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Ep. 81b – The Best of The @ThreeMuckrakers

http://ukprogressive.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/TTM-Best-of-Ep-81b-Full-Audio.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSShttp://ukprogressive.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/TTM-Best-of-Ep-81b-Full-Audio.mp3 For this episode we go back to February of 2016. Episode 62 saw Jeb! leave the race and The Donald’s craziness just begin.... Read More
3 Muckrakers final w ukp logo (Custom)

Ep 81a Best of The @ThreeMuckrakers

http://ukprogressive.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/TTM-Best-of-Ep-81a-Full-Audio.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSShttp://ukprogressive.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/TTM-Best-of-Ep-81a-Full-Audio.mp3 In this episode we go all the way back to Episode number 2 which was the only time all three of us were... Read More
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Summer Holiday…

Aside from two ‘Best of….’ episodes of The @ThreeMuckrakers, we’re shutting down for the next two weeks to air ourselves out after the grueling US primary and Labour Leadership election season. The toxicity of Donald... Read More

Firms giving advice on aggressive tax avoidance could face large fines

Plans set out in a consultation document released on Wednesday will suggest that tax advisers whose schemes are defeated in the courts might pay a fine of up to 100% of the money lost to... Read More
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Trump may cost the GOP a generation of voters

In high school, I was a rather awkward, nerdish history buff. (My wife would dispute the verb tense.) I was also something of a lefty, particularly compared with my conservative religious upbringing. I debated on... Read More

GOP Hispanics Seem Surprised They’re For Trump

https://twitter.com/GOP/status/765533889133633536 Donald Trump has called Mexican immigrants “rapists.” He’s promised the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants and wants to blackmail Mexico into building a border wall by cutting off remittances to poor families. He recently... Read More

Carville: Trump is ‘pretty stupid when it comes to politics’

“These guys have been outflanked, outmaneuvered, outsmarted, and they’re not taking it very well,” Carville said of the campaign. “They’re just going to have to stand there and just get beat because that’s what’s going... Read More
nadiya hussain

Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain says racist abuse is part of her everyday life | Television & radio | The Guardian

“It sounds really silly [but] it feels like that’s become a part of my life now– I expect it,” she said. “I expect to be shoved or pushed or verbally abused, because it happens, it’s... Read More
trump v clinton

In Florida, it’s Donald Trump’s big rallies vs. Hillary Clinton’s massive organizing | Miami Herald

How Hillary Clinton and Donald #Trump are approaching the job of winning America’s biggest battleground state is a study in contrasts.   To Team Clinton, organizing is everything.   To the unconventional Team Trump, big... Read More
brexit ploanning

Council planners must ‘inspire public sector development’ in Brexit aftermath | UK news | The Guardian

Strong leadership is urgently required by council planners to inspire public sector development as post-Brexit uncertainty continues to paralyse private developers, a new report warns.   Compounding the message are the findings of a new... Read More
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Why President Hillary Clinton Will Need Bernie’s “Political Revolution” to Get Anything Done

by Robert Reich It looks increasingly likely that Hillary Clinton, a self-described “progressive who likes to get things done,” will have her chance starting next January. But how much that’s progressive will she actually be able... Read More
deliveroo protest

Deliveroo pay scheme a return to Victorian Britain, says Labour

The shadow business secretary, Jon Trickett, backed the Deliveroo riders in their protest and said a Labour government would take action to end exploitative employment practices.   The technology firm, which arranges deliveries from restaurants... Read More

Bush Cabinet Secretary Will Vote Clinton, Is ‘Afraid’ of Donald Trump

Carlos Gutierrez, a former CEO of the Kellogg Company who served as Commerce Secretary for four years under President George W. Bush, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday that he will vote for Democratic presidential... Read More

Trump campaign sources freak out to ABC News: ‘It’s almost as if Donald Trump is trying to lose’

https://youtu.be/MhknX6zg_u4 Advisers inside Donald Trump’s campaign suspect that the Republican presidential nominee is “trying to lose,” sources told ABC News.   During a Sunday panel discussion on ABC’s This Week, correspondent Jonathan Karl reported that... Read More
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RNC considers cutting cash to Trump

Publicly, Republican Party officials continue to stand by Donald Trump. Privately, at the highest levels, party leaders have started talking about cutting off support to Trump in October and redirecting cash to save endangered congressional... Read More
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The facts about EU trade policy lost in the Brexit kerfuffle

So what are the facts? The EU looks after trade policy on behalf of 28 member states. In theory, the European commission is all powerful on trade; in reality there is a tug of war... Read More

De Niro compares Trump to his ‘Taxi Driver’ character

Award-winning actor Robert De Niro on Saturday compared #Donald #Trump to his mentally unstable character, Travis Bickle, in the 1976 movie “Taxi Driver,” calling the Republican presidential nominee “totally nuts.”   “But I think now they are... Read More
uk grads

Quarter of UK graduates are low earners 10 years after university

The low earning power of some graduates has become an increasing concern, as student numbers have boomed in recent years. Earlier this summer the Higher Education Statistics Agency published figures showing that one in four... Read More
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Op Ed: The Most Important Presidential Election Question…(that no one ever asks).

by Brett Redmayne-Titley For far too long voters, political pundits and presidential opponents have never asked the most important question of any recent presidential campaign. The results are shown today. After repeated four year cycles... Read More
cyber criminals

Police to hire law firms to tackle cyber criminals in radical pilot project

The force says the scheme is a way of more effectively tackling fraud – which is now the biggest type of crime, estimated to cost £193bn a year. It is overwhelming police and the criminal... Read More

Trump and the exploitation of right rage: It’s not the economy, stupid, that’s attracting angry white men to him

We’ve all seen the videos replayed over and over again on social media and cable news. The past couple of weeks, however, featured two videos illustrating what I’d consider to be typical #Trump supporters. Indeed,... Read More
oil spill

Oil Is Seeping From A North Dakota Hillside

An oil leak in North Dakota is seeping from a hillside and is thousands of gallons larger than initially reported last month, state officials say.   About 504 barrels of oil or more than 20,000... Read More
carlson ailes

Fox News Just Showed How Little It Cares About Sexual Harassment Allegations

After Fox News chief Roger Ailes was accused of sexual harassment, questions immediately arose over how seriously the network would take the issue. Reports quickly surfaced that Ailes was getting a $40 million golden parachute... Read More
kim dotcom

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom seeks to retain millions in assets

German tech entrepreneur and alleged internet pirate Kim Dotcom will seek a review of a federal court decision which rejected his bid to keep hold of millions of dollars in assets held in Hong Kong... Read More

Why the latest bitcoin hack should make you worried about your money

After a recent hack resulted in the theft of $70 million worth of #bitcoin, Hong Kong-based Bitfinex caused a minor panic when it announced it would spread the losses equally among all its customers, even those whose holdings weren’t touched. In doing... Read More

Countdown to a non-stop capital: London goes 24-hour

As the night tube launches, London mayor Sadiq Khan and other major players tell how the capital is gearing up for the new night-time economy• With nightclubs in decline, what does modern Britain get up... Read More
rio 2016

Olympics Binge Watching Should Come With a Health Warning

This is The Monday Line by Denis G. Campbell Global productivity regularly suffers at the hands of Pokemon Go! and Netflix binge watching. Reports of workers spending up to one hour per day outside the... Read More
corbyn fighting

Jeremy Corbyn: Tom Watson is talking nonsense – and he knows it

Jeremy Corbyn has accused his elected deputy of deliberately deceiving members with claims of Trotskyist entryism – and refused to offer a vote of confidence in #Labour’s general secretary, Iain McNicol.   In a wide-ranging... Read More
trump struggles

Trump’s run at blue Connecticut

Donald Trump’s poll numbers are faltering in deep-red states from South Carolina to Georgia, his organization is a mess in perhaps the most important county in Ohio, and he admits that he has a “tremendous... Read More
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Has Donald Trump hit bottom?

The unraveling of Donald Trump’s candidacy continues apace, a long and steady decline since the high point three months ago. If he were deliberately trying to avoid winning the election, he could hardly be doing... Read More