Vandalized Mosques, Threats of Violence—Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes on the Rise | Mother Jones

Since the Paris attacks, there have been similar incidents across the United States, from vandalized mosques to threats of violence, rattling Muslim Americans.   Based on the latest FBI hate crime figures, these incidents are… Read More

Mike Huckabee compares Syrian refugees to tainted Chipotle food in weird analogy about closing borders Speaking to conservative host of The Blaze talk show Dana Loesch, Huckabee complained about President Obama’s response to the crisis, then turned the conversation to food poisoning.   “When Chipotle had an outbreak of… Read More

The US Supreme Court could make abortion the deciding factor in 2016

When the court does finally make its decision, the Democratic nominee will not only be a strong supporter of reproductive rights but is overwhelmingly likely to be the first woman to lead the presidential ticket… Read More