds

SNP, Plaid Cymru and Greens plan to join forces against austerity

The Guardian explains Party leaders say general election will be chance to battle ‘obsession’ of main Westminster parties The Scottish National party, Wales’s Plaid Cymru and the Green party have said they plan to unite... Read More
Image: Government Shutdown Enters Second Week

Dr. No is wrapping up his career on a disheartening note

The Maddow Blog explains… how he lets his last action legacy be screwing over US Veterans. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) has a nickname that he’s apparently always liked. The right-wing physician-turned-politician is often referred to as... Read More

New poll finds majority of Americans think torture was justified after 9/11 attacks

The Washington Post has the poll results… A majority of Americans think that the harsh interrogation techniques used on terrorism suspects after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were justified, even as about half of the... Read More

10 of the Best Moments in Political Comedy This Year

Alternet explains: In a year filled with upheaval and tragedy, we were all in need of a good laugh. This was a rough year for comedy. As Chris Rock put it, “We lost Robin, we lost... Read More
frozen eggs

Few Employers Cover Egg Freezing For Women With Cancer

npr reports. As some companies add egg freezing to their list of fertility benefits, they’re touting the coverage as a family-friendly perk. Women’s health advocates say they welcome any expansion of fertility coverage. But they... Read More
marijuana cigarettes

The Federal War on Medical Marijuana Is Over

Mother Jones explains. Good news for medical pot smokers: The $1.1 trillion federal spending bill approved by the Senate on Saturday has effectively ended the longstanding federal war on medical marijuana. An amendment to the... Read More
sony hack

What the Sony Hacking Tell Us About Freedom and Privacy

Alternet explains: The chances that any data can be reliably protected from prying eyes are close to nil. The most shocking thing about the digital disemboweling of Sony Pictures’ computer data is that anyone would actually... Read More
jeb 1

Jeb Bush’s decision to explore presidential bid scrambles the 2016 GOP field

The Washington Post explains… Jeb Bush’s announcement Tuesday that he is actively exploring a 2016 presidential run scrambles the large Republican field, thrusting him to the front of the pack and locking up a huge... Read More
Whatever you do, don’t upset Mom! Especially if you are political pundits brothers on opposite sides!

Whatever you do, don’t upset Mom! Especially if you are political pundits brothers on opposite sides!

Mother Jones reported. The brothers Woodhouse sit staunchly on opposite ends of the political spectrum. They regularly take to C-SPAN to publicly squabble over their ideological differences. Their mother, Joy Woodhouse, has finally had enough:... Read More
Money Super Rich

America’s Obscenely Rich Have No Idea That They Are Destroying America

Alternet explains: They surf the economic tides and ignore their social costs. Last Friday, as New Republic writers and contributing editors wrenched themselves out of the whirling, digital vortex into which their employer and Facebook fantasist... Read More

Nate Silver asks: Is Jeb Bush Too Liberal To Win The Republican Nomination In 2016? has an interesting look at all potential candidates in 2016 compared to others who have run or held the office. On Tuesday, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced that he will “actively explore” a... Read More
airpocalypse 2

Inside Beijing’s airpocalypse – a city made ‘almost uninhabitable’ by pollution

The Guardian explains the situation… The scene could be straight from a science-fiction film: a vision of everyday life, but with one jarring difference that makes you realise you’re on another planet, or in a... Read More
japan and waterboarding

Shocking, ‘Dick’ was wrong? New Documents Show the US Called Waterboarding Torture During World War II

Mother Jones has the details… Decades before it started waterboarding terrorism suspects, the US government had dramatically different standards for what it considered torture, particularly when it was being done to our soldiers in World... Read More
perfect 1

14. The 3 Muckrakers: Ho-Ho-Cuba and 2014 Recap

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Spies and prisoners are swapped as Presidents Obama and Castro announce plans to normalise relations between the US and Cuba. UKIP continues to step in it as pain... Read More

GOP rep calls torture report ‘almost treasonous’

But the behaviour not so much? Steve Benen of Maddow Blog has the incredible story. In the week since the Senate Intelligence Committee released its report on Bush-era torture policies, we’ve seen more than a... Read More
media silence

Turkish politics: Raids and rivalry?

Al Jazeera has the details in an important story affecting rivals and artists alike, watch the report here.. Police officers and journalists linked to influential cleric Fethullah Gulen are arrested in nationwide raids. The government... Read More