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Jeremy Corbyn told not to ‘pass the buck’ after Labour defeat

Jeremy Corbyn has come under intense pressure to take some personal responsibility for Labour’s historic byelection defeat in Copeland from senior party figures, including trade union leaders and even members of his own shadow cabinet.... Read More
Boycotting Trump

Boycotting Trump

by Robert Reich Both Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, among other retailers, have dropped Trump brands, both Ivanka’s and her father’s. Their decisions came amid calls for a boycott against retailers that carry Trump products. Macy’s... Read More

‘Like being in Guantanamo’: 70-year-old Australian author interrogated and held by border agents

“The way I was treated would have made any decent American shocked to the core, because that’s not America as a whole, it really isn’t. It’s just that people have been given permission to let... Read More

Republican lawmakers introduce bills to curb protesting in at least 18 states

Since the election of President Trump, Republican lawmakers in at least 18 states have introduced or voted on legislation to curb mass protests in what civil liberties experts are calling “an attack on protest rights throughout... Read More
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Muhammad Ali Jr. questioned by immigration officials at Florida airport

The son of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was detained for hours by immigration officials at a Florida airport, a family friend told the Courier-Journal. Muhammad Ali Jr., 44, and his mother Khalilah Camacho-Ali, the second... Read More

GOP Senators Embrace Awkward Russia Probe That Could Hurt Trump

A Senate Intelligence Committee investigation of Russia’s effort to influence last year’s U.S. election is shaping up as an unexpectedly bipartisan effort that could take months to complete as it explores the most significant controversy... Read More

Donald Trump claims to remake GOP as party of ‘the American worker’

WASHINGTON — Attempting to put a defining framework on his tumultuous first month in office, President Trump on Friday articulated a new vision for the #Republican Party as a populist defender of the working class... Read More
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Stop being sentimental about child refugees, says Tory MP

“We should stop being so sentimental and be looking at what [is] the best thing to do for these families and children and that is keep them in the region,” she said.   “These children... Read More
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Milo Yiannopoulos’s trash talking tanks

by Re. Irene Monroe I believe free speech not only has its limits, but that it also has a level of responsibility to promote civil discourse for the welfare of others, and reject hate speech which is... Read More
john lewis

John Lewis expects to cut nearly 800 jobs

John Lewis is to axe nearly 800 jobs in its customer restaurants and store administration in its biggest ever round of redundancies. The department store chain said it was consulting 773 people about redundancy as... Read More

John Boehner ‘started laughing’ at GOP’s latest phony promises about replacing Obamacare: report

Republican House Speaker, John Boehner doggedly opposed the Affordable Care Act, pledging to kill former President Barack Obama’s signature policy up until the end of his tenure. Now, Boehner admits that the current GOP leadership is more likely... Read More

Jake Tapper: Trump officials need to stop blaming the media for reporting his mistake

“CNN’s Jake Tapper had a hilarious suggestion for General John Kelly, President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security. Despite a day full of attacks on Tapper from Trump supporters and fake news sites claiming Tapper... Read More
ice raids

Trump touts recent immigration raids, calls them a ‘military operation’

President #Trump on Thursday celebrated what he called “a military operation” to round up and deport undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes or caused violence in the United States. “We’re getting gang members out, we’re... Read More

Foreign student numbers plummeting in wake of Brexit

Foreign students coming to the #UK to study fell sharply in the year to September 2016, according to the Office for National Statistics. The study showed 41,000 fewer students came to the UK for long-term... Read More
Be Very Afraid After Bannon and Preibus address CPAC

Be Very Afraid After Bannon and Preibus address CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC is an annual RW freak show. This year, the first CPAC held in the Trump Administration was no different and white supremacist Spencer was booted out... Read More
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Thousands of doctors trained in Europe ‘may quit UK after Brexit’

About 12,000 doctors trained in European countries could quit the UK because they feel less welcome following the Brexit vote, according to a survey of overseas medics. About two in five doctors who qualified in... Read More
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Why Trumponomics Fails

by Robert Reich When Donald Trump gave a speech last Friday at Boeing’s factory in North Charleston, South Carolina – unveiling Boeing’s new 787 “Dreamliner” – he congratulated Boeing for building the plane “right here”... Read More
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Iceland’s president forced to clarify views on pineapple pizza ban

Faced with uproar at home and a social media storm abroad, the president of Iceland has been forced to clarify his outspoken stance on one of the defining questions of the age: whether pineapple should... Read More
Angela Rye absolutely destroys CNN conservative who credits Trump with fighting bigotry

Angela Rye absolutely destroys CNN conservative who credits Trump with fighting bigotry

“Oh, my God,” conservative guest Harlan Hill replied to Rye’s assertion. “That is absolutely outrageous,” he said. “Oh, my god, it is absolutely true,” Rye shot back. Hill then attempted to point to the example... Read More
gop leadership

Why Republicans should be nervous about repeal

The more you look, the more the Obamacare repeal effort is starting to resemble a mirror image of the turmoil when the law was passed. Remember that in 2009, it started out with fairly broad... Read More
sonny perdue

Trump’s nominees gripe the White House isn’t protecting them

Candidates for top jobs in President Donald Trump’s administration are getting spooked after Andrew Puzder’s nomination was scuttled, and they fear the White House isn’t doing enough to protect them from grueling confirmations, according to... Read More
katie perrior

Theresa May’s spin doctor quit PR roles after questions over conflict of interest

Theresa May’s chief spin doctor officially resigned from three companies set up with a public relations executive days after Labour raised questions of a potential conflict of interest. Katie Perrior became the prime minister’s head... Read More

Democrats Are Eager to See the End of the Race for DNC Chair – NBC News

Nearly four long months after losing power and still lacking a new chairman, Democrats are eager to get their leadership elections over with and move on with the business of rebuilding their party to challenge... Read More
eu medical grants

Britons ‘bumped off’ EU medical research grant applications, MPs told

He said it was vital for patients that Britain continued to be part of leading edge research and was pressing the government to argue the case for continuing to contribute to the ERC on a... Read More

Trump Plan: Deport to Mexico Immigrants Crossing Border Illegally, Regardless of Nationality

The idea is part of a raft of immigration proposals signed by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly that are likely to spur international and legal challenges. by Ginger Thompson and Marcelo Rochabrun ProPublica This article... Read More
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Visit to UK by ‘petulant child’ Trump would embarrass the Queen: British lawmakers

President Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom will cause an embarrassment to Queen Elizabeth II, according to British lawmakers who, on Monday, debated Trump’s state visit later this year. The debate came in response... Read More
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Town Hall Protests — Democrats Echo 2009 Tea Party Protests

What was true in 2009 is true today: In the normal course of things, it’s not easy even for a well-funded and -organized group to get people to spend an evening at a school auditorium... Read More

A lone GOP Georgia congressman holds a rocky town hall meeting

At times appearing flustered by the rough reception, the two-term Savannah pharmacist was met with a sustained burst of boos and applause when he outlined his opposition to the Affordable Care Act.   It was... Read More

Pastor walks out on Trump’s ‘demonic’ Florida rally: ‘My 11-year-old daughter was sobbing in fear’

el Tooley, lead pastor at First Church Of The Nazarene in Melbourne, said that both he and his daughter were traumatized after attending President Donald Trump’s rally in Florida over the weekend. In a lengthy... Read More
muslim teacher removed from flight

British Muslim teacher taken off US-bound flight: I was treated like a criminal

“This shouldn’t happen to anyone. I’ve followed all the procedures. I’ve ticked all the right boxes yet they made me feel like a criminal. I’ve got no criminal record, I’ve never been in trouble. I... Read More