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Lies – War – Revenge… ‘For God’s Sake’

by The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall 9:35 A.M. 9/11/2014; It was thirteen years-ago this day, I phoned my ex-wife Catherine at her work place as I watched the Twin Towers in flames. Since that day... Read More

Man climbs White House fence, gets arrested just inside mansion’s doors

And there goes CBS radio’s @MarkKnoller behind the agent. It got real. A man climbed over the White House fence and raced across the lawn and through the north portico doors Friday night, apparently only... Read More
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Yeah, you read that right: Court hammers Florida sheriff’s office for SWAT-style raid to check for barber licenses

Judge gives them the just desserts… An appeals court harshly rebuked the Orange County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office over a SWAT-style raid to check for barber licenses, finding it was unreasonable to conduct such an investigation... Read More
Think traffic is bad? See how nail-bitingly bad it can be with CGI

Think traffic is bad? See how nail-bitingly bad it can be with CGI

This is just brilliant and fun.
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Together We Make Football

Grantland shows us how the violent world of football works… On the NFL’s dark, intractable history of domestic violence. On January 1, 2005, in the dark, early hours of New Year’s Day, police responded to... Read More
Image: Barack Obama, Edna Pemberton

They hate it when their lies are exposed: another GOP talking point on ‘Obamacare’ bites the dust

MSNBC and Maddowblog reveal the truth. In April, President Obama stunned much of the political world with a striking announcement: 8 million Americans had enrolled through an exchange marketplace for health care coverage, well ahead... Read More

Slate Exclusive: Why Greenland’s “Dark Snow” Should Worry You

Slate has shocking photos and story… Jason Box knows ice. That’s why what’s happened this year concerns him so much. Box just returned from a trip to Greenland. Right now, the ice there is …... Read More
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Rice Domestic Violence Video

So America Now Wants To Have A Conversation About Domestic Violence—Or Do They? by Dr. Anthony Asadullah Samad he insensitive airing of the elevator video in the Ray Rice domestic violence incident, that occurred last... Read More
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks at a news conference in New York

Roger Goodell must go: Why today’s press conference is too little, too late

Slate reports on the goose and gander: In a rambling, self-indulgent press conference the NFL commissioner shows he still doesn’t get what he did wrong. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came out of hiding Friday, almost... Read More

Today in dumb: Michele Bachmann Asks Al Franken to Help Defeat Al Franken

Roll Call has a great story… Rep. Michele Bachmann wants Sen. Al Franken to make a campaign contribution — to defeat Al Franken. The retiring Minnesota Republican congresswoman’s campaign fundraising pitch for her home state’s GOP... Read More
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Archbishop of Canterbury admits doubts about existence of God

Raw Story explains… Justin Welby tells BBC radio interviewer there are moments when he doubts – but he is certain about the existence of Jesus The archbishop of Canterbury has admitted to having doubts about... Read More

KS SecState Kobach keeps losing: Kansas Ballots Will Be Mailed Without Democratic Senate Nominee

Oh what a tangled web we weave… Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has instructed county election officials to mail overseas election ballots without listing a Democratic candidate for Senate, his office confirmed Friday to... Read More
5 Signs the Dark-Money Apocalypse Is Upon Us

5 Signs the Dark-Money Apocalypse Is Upon Us

Welcome to the Year of Dark Money. It’s the home stretch of the 2014 election season. No single theme or issue has dominated the midterms, but 2014 is on pace to be the Year of... Read More

Beating Our Black Children Furthers Slavery’s Legacy

by David A. Love If it can be said that real men don’t hit women, then we should also say real men don’t beat children. Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was indicted on a... Read More
Where the hell have you been Al? Gore: Fracking Won’t Solve Our Climate Crisis

Where the hell have you been Al? Gore: Fracking Won’t Solve Our Climate Crisis

Mother Jones explains:  Natural gas can’t be a “bridge fuel” unless we crack down on methane leaks, he tells Climate Desk. Gore expressed skepticism about the fracking boom. He said he opposed the use of... Read More
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Can These Women Fix the NFL?

Or will the NFL fix them? Slate Magazine explains… On Monday—after weathering harsh criticism for its limp response to domestic violence charges against Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian... Read More

Quote of the Day: Red State edition…

“Democrats, we don’t win elections in Kansas. Republicans lose elections.” -Former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D), quoted by the Lawrence Journal-World.

Black Children are Beloved and Beaten

by Rev. Irene Monroe “Beloved and beaten” is a phrase that best depicts how many African American children—past and present—are disciplined. It is an authoritative type of African American parenting discipline style that is painfully... Read More
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Think Scottish vote was bad for Tories, Swansea ambulance death blamed on Tory NHS cuts

Family of Sonia Powell, who died in an ambulance after waiting for more than half an hour outside hospital, criticise care she received. The family of a grandmother who died while waiting in a queue... Read More
Ricoh Women's British Open

Here’s one Scottish vote that made sense! R&A golf club ends 260-year ban on women members

Members of Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews vote to change outdated rules. The independence referendum was not the only historic decision made inScotland on Thursday, with the Royal and Ancient Golf Club... Read More
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The Three Muckrakers – Episode 1 (Farewell Scotland?)

Welcome to the inaugural podcast  of The Three Muckrakers. In this episode Phil Parry, creator of Wales Eye and former BBC anchor; Dr. Dario Llinares professor of media at Falmouth University and UK Progressive editor,... Read More
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So kiss a safe red Senate seat buh-bye! Two Words Helped Remove Kansas Democrat From Ballot

Roll Call explains… The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Democrat Chad Taylor will not appear on the general-election ballot as a candidate for Senate — and it all came down to just two words... Read More
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World Leaders Have Failed to Seriously Confront Climate Change. Could That Change Next Week?

Mother Jones reports. Break out your protest sign materials and take your polar bear costume to the dry cleaner, boys and girls: This coming weekend marks the kickoff of Climate Week NYC 2014, a flurry... Read More

It is still racist: Lawmaker to introduce bill to end NFL’s tax-exempt status because of Redskins name

Washington Post reports. Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) announced Tuesday that she will introduce legislation to eliminate the NFL’s tax-exempt status because of its refusal to address the name of the Washington Redskins. Flanked by several... Read More

Obama Has Indeed Learned Some Foreign Policy Lessons, Just Not the Ones the Establishment Likes

Mother Jones reports. Over at FP, David Rothkopf has a long and critical examination of President Obama’s foreign policy. Unfortunately, it starts with a biting assessment from “one of America’s most dependable Middle Eastern allies,”... Read More
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You expected different? Editor of St. Louis Post-Dispatch slams Fox’s looter-obsessed coverage of Ferguson

Raw Story reports: The editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper said in an interview with Media Matters that while much of the national media did a good job conveying the events in Ferguson, Missouri,... Read More
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War on women is winning

by Brent Budowsky A warning to the women of America: If Republicans win control of the House and Senate in the midterm elections this fall, it will be a powerful victory for the war on women,... Read More
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Consequences: Judge: Hobby Lobby Decision Means Polygamous Sect Member Can Refuse To Testify In Child Labor Case

SCOTUS opened a real Pandora’s Box, feckless RW zealots now have a real problem… Citing Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court’s decision last June holding that the religious objections of a business’ owners could... Read More
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Nate Silver is good… Princeton’s Sam Wang is better

Meet the One Numbers-Cruncher Who Foresees Democrats Holding the Senate He’s not as well-known as Nate Silver, but Princeton’s Sam Wang has a method, too, and he sees Democrats holding (barely) the upper chamber. The... Read More
John Boehner

72% Of Americans Disapprove Of Republicans In Congress

According to Huffpost. An astounding 72% percent of Americans say they are unhappy with Republicans in Congress, according to a recent poll. President Obama and the Democrats fared a bit better. The poll, conducted by... Read More