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How Strong Is Gretchen Carlson’s Case Against Roger Ailes At Fox? A Legal Expert Breaks It Down

In her lawsuit against Fox Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson makes some stomach-churning allegations about the nature and extent of sexual harassment and retaliation she says she experienced at… Read More

(Incredible Must Read on US Private Prison System) My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard

Have you ever had a riot?” I ask a recruiter from a prison run by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). “The last riot we had was two years ago,” he says over the phone…. Read More

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Look into my eyes: Leave.EU campaign consulted TV hypnotist

A source at the victorious campaign group told the Guardian that McKenna “understands the psychology of the mind” and helped Leave.EU “produce social media ads that resonated with people”.   McKenna’s role emerged at the… Read More

CNN can’t sink any lower: Corey Lewandowski’s hiring is an affront to our very democracy –

Suppose you turned to The Onion, America’s most pungent guide to the nation’s most gripping farce-reality-show hybrid, aka the political process, and saw this headline: “CNN Rewards Trump’s Ex-Campaign Manager for Lying to, Bullying Reporters… Read More

Hannity and NRA chief agree: Muslims and Democrats — not guns — cause mass shootings

The Fox News host and Chris Cox, head of the NRA-ILA, blamed gun violence on foreign policy pursued by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, his former Secretary of State.   “The truth is, we’re facing… Read More