Hannity and NRA chief agree: Muslims and Democrats — not guns — cause mass shootings

The Fox News host and Chris Cox, head of the NRA-ILA, blamed gun violence on foreign policy pursued by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, his former Secretary of State.   “The truth is, we’re facing… Read More

Harry Reid working on plan for Dems to keep Senate seat if Elizabeth Warren is VP: sources

“He thinks Warren is a good choice to unify the party,” an anonymous source said of Reid’s reasoning. Reid is also reportedly “promoting” the senator as a running mate for the party’s front-runner, former Secretary… Read More

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When Brexit Emotions “Trump” Thoughtful Logic, You Get CHAOS!

This is The Monday Line by Denis G. Campbell Passionate supporters of Britain leaving the EU or ‘the Brexit,’ are not dissimilar to Donald Trump sycophants. They stick their fingers in their ears, sing “la-la-laaa,… Read More