rubio and cruz

2016 brawl breaks out on Senate floor

Politico explains… Paul lashes Cruz, Rubio for ‘dangerous’ and ‘reckless’ positions on government spending. The 2016 Republican nomination contest spilled onto the Senate floor Thursday, turning a marathon budget debate into a battle over which candidate… Read More

construction site India

Japan Wants You to Believe That These Coal Plants Will Help the Environment

Mother Jones explains… Japan is at it again. Back in December, the country got caught trying to pass off $1 billion worth of investments in coal-fired power plants in Indonesia as “climate finance”—that is, funding… Read More

obamacare hit job backfires

Teabag Rep Gets Swamped After She Asks For ACA Horror Stories

Crooks and Liars Karoli explains…. When Cathy McMorris-Rodgers posted a call on Facebook for ACA horror stories, I’m sure she expected to see people rise up, shaking their fists over tax snafus and other imagined… Read More