rush limbaugh

Radio Station Admits the Real Reason It Is Dumping Rush Limbaugh

Alternet and The Daily Kos reports Hint: sometimes activism works… Last week, I covered a story about the Conservative Radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, being dropped from the Indianapolis radio station, WIBC, after 22 years. WIBC... Read More
Powerful earthquake hits Nepal

See the Most Dramatic Rescue From the Nepal Earthquake

Time reports… Photojournalist Narendra Shrestha was at home on Saturday when he felt the tremors of a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck central Nepal, killing more than 1130 people. “I thought I was going to die,”... Read More
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Tories have yet to reap reward of putting economy at heart of election strategy

The Guardian reports that experts say that while inflation and unemployment matter, what’s happening to pay packets makes more difference to polls. The Conservatives have put the economy at the heart of their election strategy... Read More
uber report

Uber to return, legally, to Portland, Oregon

Killeen Daily Herald reports… The Portland City Council narrowly approved a 120-day experiment to allow ride-sharing companies such as Uber to operate legally while deregulating the existing cab industry. Uber allows prospective customers to use... Read More
harvard university

How to get into Harvard

The London Review of Books reports… The director of Harvard admissions has said that being a ‘Harvard legacy’ – the child of a Harvard graduate – is just one of many ‘tips’ in the college’s admissions process,... Read More
stock crash

Guy Trading at Home Caused the Flash Crash

Bloomberg View reports… Hey look, they caught the guy who caused the flash crash of 2010! His name is Navinder Singh Sarao, and he lives in London and in 2009 he asked someone to help... Read More
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Google has spent more money on lobbyists than any other company so far this year

The Daily Dot explains… When you think about politically active corporations, a few obvious examples come to mind. There are defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, energy firms like Exxon Mobil Corp., and conglomerates headed by... Read More
zoo doo

The Detroit Zoo’s Newest Attraction Could Revolutionize The Way Zoos Get Energy

ThinkProgress explains… If seeing lions and tigers and bears isn’t reason enough to visit the zoo, at the Detroit Zoo there will soon be a new spectacle: a biodigester facility turning animal waste into valuable... Read More

Cameron and Clegg admit axing search and rescue in Mediterranean has failed

The Guardian reports the UK government backed decision in October to scale back search and rescue operations, arguing they encouraged migrants to board perilous boats. David Cameron and Nick Clegg have acknowledged that the EU’s decision... Read More
gay rights black lives

Gay rights, black lives

by Brent Budowsky From the day Thomas Jefferson declared that all straight white men are created equal, our nation has lived the epic story of the great battle for civil rights, equal rights and human... Read More
snp supportrs

Playing the anti-Scotland card is Cameron’s desperate last resort

The Guardian reports that scaremongering about the SNP is an attempt to divert attention from Britain’s fundamental choice. ‘The Tories claim the English would be held to ransom under a Miliband government dependent on SNP... Read More
walker shoots smile

Scott Walker marks Earth Day with layoff notices to dozens of environmental agency employees

Raw Story and Mother Jones report…. Thanks to Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-WI) budget cuts, at least 57 employees in Wisconsin’s environmental agency were notified just in time for Wednesday’s Earth Day that they would probably... Read More
obama in everglades

Obama Just Called Out Florida’s Climate Deniers in Their Own Backyard

Mother Jones reports… President Barack Obama just marked Earth Day with a speech on climate change, given from a podium in Florida’s Everglades National Park. The choice of venue was appropriate from an environmental perspective—the... Read More
mitch worried

Mitch McConnell Shouldn’t Get Comfortable

Politico reports on why Democrats are poised to recapture the Senate. After picking up nine seats in the 2014 elections, Republicans maintain a decisive 54-seat majority in the Senate. In 2016, they will face a... Read More
grant schapps

Nick Clegg mocks Grant Shapps over Wikipedia affair

The Guardian explains that the contested account could have been edited by Tory chairman’s alter ego Michael Green, suggests deputy prime minister. Nick Clegg has mocked Grant Shapps after Wikipedia blocked a user account over... Read More
koch mask

Spread the wealth: Koch brothers considering donating to five GOP presidential candidates

Raw Story reports… Conservative billionaire Charles Koch is considering giving money to several candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination before settling on a single recipient, USA Today reported on Tuesday. Koch told the newspaper... Read More

There Have Been 134 Arrests At A Single High School This School Year

ThinkProgress explains… There have been 134 arrests at a high school in Tennessee, since the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. At least 120 involved juveniles. Police data on Maplewood High School in Nashville, shows... Read More
nigel imploding

Nigel Farage: immigrants from India and Australia better than eastern Europeans

The Guardian reports that the Ukip leader says two countries are more similar to the UK as he admits using heightened rhetoric about immigration to boost general election campaign. Nigel Farage has said he would prefer... Read More
dan savage

Still sharp, Hubble Space Telescope turns 25 with a cloudy future

The Washington Post explains… The Hubble Space Telescope turned 25 on Friday, but no one should call it old. It’s mature. It’s the great silverback of astronomy, grizzled from wear and tear and yet still... Read More
dan savage

Dan Savage: Why would Santorum and Huckabee’s ‘imaginary gay friends’ invite them to their wedding?

Raw Story explains… The real question is not whether Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin or other GOP presidential hopefuls would attend a same-sex wedding, columnist Dan Savage said on Tuesday — it’s how anybody believes... Read More
dyson and west

Dyson vs. West: Black ‘leaders’ have never agreed on everything – and that’s OK

by Davis A. Love Can’t we all just get along? Better yet, when it comes to black intellectuals, can’t we agree to disagree? After all, it’s not as if black leaders and thinkers always have... Read More
super ed

Hooray for the Milifans. They can change the world for the better

The Guardian report says don’t knock the teenage girls whose #milifandom is trending on Twitter – their crush on Ed Miliband shows they are thinking for themselves Ed Miliband has a teenage fanclub. I’m not... Read More

Doctor Who series 9: Filming transforms Medieval village into home for Vikings

Crew from Doctor Who have been spotted at the Cosmeston Medieval Village in the Vale of Glamorgan n recent times Doctor Who has brought Robin Hood and the Orient Express to life and now the... Read More
kuznia pulitzer

Pulitzer Prize winner leaves journalism: ‘It was too difficult to make ends meet’

Raw Story explains… A Pulitzer prize honoring his work as a journalist came a bit too late for Rob Kuznia, who had to quit the profession because it didn’t pay enough. Kuznia, 39, was honored... Read More
ny opt out

What’s Behind 150,000 Students Opting Out Of Testing In New York State?

ThinkProgress reports… New York’s burgeoning “opt-out movement,” in which parents protest the decision to tie test scores to teacher evaluations through opting their children out of standardized testing, continues to gain steam, and has even... Read More

Secret Koch memo outlines plans for 2016

Politico explains that the documents detail plans to beef up the network’s state-of-the-art data system, and pay hundreds of staff embedded in local communities across the country. The Koch brothers’ political machine is expanding into... Read More
q boston

Q Boston conference about us, not for us

by Rev. Irene Monroe Here in LGBTQ-friendly Massachusetts, there are not too many places where we are not welcome. We are invited to conferences, schools, public events, and churches. Don’t be complacent, though. Next week,... Read More
activist walmart workers

Is Wal-Mart closing stores for ‘repairs,’ or to punish activist workers?

The Los Angeles Time reports… It’s certainly possible that the reason Wal-Mart is temporarily closing five of its stores, including one in Pico Rivera is “ongoing plumbing issues that will require extensive repairs,” as it claims.... Read More
irritable cameron

No wonder the Tories are panicking – David Cameron can’t win the election

The Guardian reports that if everything hinges on Cameron’s popularity and Miliband’s improbability, something is shifting. David grows more distant as Ed becomes more familiar. When I first met David Cameron it was obvious to... Read More
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6 surprising ways progressives are kicking ass in Congress

Raw Story reports… The silly season is upon us, when every Washington conversation hinges on an election that’s still a year and a half away, and no issue, great or small, is discussed without reference... Read More