10 Years After Katrina, Will California’s Capital Be The Next New Orleans? | ThinkProgress

Post-mortem studies blamed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and its flawed flood control system for the cataclysmic damage to New Orleans in August 2005. In 2006, the corps’ chief publicly owned responsibility, acknowledging that… Read More

No One Is Ready for the Next Katrina | WIRED

And just as the storm is not to blame, New Orleans is not unique in its vulnerability. The city endured a lot of tsk-tsking in the aftermath of Katrina, as if the storm was the climax to… Read More

The Flood That Sank George W. Bush | Vanity Fair

Even #George W. Bush’s most stalwart supporters cringed at his disconnect from reality. Bush, like Michael Jackson in his days at Neverland Ranch, was living in a bubble. By contrast, when Hurricane Betsy had struck… Read More

sea life improving

Warming seas will set marine life on the move, with some good news among the bad

via The Conversation How will climate change affect life in the oceans? In research published today in Nature Climate Change we, among several other authors, show that the answer is likely good and bad. Our… Read More

alberta athabasca rive

The Dry Weather That’s Hitting The Tar Sands Industry Is ‘A Preview Of The Future,’ Scientist Says | ThinkProgress

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) suspended 73 licenses to temporarily divert water (TDLs) from the Athabasca, Peace, and Wabasca rivers on July 24, after unusually dry weather caused water to fall to at or below… Read More