rubio in NH

Marco Rubio doesn’t think sexual orientation is a choice but wants states to decide marriage

The Washington Post explains… Marco Rubio said Sunday that he believes sexual orientation isn’t a choice, but he is opposed to courts deciding on marriage for same-sex couples. “I believe that sexual preference is something… Read More

eco economics

Eco-Economics Takes on Neo-Liberalism

by Robert Hunziker Ever since Milton Friedman, American economist (1912-2006), who considered himself the heir to Adam Smith, used the term neoliberalism in an essay “Neoliberalism and its Prospects” in 1951, the world has tilted… Read More

clinic stays open

The Most Creative Ways That Anti-Choice Activists Try To Shut Down Abortion Clinics

ThinkProgress explains… Over the past several years, abortion opponents have relentlessly targeted women’s health clinics for closure. In the aftermath of the 2010 midterm elections — when anti-choice lawmakers won significant victories and turned their… Read More