How about teaching teens about sex so they can protect themselves from STD’s and unwanted pregnancies?

One Christian Group’s Never-Ending, Futile Quest to Save America’s Children from Sex. The Parents Television Council still claims they’re in it for the children. As anyone familiar with the Christian right can attest, there are a... Read More
wales summit

Op Ed: Bad Children – ‘For God’s Sake’

by The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall An Open Letter to President Barack Obama on the eve of his NATO Summit Trip: Mr. President, I’m sorry to bother, but I know you are facing enormous pressure... Read More
fracking babies

More fracking troubles, study shows health risks to babies born near fracking sites

Preliminary Studies Show Potential Health Risk For Babies Born Near Fracking Sites. Can fracking operations cause health problems or birth defects in babies who are born near wells? Preliminary scientific research says that it might... Read More
When will Florida cops learn that beating on young black men is not cool

When will Florida cops learn that beating on young black men is not cool

Florida man says cops beat him for not rolling down window all the way. A Florida man said this week that he is still trying to recover after police beat him during an argument that... Read More
the books

Thought GOP gave up on their ‘the IRS is after us alone’ fantasy? HA!

Here’s the Latest Right-Wing IRS Fantasy. Here’s a great example of the conservative media bubble at work. I was browsing The Corner a few minutes ago and came across a post telling me that the... Read More

Op Ed: Don’t hate on my swag

by Kyle Scott, PhD. ‘You can’t fade my swag.’ ‘Don’t sweat my swag.’ If you are not familiar with these lines, or something similar, you do not get around young people often. Swag is a... Read More
boehner and obama

Speaker Boehner’s Lawyer Is Charging The American Taxpayer $500 An Hour To Sue Obama

That headline pretty much sums it up. Taxi metre running and will likely exceed $350K cap. Last January, a Washington attorney named David Rivkin co-authored an article in Politico Magazine that laid out a legal theory that... Read More
Brown Endorsements

Carpetbagger climate denier flip-flops (again): despite outlier poll, Brown a disaster

Scott Brown Flips On Climate Change: ‘No’ It’s Not Scientifically Proven… Former Sen. Scott Brown (R), now running for Senate in New Hampshire, over the weekend was pretty clear: science has not proven that climate... Read More
John Oliver hits it ‘out of the park’ on equal pay skewering equal pay

John Oliver hits it ‘out of the park’ on equal pay skewering equal pay

As usual on Last Week Tonight he absolutely blows a hole through the pay gap issue.
jabar collins 2

New York City Will Pay $10 Million to Settle Wrongful Conviction Case

Revelations about the prosecution of Jabbar Collins, who served 15 years for a murder he did not commit, helped to bring down longtime Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes by Joaquin Sapien ProPublica New York City has... Read More
climate concerns

These Climate Scientists Are Telling You What They Really Think

Researchers explain why they feel frustrated, angry, worried, and helpless in the global warming debate. Angry. Worried. Frustrated. Anxious. Such are some of the words that Australian climate scientists use to express their feelings about the dysfunctional climate... Read More
doomsday guy

2nd Darwin nominee prepares for end times shoot out with the Feds

‘Doomsday preppers’ admit to hoarding guns, booby traps for end-time battle with feds. A group of “doomsday preppers” have admitted to illegally purchasing firearms and destructive devices as part of a plot to kill government... Read More
sovereign citizen

Darwin Award nominee or not, this guy is a first team knucklehead.

Dog’s escape attempt causes ‘sovereign citizen’ to crash SUV full of weed, guns, and chickens… read that headline with a straight face. A self-described sovereign citizen was arrested Friday morning in West Virginia after crashing... Read More
scales of justice

Ask USA about Patriot Law: UK should not rush to change laws because of ISIS

Former MI6 counter-terrorism chief warns against rush to overhaul UK laws. Justice should not be changed in response to ‘unproven threat’ from homegrown militants in Syria and Iraq. Britain should resist a rush to overhaul its... Read More