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Ted Cruz Wants You To Believe He’s Legally Required To Sign Up For Obamacare. He’s Not.

ThinkProgress explains… Newly-minted presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) admitted that he would grudgingly sign up for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, just one day after announcing that he intends... Read More
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Jeb Bush Had Another Email Account While Florida Governor

ABC News reports… As Florida governor, Jeb Bush used another, previously unreported email address, records show — the newest wrinkle in an evolving debate over public officials’ use of private email accounts. When Bush released... Read More
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Why (and How) Hillary can win big

by Brent Budowsky The most popular former president since the Second World War is John Kennedy. The most popular living former president is Bill Clinton. The most popular public figure in America is Pope Francis,... Read More
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Why did Utah bring back the firing squad? How the US kills people in 2015

The Guardian explains the lunacy as the Gas chamber, firing squad and the electric chair have all been up for consideration in the wake of a European-led boycott of lethal injection drugs… On Monday night, Utah’s... Read More

Congress considers privatizing the air traffic control system

The Washington post describes the latest GOP affront… The Federal Aviation Administration is in the middle of a hiring binge for air traffic controllers, but just how long the 6,000 people who get the jobs... Read More

The Republican Answer To Paid Family Leave: Weaken Overtime Rules

ThinkProgress explains… On Tuesday, Republican senators reintroduced a bill intended to address the country’slack of paid family leave. The bill, the Family Friendly and Workplace Flexibility Act, would let employers give their workers an option... Read More

Mike Huckabee Should Probably Stop Criticizing Hillary Over Her Emails

Mother Jones explains he has skeletons in his own closet. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee thinks questions about Hillary Clinton’s emails as secretary of state “will linger” throughout the 2016 presidential race. “If the law... Read More
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Anti-abortion Missouri Republican criticized for new bill cutting fish out of ‘food stamp’ plans

Raw Story reports… After catching flack for a bill that would require women to obtain permission before having an abortion, Missouri state Rep. Rick Brattin’s (R) latest proposal is being derided for seemingly arbitrary new... Read More
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Pharmacists Are Getting Closer To Cutting Off Access To Death Penalty Drugs

ThinkProgress explains… It may soon become harder for state officials to get their hands on the drugs they need to execute inmates, as major pharmacist organizations keep inching closer toward ceasing to supply that medication.... Read More
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Climate-sceptic US senator given funds by BP political action committee

The Guardian reports that US Senator Jim Inhofe, who opposes climate change regulation, has received $10,000 from PAC funded by donations from US staff at oil group. One of America’s most powerful and outspoken opponents of... Read More
John Oliver does it again! Takes on municipal violations targeting poor and blacks

John Oliver does it again! Takes on municipal violations targeting poor and blacks

The exorbitant fines levied against those who can least afford them leads to huge budgetary windfalls and an increased prison populations.
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Why Congress Is Having Trouble Governing

The Upshot explains… The 114th Congress is not yet three months old. But already its fate — whether it will be capable of keeping the government running without a lot of drama, let alone pass... Read More
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25. Debate non-debate failed Speaker’s coup edition

Podcast: Play in new window | Download David Cameron and Ed Miliband (sort of) debated on telly for the first time in this campaign, the Germanwings crash is now a tragic murder suicide, the PM... Read More

Eight hours is enough – more sleep could lead to an early grave

The Conversation explains… Sleep is vital for good health but more of it may not always be better for everyone. Research recently published in the journal Neurology has found middle-aged and older people who sleep... Read More
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Conservatives slam Salmond’s ‘sinister’ threat to install Miliband in Downing St

The Guardian reports that Bob Neill, the Tory party deputy chairman, condemns comments made in New Statesman by SNP candidate. Alex Salmond was accused last night of making a “deeply sinister” threat to try to force... Read More
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Why College Isn’t (and Shouldn’t Have to be) for Everyone

by Robert Reich I know a high school senior who’s so worried about whether she’ll be accepted at the college of her choice she can’t sleep. The parent of another senior tells me he stands... Read More
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David Cameron may have opened door to leadership challenges, Tories warn

The Guardian explains the Prime minister could face huge threat to his position if election results in hung parliament after third term announcement, Conservatives say. David Cameron has been warned by colleagues that he will face... Read More
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There’s a Very Good Reason Why Black People Despise the Mainstream Media

Alternet explains a new study shows how the media over-reports black crime and goes out of its way to hyper-criminalize us. There is a reason why black people hate the media: they hyper-criminalize us. According... Read More
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Rand Paul says Ted Cruz is just ‘throwing out red meat’ with talk of ending Obamacare and the IRS

Raw Story explains… Twenty hours after declaring his candidacy for the presidency, Senator Ted Cruz is seeing “breathtaking” energy on the campaign trail, he said in an interview on Tuesday morning. “The energy and exhilaration... Read More

Senator Lindsey Graham blames Al Gore for GOP’s science problem

MSNBC reports that this is not a typo… Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) conceded yesterday that his party lacks direction and vision, at least for now, when it comes to the environment. “Before we can be... Read More
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George Zimmerman compares himself to Anne Frank, blames Obama for his woes

The Washington Post has the story and no, George… you are no Anne Frank. George Zimmerman, the ex-neighborhood watchman accused and then acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, said he doesn’t feel guilty “for surviving” the... Read More
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NATO’s Creepy New Plan to Infiltrate Twitter and Facebook

Alternet has the scary story: NATO has announced that “countering false Russian narratives on social media” is a major priority. On Sunday, NATO commander General Philip Breedlove said in an interview with the Associated Press that... Read More
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Jeb’s South Carolina firewall fails to take shape

Politico reports that his reservoir of support is neither as wide nor as deep as he might have hoped. Twice before, South Carolina has delivered for the Bush family. In 1988, it famously served as George... Read More
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He’s no hypocrite though: Ted Cruz going on Obamacare

CNN has the amazing story… Cruz’ wife quits Goldman Sachs, they’re going on Obamacare through an exchange? Ted Cruz is going on Obamacare. The newly announced Republican presidential candidate told CNN’s Dana Bash on Tuesday... Read More
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Tories’ credibility dented in Dudley after candidate accused of EDL plot

The Guardian reports that ‘People are bruised,’ says Dudley Central mosque spokesman following Afzal Amin’s reported attempt to strike deal with English Defence League. The reaction of worshippers arriving at Dudley Central mosque on Sunday suggested... Read More
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McConnell Declares War On A Livable Climate, Aims To Stop National And Global Action

ThinkProgress explains… Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is taking extraordinary measures to block the most modest efforts aimed at preventing catastrophic climate change. He has begun an “aggressive campaign to block” EPA’s carbon pollution... Read More
Watch this Governor Scott staffer do everything in his power to avoid saying the words ‘climate change’

Watch this Governor Scott staffer do everything in his power to avoid saying the words ‘climate change’

Even state legislators cannot stop from hysterically laughing at the Governor’s ridiculous no climate change edict!  
<> on March 15, 2015 in Ferguson, Missouri.

State of Black America report: Blacks are treated 72 percent equal to whites

by David A. Love The U.S. economy is rebounding, the stock market is thriving, and unemployment is down to levels not seen since the Great Recession. But how is black America doing these days?  Not... Read More
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Serial’s Adnan Syed’s lawyers file first document to challenge murder conviction

The Guardian reported brief followed doubts raised by Serial podcast, charging Syed’s former attorney with neglecting to ask for plea bargain and ignoring possible alibi in 2000 trials. Lawyers representing Adnan Syed, the subject of... Read More
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‘A wrong move means instant death’: How to power your home with a hacked Tesla car battery

Raw Story and The Guardian explains… You need $20,000, plenty of time – and an iron nerve. But but is ripping up a Tesla car and adapting its battery the future of cheap, sustainable home... Read More