Line of the week: A cop’s job isn’t that dangerous — police need to stop ‘going mental for no reason’

Line of the week: A cop’s job isn’t that dangerous — police need to stop ‘going mental for no reason’

Raw Story has more. On Real Time Friday night, Bill Maher lit into police officers for “going mental for no reason.” “Now, this week I want to say something nice about the police,” he began,... Read More
wh 4

White House Secret Service security breach explained in photo essay

by Denis G. Campbell It was astonishing to learn yesterday that the White House breach earlier this month by former US Army Veteran Omar F. Gonzalez penetrated so deeply inside the Executive Mansion. It had... Read More
Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

More tone deafness? NFL players have until Nov. 1 to resolve DUI cases

SB Nation reports on a stunning new NFL ‘grace period…’ Le’Veon Bell has just over one month to get his DUI case resolved or he’ll face a mandatory two-game suspension. The NFL has informed player... Read More
take rape seriously

Insult to Injury! Billing for rape: Louisiana sex assault victims often face hefty bills for medical care

The Times Picayune (New Orleans) tells the shocking tale. She was questioned, prodded and photographed over the course of six hours. Nurses collected samples of tissue and fluid from her mouth and her body. They... Read More
alaskan wilderness

What’s wrong with Alaska? What’s The Real Source Of Poll Inaccuracy?

Princeton’s Sam Wang explains: On Tuesday, I suggested that control of the Senate could come down to as few as four key races in Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, and Arkansas. There’s a fifth state where voters... Read More
When Campaigns Poison Compromise

When Campaigns Poison Compromise

The Cook Political Report discusses poisonous campaigns. There’s a reason why the people who run campaigns are rarely the people responsible for implementing policy. The job of a campaign operative is to work in absolutes... Read More

Let the people vote! Appeals court strikes down GOP plan to cut early voting in Ohio

Raw Story reports on another victory for those wanting to ensure EVERYONE can vote. A Federal appeals court on Wednesday cleared the way for voters in Ohio to begin casting in-person ballots as early as... Read More

I Know Nothing, I See Nothing… ESPN Journalists Ignore The Biggest Sports Story Of The Last 24 Hours

ThinkProgress on how ESPN has been silent on the Bill Simmons suspension… Mum’s the word for ESPN employees when it comes to discussing Bill Simmon’s three week suspension. According to TMZ, ESPN’s on air talent were... Read More

My kind of headline: Pipeline to carry beer under Belgian city

The Drinks Business gets our priorities straight! The project has been approved by Bruges City Council and will see a 3km underground pipe connect the five-century-old De Halve Maan brewery to a nearby bottling factory... Read More

No way this goes down well… Egyptian court postpones Mubarak verdict until November

Al Jazeera English reports An Egyptian court has postponed the verdict in the retrial of deposed president Hosni Mubarak on charges of corruption and killing of hundreds of protesters during the 2011 uprising that toppled... Read More
nsa renting

What could possibly go wrong? The NSA is renting its technology to U.S. companies

The Daily Dot has the terrifying tale. The National Security Agency (NSA), which develops surveillance tools that are both dazzling and terrifying, has been making money on the side by licensing its technology to private... Read More

The next disaster: How Wall Street Is Hitting the Jackpot by Fleecing Workers’ Retirements

Why are public officials shifting workers’ pension money into private equity, hedge funds and venture capital? Alternet explains: Most consumers understand that when you pay an above-market premium, you shouldn’t expect to get a below-average... Read More

We may be Three Muckrakers, but we are also gentlemen

This is The Monday Line by Denis G. Campbell If you are as tired as we are of the showboating, calculatingly evil lies and faux poutrage disguised as news today, we hope you will give... Read More

The Most Loathsome People in America: The Double Dirty Dozen

A mix of familiar names we all love to hate, and some new loathsome Americans on the block. The following is AlterNet’s own selections and rankings of two dozen from America’s 50 Most Loathsome Americans by... Read More

Oh no he didn’t… Bill O’Reilly: Working women have an advantage because ‘white guys can’t sue’

Despite conceding the pay disparity between women and men on Friday, Fox News Bill O’Reilly insisted that white men were at a disadvantage in the workplace compared to women with college degrees because they can... Read More

An inside job? FAA contractor charged with fire that halted flights around Chicago

USAToday explains: CHICAGO — A 36-year-old FAA contractor was facing federal charges on Friday evening for setting a fire that damaged a key Chicago air traffic control center and ground air travel in one of... Read More
Astonishing hubris: Conservatives try to woo female voters with ad calling Obama their stalker boyfriend

Astonishing hubris: Conservatives try to woo female voters with ad calling Obama their stalker boyfriend

Today in WTF? courtesy of Raw Story The conservative group Americans for Shared Prosperity released an advertisement in which it compared President Barack Obama to a shiftless, abusive boyfriend. The ad — which is a... Read More

Think your computer is safe? Bigger than Heartbleed? Bug in bash leaves millions of web servers vulnerable

Raw Story scares us to death… A first and quite reasonable thought readers may have will be to wonder: what is bash? When you use a computer you probably interact with it through a point-and-click,... Read More
ground zero

Three firefighters who responded to Ground Zero died on the same day. They all suffered from cancer.

The real tragedy of 9-11, the first responders falling from cancers infected during the rescue… Three former members of the New York City fire department who had responded to the World Trade Center after the Sept.... Read More

An NFL Franchise In England Is An Unrealistic Dream, And That’s OK

(We) Overseas fans of American football are getting more access to the sport than ever. There’s no need to ‘conquer’ England with a team there. As an Englishman, I’ve always been envious of how all-encompassing the... Read More
Bill Maher Praises ‘ Badass ’ Eric Holder , Trashes Ted Cruz and Fox’s Andrea Tantaros

Bill Maher Praises ‘ Badass ’ Eric Holder , Trashes Ted Cruz and Fox’s Andrea Tantaros

As only Bill Maher can…
feuson police

Wearing these helps how? Department Of Justice Orders Ferguson Police To Stop Wearing ‘I Am Darren Wilson’ Bracelets

ThinkProgress shares astonishing news… who knew they were wearing them? Geeesh! A Department of Justice letter sent to the Police Chief Tom Jackson of Ferguson, Missouri on Friday instructed all officers to stop wearing “I... Read More

Tesco must change culture and reinvent brand, new boss tells employees

Dave Lewis writes to staff in wake of £250m accounting scandal as share lose 16.5% in week, wiping £3bn off firm’s value. Tesco needs to change its culture and reinvent its brand, the company’s new... Read More
Pope Francis

Francis is a reasoning Jesuit so… Pope revisits ‘punishing’ rules on Catholic divorce

From The Guardian Millions of devotees remain banned from receiving communion – but meeting of bishops raises hopes of ban being loosened Elio Cirimbelli, a 66-year-old family counsellor from Bolzano in north-eastern Italy, goes to... Read More
walker speaking

Federal court reverses ruling that stopped ‘John Doe’ probe against WI Gov. Walker

Raw Story tells of the crucial reversal… Federal appeals court on Wednesday overturned an earlier ruling that had halted an investigation in Wisconsin into possible illegal coordination between Governor Scott Walker’s campaign and special interest... Read More
Gwen Ifill hosts a serious PBS Town Hall, a serious discussion worth watching…

Gwen Ifill hosts a serious PBS Town Hall, a serious discussion worth watching…

PBS aired “America After Ferguson,” a town hall about race in America. A lot of really interesting and intelligent things were said! You should watch the whole thing. In addition to the really interesting and... Read More
shale oil

Why It Matters That Statoil Just Shelved Its Multi-Billion-Dollar Tar Sands Project

Think Progress explains… (I was on a panel with the CEO of Statoil 18 months ago and find this very encouraging… -Ed.) In what’s being hailed as a huge win for environmentalists, Norwegian oil company... Read More
Climate Deniers think everything is just fin… (glub… glub… glub…)

The New Climate Deniers: America’s Radical, Underground Climate Change Countermovement

by Robert Hunziker The year is 2050; rising seas have inundated Miami, America’s most recent ghost city, since Detroit. A deadly heat wave scorches Chicago, killing thousands of elderly, and a mega-drought has farmers in... Read More
Obama and baugh

The President and the Tow Truck Driver

Slate’s story of a lovely man doing a tough job meeting the President. Clarence Baugh, who clears a path for all presidential motorcades through New York, has served every president since George H.W. Bush. But... Read More
Female Russian Cosmonaut brilliantly shuts down sexist reporter’s question

Female Russian Cosmonaut brilliantly shuts down sexist reporter’s question

Skip to 30:30 to see the question and her response. features a brilliant exchange. Aren’t you interested in the hairstyles of my colleagues?” That was Russian cosmonaut Yelena Serova’s answer to a reporter inquiring... Read More