Immigrants Told To ‘Get In Line’ Are Waiting For Years Because Of Court Case Backlog

Based on new Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) findings by the Associated Press, the total number of immigration cases still pending has reached 500,051 — a number driven by Central American mothers and children… Read More

NBA teaches North Carolina a lesson: Gov. Pat McCrory learns that bigotry has consequences

It’s pretty hilarious — in a horrible, repulsive, you-remain-a-human-disaster way — when an arrogant bully boo-hoo-hoos upon the discovery that actions have consequences. It’s poetic when those who actively work to hurt others and rail… Read More

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Censored Thoughts on the Fate of Turkish Democracy

via The Conversation Written several days ago, the following thoughts on the unfolding crisis in Turkey began their strange life as a tweet. It read: ‘failed Turkish coup shows that in the age of communicative… Read More

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SRSLY: The Female Viagra: 0.5 Satisfying Sexual Events Per Month if You Don’t Pass Out

Your three-minute read on the best reporting you probably missed. by David Epstein ProPublica Plato tells us that the philosopher Sophocles was once asked if he was upset at being too old to make love…. Read More