Congress considers privatizing the air traffic control system

The Washington post describes the latest GOP affront… The Federal Aviation Administration is in the middle of a hiring binge for air traffic controllers, but just how long the 6,000 people who get the jobs… Read More


Mike Huckabee Should Probably Stop Criticizing Hillary Over Her Emails

Mother Jones explains he has skeletons in his own closet. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee thinks questions about Hillary Clinton’s emails as secretary of state “will linger” throughout the 2016 presidential race. “If the law… Read More

missouri representative

Anti-abortion Missouri Republican criticized for new bill cutting fish out of ‘food stamp’ plans

Raw Story reports… After catching flack for a bill that would require women to obtain permission before having an abortion, Missouri state Rep. Rick Brattin’s (R) latest proposal is being derided for seemingly arbitrary new… Read More

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Climate-sceptic US senator given funds by BP political action committee

The Guardian reports that US Senator Jim Inhofe, who opposes climate change regulation, has received $10,000 from PAC funded by donations from US staff at oil group. One of America’s most powerful and outspoken opponents of… Read More

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Why Congress Is Having Trouble Governing

The Upshot explains… The 114th Congress is not yet three months old. But already its fate — whether it will be capable of keeping the government running without a lot of drama, let alone pass… Read More