We have spent 4 days trying to save our website from Google

We need help. This website was hacked on two occasions. We have cleaned up all the malware, removed all bad code and installed a 3rd party firewall. The problem is it is impossible to speak with… Read More

cameron doh

How do you deal with a story like #piggate? A spin doctor’s view | Damian McBride | Comment is free | The Guardian

Working for Gordon Brown, a man of Victorian sensibilities and a volatile temper, the second call was invariably greeted with the single word “What?!” repeated with increasing volume and violence as I recounted the misdeed… Read More

Bogus veterans’ group behind Trump event hosted it despite being banned from California

Maddow explained that Veterans for a Strong America was suspended after failing to file its tax records to state officials, meaning that the Sept. 15 appearance by the Republican front-runner was illegal under California law…. Read More

Former Hedge Fund Manager Buys Rights To Drug For Pregnant Women, Increases Price 5500 Percent | ThinkProgress

Daraprim helps treat toxoplasmosis, a parasite that mainly affects pregnant women and other people with compromised immune systems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, toxoplasmosis is “a leading cause of death attributed… Read More

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EU attempts to resolve refugee quota dispute – Al Jazeera English

The meeting comes on Tuesday, a day after Hungary gave its army and police sweeping new powers to keep refugees out, as the country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned that Europe was being “overrun”.   The… Read More

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Why the Republican Assault on Planned Parenthood is Morally Wrong and Economically Stupid

by Robert Reich The Republican assault on Planned Parenthood is filled with lies and distortions, and may even lead to a government shutdown. The only thing we can say for sure about it is it’s… Read More

refugees in croatia

Refugees stuck in no man’s land between Croatia and Serbia | World news | The Guardian

More than 2,000 refugees were stranded overnight on Monday in no man’s land between the Croatian village of Tovarnik and the Serbian town of Šid, medics on the scene told the Guardian, creating another dilemma… Read More

Republicans in Congress Are Going to Hate What Pope Francis Has to Say. Here’s Why. | Mother Jones

Many of those who possess more resources and economic or political power seem mostly to be concerned with masking the problems or concealing their symptoms, simply making efforts to reduce some of the negative impacts… Read More