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Eco-Economics Takes on Neo-Liberalism

by Robert Hunziker Ever since Milton Friedman, American economist (1912-2006), who considered himself the heir to Adam Smith, used the term neoliberalism in an essay “Neoliberalism and its Prospects” in 1951, the world has tilted… Read More

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Texas state House approves bill gutting municipal fracking bans

Raw Story explains the latest Texas overreach. The Texas House overwhelmingly approved a bill on Friday that would give the state the exclusive right to regulate the oil and gas industry, and gut the power… Read More

baby formula

Low Income Mothers Forced To Use Infant Formulas Containing Cancer Causing Ingredients

by Theodora Filis Today, low income mothers receiving government subsidies are being forced to use genetically modified (GM) baby formula, and those mothers who choose organic baby formula for their developing children, are denied it…. Read More

Bill Maher Eviscerates the GOP Climate Deniers

Bill Maher Eviscerates the GOP Climate Deniers

Raw Story has the details… Republican presidential hopefuls have twisted “zombie lies” to fit their purposes,Real Time host Bill Maher said on Friday, pointing out that they continue to deny climate change while half of… Read More

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Nature’s Global Warming Fix

by Robert Hunziker Mother Earth has experienced five extinction events, but she’s still standing. Like a prizefighter, she is the Milky Way Galaxy Grand Champion. Our tenacious planet is armed to fight and conquer global… Read More

alec legislation

ALEC Doesn’t Want To Be Known As A ‘Climate Denier’ Organization Anymore, And It’s Willing To Sue

ThinkProgress explains… The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the secretive organization that brings together conservative politicians and major corporate interests, is out to correct the impression that it’s a “climate denier” organization by threatening to… Read More

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These Maps Show Why We Keep Electing Climate Change Deniers

Mother Jones explains… One of the most significant obstacles to addressing climate change is the fact that huge numbers of US politicians reject the overwhelming scientific consensus that humans are warming the planet. Why does… Read More