It’s Not Climate Change — It’s Everything Change — Matter — Medium

Back in 2009, as fracking and the mining of the oil/tar sands in Alberta ramped up — when people were talking about Peak Oil and the dangers of the supply giving out — I wrote a piece for the… Read More

Freelancer Labor Rights – The Atlantic

Today, the Brooklyn-based Freelancers Union boasts nearly 300,000 members, having quadrupled in numbers in just seven years. Freelancers in the union include #technology consultants, copywriters, web designers, visual artists, business-development consultants, journalists, and professional coaches…. Read More


Dodgy Trade Deals Part 2: Inside ISDS = The Four Horseman of the Economic Apocalypse

by Jeanine Molloff “Investment arbitration lawyers are not just ambulance chasing.  They are also creating the accidents because, doubling as arbitrators, they often interpret the treaties very broadly.  So it’s a bit like ambulance chasing… Read More

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Sex Education In The United States, 1835 Through Today – Digg

  The legislation, introduced in July, was inspired by the renewed public attention to campus sexual assault. But it’s also part of a much larger, longer-running debate: What kind of sex education, if any, should… Read More