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How a Father With a Twitter Account Stopped a White Supremacist Terrorist from Shooting a Bunch of School Kids

Alternet reports that a 9/11 truther spewed terrifying and hateful threats, and one dad could not let it go. How do you stop a bad man with a gun? How about a good man with a... Read More
Bill O'Reilly FOX News

Bill O’Reilly’s Meltdown and the 10 Most Disgraceful Moments From the Fox News Hall of Shame

Alternet reports that quite often, Fox News is too busy being racist and xenophobic to let facts get in the way. Bill O’Reilly, host of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor since 1996, has been fuming.... Read More
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The Science of Why Republicans Are Dead Wrong About Climate Change and National Security

Mother Jones explains that new research links climate change to Syria’s devastating civil war. At last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, GOP chairman Reince Priebus had some strong words about how President Barack Obama prioritizes... Read More
Jeb Bush speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland

Jeb Bush will refuse to sign tax pledges: spokeswoman

Reuters explains… Jeb Bush will not sign any “no new taxes” pledges or any other pledges if he decides to seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, a spokeswoman said on Saturday. The statement from Bush... Read More
John Oliver takes on US infrastructure: Even a ‘total idiot’ like Donald Trump knows we need to rebuild.

John Oliver takes on US infrastructure: Even a ‘total idiot’ like Donald Trump knows we need to rebuild.

This is why he has been extended for two more seasons!
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TransCanada Is Seizing People’s Land To Build Keystone, But Conservatives Have Been Dead Silent

ThinkProgress explains… For Julia Trigg Crawford, watching TransCanada construct the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline on a corner of her 600-acre farm was “gut-wrenching.” Crawford, who lives in Direct, Texas, had been trying... Read More
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The Supreme Court hears an Obamacare fairytale

Reuters has Steven Brill’s commentary… Congressional intent will be hotly debated in the U.S. Supreme Court this Wednesday in King v. Burwell, the latest litigation vehicle being deployed by opponents of Obamacare. “Congress could not... Read More
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22. The 3 Muckrakers: Twitter Trolls and Criminals

Podcast: Play in new window | Download A remarkable Dad fights back on Twitter for his bullied athlete daughter. Anti-Semitic political bullying by Missouri Republicans against one of their own leads to suicide. The US... Read More
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GOP fears grow over ObamaCare challenge

The Hill explains… Republican fears are mounting over a Supreme Court case that the party has long hailed as its best chance to undo ObamaCare. The Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday on a GOP-backed... Read More
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Nearly Half of Voters Disapprove of GOP’s Netanyahu Invite

The Wall Street Journal explains… Nearly half of American voters think that Republican lawmakers should not have invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of Congress without first notifying President... Read More
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Ukip policies you need to know (since there’s no election manifesto yet)

Wales Online explains… 1. Scrap HS2 Described as a “vanity project”, UKIP leader Nigel Farage says the country can’t afford to spend another penny on HS2 – this got a massive cheer from the audience.... Read More
ahmed tharwat

My Dog , My Religion and Me

by Ahmed Tharwat The grisly video images showing the torture and killing of a dog propelled a hot debate on social media and outcries all over Egypt. The hashtag, #AlHaremStreetDog, was one of the biggest... Read More
David Cameron visit to BAE Systems - Glasgow

Fact Check: has the Tory/LibDem coalition added 1,000 jobs every day in office?

The Conversation.com fact checks the PM’s claim… David Cameron, Prime Minister’s Questions, February 25 The prime minister, David Cameron, recently repeated a claim, first made by his chancellor George Osborne in his 2014 Autumn Statement,... Read More
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Why Republicans May Come To Regret The Gerrymandering Lawsuit They Took To The Supreme Court

ThinkProgress explains the dilemma facing them… WASHINGTON, DC — It is not at all clear how the Supreme Court will decide Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, a lawsuit brought by the state’s... Read More
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High court case threatens independent electoral map drawers

Yahoo! News explains… In a reversal of the usual worries about political influence on electoral map-making, the Supreme Court is being asked to let raw politics play an even bigger role in the drawing of... Read More
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Eric Braverman Tried to Change the Clinton Foundation. Then He Quit.

Politico explains the power struggle at Clinton, Inc. December, the board of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation approved a salary of more than $395,000, plus bonus, for its Yale-educated CEO, Eric Braverman, while voting... Read More
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The Republican Plan to Win Over Millennials

The New Republic explains… Young Republicans know the GOP has an Old White Man problem. It starts with plain math. Despite America’s quickly growing minority population, 89 percent of Republicans are white. The party stumbles through clunky attempts... Read More

This is the best explanation of gerrymandering you will ever see…

The Washington Post’s Wonkblog explains… Gerrymandering — drawing political boundaries to give your party a numeric advantage over an opposing party — is a difficult process to explain. If you find the notion confusing, check out... Read More
twitter employees threatened

ISIS Threatens Twitter Founder And Employees Over Blocked Accounts

Buzzfeed reports: ISIS supporters on Sunday called on jihadis around the world to kill Twitter employees because of the company’s frequent blocking of their social media accounts. “Your virtual war on us will cause a... Read More
the sun

Does the Sun Have a Heart of Dark Matter?

Motherboard responds… Something is amiss in our Sun. Or, rather, something is amiss in our theories of what the Sun is and how it behaves—theories that are known collectively as the standard solar model. This... Read More
BillO again

The O’Reilly tapes: Phone recordings raise new questions about JFK story

CNN Money reveals the new tape. One evening in March more than 30 years ago, Gaeton Fonzi received a call from a man whose voice and name are now instantly recognizable. “Hi Gaeton,” the caller... Read More
ikea furniture

Ikea’s new furniture can charge your phone, no wires necessary

The Verge reports… Are you interested in tying down your furniture to a technology “standard” that’s far from standard? Then you might be interested in some new products that will be on sale at Ikea... Read More
obama and nsa announcement

(Oh Goodie! What could go wrong?) NSA’s Mass Phone Surveillance Program Gets New Life, Extended Until June

ThinkProgress explains… The National Security Agency’s controversial phone metadata surveillance program reauthorized under the Patriot Act got an extension until June, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) announced Friday. According to a... Read More
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Ebola-infected Nurse Contends Dallas Hospital Violated Her Privacy

In a lawsuit filed today, nurse Nina Pham says that a colleague videotaped her without her permission and then the hospital released the tape to the media. by Charles Ornstein ProPublica It was a touching... Read More

Minister in charge of biggest pensions shakeup in decades admits it is ‘risky’

The Observer reports… Plans to give millions of people powers to get access to their pensions savings from 6 April are a calculated risk, the minister in charge of the biggest pensions shakeup in decades... Read More
New Documentary Reveals Universities’ Responses To Rape Are Even Worse Than You Think

New Documentary Reveals Universities’ Responses To Rape Are Even Worse Than You Think

ThinkProgress explains… The Hunting Ground begins with scenes of joy. We see high school students crowded around their computers, family and friends at their side, at the moment they receive their college acceptances. There is... Read More

Egyptian court declares Hamas a ‘terrorist’ group

Al Jazeera explains they are the Palestinian organisation accused of aiding armed groups who have waged string of deadly attacks in Egypt’s Sinai region. An Egyptian court has branded Hamas a “terrorist” organisation, weeks after... Read More
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Why Isn’t Sex Education a Part of Common Core?

Pacific Standard Magazine says maybe it’s not politically feasible, but most kids will need sexual knowledge more than Shakespearean verse to be functioning adults. Here’s a sample curriculum. According to a recent PublicMind poll from... Read More

Kagan: Netanyahu Speech Is a Blunder

Mother Jones explains… Even the ever-hawkish Robert Kagan thinks Republicans blew it by inviting Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress: Looking back on it from years hence, will the spectacle of an... Read More
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At least 6 Republican states revisit their stance of resisting Obamacare

The Washington Post explains… Officials in several Republican states that balked at participating in President Obama’s ­health-care initiative are now revisiting the issue amid mounting panic over a possible Supreme Court decision that would revoke... Read More