tinder world

Inside Tinder’s Hookup Factory-How the dating app changed the way single people get together

Rolling Stone explains… Entering Tinder’s modest office building in Los Angeles, where signs on the first floor point to a Castaways Casting Office, it’s not clear you’re entering the headquarters of an app with a... Read More

Apple Eyes New Uses for NFC Beyond iPhone Payments

TheInformation.com has the story… Consumers are just starting to use Apple Pay to make purchases at cash registers and online stores. But Apple representatives have also talked to potential partners about using the technology behind... Read More
kansas judges

A Kansas Group’s Push to Oust Judges Reveals a Gap in Campaign Finance Rules

Judicial retention elections in Kansas have typically been apolitical and uncontested — until Kansans for Justice entered the fray earlier this month. Now state election overseers are grappling with a new kind of dark money.... Read More
roots of maize

First Direct Observations of How Roots Grow

Scientific American shows how… As scientists look at crops to find ways to help them deal with climate change stress and growing populations, a tool has emerged to give them a new perspective: the view... Read More

The Polar Vortex Controversy: Extreme Predictions Launch Debate Among Weather Experts

AlterNet explains… Last year, conservatives led by Rush Limbaugh called the Polar Vortex — the large-scale Arctic-air cyclone that dipped deep into American skies last year — nothing more than a “hoax” and a “left-wing... Read More
walmart fat girl

Walmart apologizes for ‘fat girl’ costumes

CNN has the report… Walmart found itself sending apology tweet after apology tweet Monday after the Twitterverse raked it over the coals for a major goof on its website. For whatever inexplicable reason, the retail... Read More
frnch jounos freed

Ninety percent of journalists’ murderers across the world get away with it: report

Raw Story has the details. vernments are falling short in their efforts to combat impunity in the killing of journalists, with 90% of murderers walking free, according to a report issued by the Committee to... Read More
perfect 1

7. The 3 Muckrakers: Frantic Pols Fling Feces & Food

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Do Labour need to move further left and the Tories further right to win next May’s UK Election, with five shopping days left until the US midterms who... Read More
living wage

Living Wages, Rarity for U.S. Fast-Food Workers, Served Up in Denmark

The New York Times explains… On a recent afternoon, Hampus Elofsson ended his 40-hour workweek at a Burger King and prepared for a movie and beer with friends. He had paid his rent and all his... Read More

GOP promises if seize majority, they’ll stop Obama—and stop DC gridlock. Can they really do both?

The Atlantic’s Molly Ball asks the important question. In Kansas recently, Republican Senator Pat Roberts, who’s in a tough race for reelection, made a statement that left me puzzled. “A vote for me is a... Read More
mitch in trouble

The Chaos Election: The midterms are about Americans’ deep anxieties — but the fear has been building for a long time

Politico surveys the landscape… Although some observers have dubbed the 2014 midterms the “Seinfeld Election”—meaning it’s supposed to be a big show about nothing—in fact this vote reflects something important: the electorate’s fear and anxiety.... Read More
As Guy Fawkes Day approaches: 1,000 lb firework in Japan sets world record

As Guy Fawkes Day approaches: 1,000 lb firework in Japan sets world record

Most certainly not available at your local grocer or DYI store. Impressive… The big one at 2:05 and the the biggest finale bang at 3:15
ferguson peacemakers

The Ferguson Police State Part 3: For the Peace Makers – No Peace Without Justice

Tensions rise as the Ferguson Grand Jury deliberates whether or not to indict Officer Darren Wilson Both sides expect violence if he is not indicted. Police and business groups expect protesters to become violent. Protesters and... Read More

Kansas Governor Is Forcing Disabled People Off Medicaid

ThinkProgress explains… The conservative experiment in Gov. Sam Brownback’s Kansas has led to more suffering across the board — not just for the state’s economy, but for people with disabilities who are losing life-sustaining services.... Read More
angry republicans

CNN poll: Voters are angry

CNN reports. Washington (CNN) — Nearly 7 in 10 Americans are angry at the direction the country is headed and 53% of Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama’s job performance, two troubling signs for Democrats... Read More
270 to win

Neat from 270toWin: Senate Election Contest

My favourite presidential election App on the iPad just got better. Choose a winner in each of the Senate races below. Fill out the requested contact information and elect the Enter button. If you are... Read More
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush Speaks To Long Island Association Event

Jeb Bush’s problem isn’t that he’s a “Bush.” It’s that the GOP base hates moderation.

And that is why he may be dead before the first primary says The Washington Post. If you were eagerly awaiting the start of the Jeb Bush for President campaign, you may be in luck.... Read More

It’s natural for humans to pay attention to all their romantic options, and new research shows Facebook helps them do that.

This is offered with no editorial comment whatsoever, nuh-uh, nope… via The Atlantic. One episode in season five of How I Met Your Mother, called “Hooked,” revolves around people being kept “on the hook,” romantically... Read More

Op-Ed Authored By Dead Politician Attacks Shaheen In NH Senate Race

You read that right, so desperate they asked a dead guy to attack Jean Shaheen? On Monday, Foster’s Daily Democrat in New Hampshire published a blistering op-ed piece attacking Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) by former... Read More

New York Governor Suddenly Changes Tone On Forced Ebola Quarantines Amid Fierce Criticism

Business Insider reports: Top New York officials held a press conference on Sunday night outlining new procedures for handling the Ebola virus in the state and city. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) hasbattled criticism from expertssince... Read More
democratic demographics

Southern Dem stars in 2014

by Brent Budowsky While the last Republican governor of Virginia appears headed toward prison, the senior Democratic senator from Virginia is headed toward a landslide reelection and serious consideration for the Democratic ticket in 2016.... Read More
americas fears

What Americans Fear the Most

Interesting survey from Chapman University. In our survey we asked a random sample of Americans about dozens of concerns and fears across four major domains: Personal fears & concerns Safety in different spaces Anxiety about... Read More
amazon workers

Does Amazon’s Monopoly Really Matter?

BloombergView  raises the intriguing question. The first thing to remember about the Amazon/Hachette Book Group dispute is that this sort of thing happens all the time in business. When two big companies negotiate, it’s like... Read More
media training

The “Secret” Media Training School For Republicans

They are making fewer mistakes, but at the end of the day/campaign, they are still Republicans… CNN.com recently ran a fascinating piece about the “GOP’s secret school,” in which candidates learn how to interact with... Read More
apple pay

Apple Pay Is Disabled by Rite Aid and CVS as a Rival Makes Plans

It may look like Apple’s world, but the retailers are revolting… Apple Pay, the Silicon Valley giant’s highly anticipated mobile wallet, has been available for only one week but already may be inciting a battle... Read More
tesco buttermilk penis

When it rains it pours: Tesco’s buttermilk penis?

I am starting to feel bad for new CEO Dave Lewis… It’s a sad day when a carton of buttermilk forces you to envisage a man’s penis. In what already must be a tough PR... Read More
tesco cart

Tesco vs Texan firemen

Not going well when the firemen sue you… UK retailer Tesco is being sued by a US pension plan after an accounting error caused it to overstate its profit. The supermarket chain, which disclosed last... Read More
student athlete

Yup: The UNC Scandal Exposes the “Student-Athlete” Lie Once and For All

The new Republic explains: Friday night, my seven-year-old son will go the University of North Carolina men’s basketball team’s first exhibition game of the season. He’ll wear his #5 Carolina-blue jersey, in honor of his... Read More

Decriminalize Poverty, End the War on Drugs

by Tina Dupuy Conspiracy theories are easy to make up. They all follow the same formula: An omnipotent force wills it, everybody is in on it, it takes place perfectly and no one else will... Read More
sports direct

Sports Direct forced to advertise zero-hours contract terms

The Guardian explains how the retailer is required to display limited terms under which 90% of its staff are employed, after reaching settlement with ex-worker. Sports Direct will be forced to advertise the limited employment terms... Read More