The Devin Nunes scandals

by Brent Budowsky While Russian dictator Vladimir Putin manipulated our 2016 elections in favor of his preferred president, Donald Trump, and prepares to intervene in the 2018 elections, almost certainly in favor of Republicans in... Read More

Short Break, Back on the 21st!

Term break in Schools means a bit of a break here at the magazine. The podcast returns on the 25th and the magazine resumes the breathless Trump coverage on the 22nd. Not to worry, if... Read More

Outlets in Eight Countries Are Using Our Tool to Monitor Political Ads on Facebook

From Australia to Scandinavia, our Political Ad Collector is holding advertisers accountable by revealing pitches that only a targeted slice of Facebook users would otherwise see. by Jennifer Valentino-DeVries As the Australian government was conducting... Read More

‘Let’s play it again’: CNN’s Cooper brutally fact-checks ex-Trump adviser with president’s own words

former Trump campaign adviser was fact-checked with his candidate’s own words Friday evening when attempting to downplay remarks President Donald Trump made about his former staff secretary Rob Porter, who resigned Wednesday amid allegations of... Read More

King Announces Lobster Emoji Officially Coming Soon

There will be a lobster emoji available for use later this year, thanks to the crustacean’s best advocate, Sen. Angus King of Maine. Unicode Consortium, which manages the standard set of characters used by most major websites... Read More

As Jared Kushner’s security clearance is delayed, White House hesitates to act on others with possible problems

White House Counsel Donald McGahn and other Trump administration officials have been so vexed by #Jared Kushner’s months-long inability to obtain a permanent security clearance that they have hesitated to get involved in other cases... Read More

Trump Declares Solar War Syria Installs Solar Systems

by Robert Hunziker In November 2017 war-torn Syria became the last country, other than the U.S., to sign Paris ’15 the worldwide effort to curb global warming. In the eyes of the world, America must... Read More

Second White House official departs amid abuse allegations, which he denies – The Washington Post

A White House speechwriter resigned Friday after his former wife claimed that he was violent and emotionally abusive during their turbulent 2½ -year marriage — allegations that he vehemently denied, saying she was the one... Read More

Brexit plan to keep Northern Ireland in customs union triggers row

Officials from the UK and EU are drawing up a plan to in effect keep Northern Ireland in the customs union and the single market after Brexit in order to avoid a hard border. The... Read More

Amid Turmoil From Washington to Wall Street, a Surprisingly Passive President

WASHINGTON — When he took office a year ago, President Trump vowed that the “hour of action” had arrived. But as momentous events whipsawed Washington and Wall Street in recent days, Mr. Trump seemed oddly... Read More

Senate 2018: Republicans Still Have Plenty of Targets

— Republicans have better than 50-50 odds to hold control of the U.S. Senate even in the event of a Democratic wave in November. — The reason is the map: Including the two independents who... Read More

Biden Gives Midterm Pep Talk at Rebooted Retreat

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. took the stage at House Democrats’ retreat on Wednesday to cheers of “Let’s go, Joe!” and a solitary cheer of, “Run Joe, run!” He dismissed the remark, but... Read More

Russians penetrated U.S. voter systems, top U.S. official says

The U.S. official in charge of protecting American elections from hacking says the Russians successfully penetrated the voter registration rolls of several U.S. states prior to the 2016 presidential election. In an exclusive interview with... Read More

Safety blunders expose lab staff to potentially lethal diseases in UK

Safety breaches at UK labs that handle harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi have spread infections to staff and exposed others to potentially lethal diseases, the Guardian has learned. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has... Read More

Pimping King

by Rev. Irene Monroe With 2018 being the 50th anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, commemorations honoring the man will be taking place across the country. But who would think a... Read More

Right revolts on budget deal

House conservatives on Wednesday revolted against a massive bipartisan deal to raise the debt ceiling and bust spending caps, complaining that the GOP could no longer lay claim to being the party of fiscal responsibility.... Read More

Jacob Rees-Mogg and the shadowy group of Tories shaping Brexit

It has no website, no public list of members, and it is accused of misusing taxpayers’ money. But despite its shadowy status, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s European Research Group is powerful enough to shape Theresa May’s Brexit... Read More

Ratings Changes in 21 Districts

The first two months of 2018 have given both parties reasons for optimism. Republicans have cut Democrats’ lead in the FiveThirtyEight average  of generic congressional ballot polls in half, from roughly 12 points in December to... Read More

Trump will not release Democrats’ memo on FBI surveillance

 Trump will not immediately release Democrats’ memo on #FBI surveillance President Trump directed the Justice Department on Feb. 9 to work with House lawmakers so some form of the document could be made public. (Bastien... Read More

“He Was F—ing Pissed”: With Rob Porter Gone, the Heat on John Kelly Is Increasing

A day after #White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter resigned amid allegations he physically abused his ex-wives, the Trump administration is still struggling to contain the fallout. The question of who knew what, and when,... Read More

Paul says he will vote no on Goodfriend, imperiling Fed nomination

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Thursday he will vote against Marvin Goodfriend’s bid to become a member of the Federal Reserve board, a move that could sink the nomination on the Senate floor. Goodfriend, nominated... Read More

Man, 95, in hospital after being told to pay share of £2m bill to remove cladding

A 95-year-old resident of a London high rise with Grenfell Tower-type cladding has been taken to hospital after being told he had to pay a share of the £2m bill for repair works, a tribunal... Read More

Trump is holding America hostage over border wall like a homegrown terrorist

by David A. Love Trump is doing it again. For a second time in his administration, the occupant of the White House has threatened to shut down the government unless Congress gives the money to... Read More

Obama’s Gone, So Republicans Stopped Sabotaging the Economy

During the Obama era, Democrats frequently believed, but only rarely uttered aloud in official forums, that the Republican Party was engaged in economic sabotage. Not a coldly conscious plot, exactly. But it seemed just a... Read More

Brexit: EU to have power to punish UK at will during transition

Brussels will have the power to punish the UK at will during the Brexit transition period by closing off parts of the single market to British companies, according to a leaked legal document drawn up... Read More

White House to give phones to senior advisers for political calls

The White House will allow as many as a dozen senior advisers to receive additional cell phones so that they can contact the #Republican National Committee (RNC) regarding the fall midterm elections, officials said Thursday.... Read More

FBI: No evidence of homicide in border agent’s death cited by Trump

EL PASO — A Border Patrol agent whose death last November fueled President Trump’s calls for a border wall appears to have died in an accident, according to FBI findings released Wednesday. Border Patrol Agent... Read More

Nancy Pelosi’s filibuster-style speech tops eight hours in bid to force immigration votes

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi commandeered the House floor Wednesday for a day-into-night marathon plea to Republicans for action on immigration, casting the fate of young undocumented immigrants in moral terms. The 77-year-old Pelosi stood... Read More

Angela Merkel Strikes New Deal With Old Partners, at a High Cost

BERLIN — After more than four months of tortuous negotiations, with her fate and Germany’s hanging in the balance, Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday announced a deal for a new government. But it was telling... Read More

Tesco equal pay claim could cost supermarket up to £4bn

Tesco is facing a demand for up to £4bn in back pay from thousands of mainly female shopworkers in what could become the UK’s largest ever equal pay claim. A law firm has launched legal... Read More