Strangers will verbally deliver your messages with this app

Artist/writer Miranda July adds app development to her resume with the Somebody app. No matter how many emoticons you use, messaging apps (for the most part) remain a rather impersonal form of communication that fall... Read More
icelandic volcano

Iceland raises volcano warning level after latest eruption

Authorities lift warning level over risk from ash to aviation to red after latest eruption in Bardarbunga volcano system. Icelandic authorities have raised their warning level over the risk from ash to aviation to the... Read More
ferguson police

What a coincidence: Ferguson police now wearing body cameras

Police officers in Ferguson now wearing body cameras after weeks of unrest. (Reuters) – Police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, have begun wearing body cameras after weeks of unrest over the shooting death of an unarmed... Read More

The Evolution of ATM Skimmers

In a little over a decade, ATM skimmers have gone from urban myth to a wildly complex, ever-evolving suite of technologies that has the potential to be the worst nightmare of anyone with a bank... Read More
water customers

Well that didn’t take long: Detroit back to shutting off poor people’s water

After 30-day moratorium, Detroit resumes water shutoffs for delinquent customers. DETROIT (Reuters) – Controversial water shutoffs in Detroit resumed on Tuesday after a month-long moratorium to allow delinquent customers to catch up with past-due bills,... Read More
More police brutality against black men, father tased whilst sitting waiting for son

More police brutality against black men, father tased whilst sitting waiting for son

Police Tase Black Man Who Was Sitting On A Chair While Waiting To Pick Up His Kids. The shooting of unarmed teenager Mike Brown rekindled a debate about why police seem to target African Americans.... Read More

Keep the champagne on ice GOP, 10 reasons why Dems will maintain control of US Senate

This is The Monday Line by Denis G. Campbell Anyone who follows my Twitter feed (@ukprogressive) knows that for much of this current cycle I have been sceptical of political pollsters, even my guru Nate... Read More
uk terror alert

UK raises terrorism threat level to ‘severe’

Threat related to developments in Iraq and Syria and PM says he will table measures restricting travel to those places. The UK has raised the country’s terror threat level from substantial to severe, its second... Read More
nathan deal

GOP and the talking thing: Georgia Governor Deal Steps in it big time with Dreamers

Governor Deal’s comment during UGA forum sparks controversy. ATLANTA (CBS46) - Governor Nathan Deal has come under fire after making a statement that a Hispanic student attending a UGA forum was an illegal immigrant. Deal addressed... Read More
ebola drug

Promising news indeed: experimental Ebola drug cured 100% of monkeys tested

Experimental Ebola drug cured 100% of monkeys tested. In what scientists are calling a “monumental achievement,” an experimental medication called ZMapp — given on a compassionate basis to a handful of Ebola victims in the... Read More

Rupert Murdoch’s old school is quite creepy, ask London Times reporters

The London Times Is Blasting Reporters With Typewriter Sound Effects. Rupert Murdoch must be feeling nostalgic: Reporters in The Times UK’s newsroom are working under a constant soundtrack of (artificial) typewriter clatter. It’s an experiment to... Read More
speaker boehner 2

Anti-Boehner clan is on way back to DC, and bringing reinforcements

Boehner-Haters Heading Back to Congress With More Allies. Ten of the 12 House Republicans who didn’t support John Boehner’s 2013 selection as speaker are cruising to November victories, despite the business community’s attempts to knock some of them... Read More
hello kitty

Does anyone out there tell the truth anymore? Hello Kitty is not a cat?

‘Everything I know is a lie’: Fans of ‘Hello Kitty’ stunned to hear she’s not a cat after all. Tokyo (AFP) – Hello Kitty is not a cat, the company behind Japan’s global icon of... Read More
breakfast cereal

Farmers’ problem, oil transport bumping their crops off freight trains

Grain crops could rot because of Big Oil “pushing” them off trains. North Dakota farmers have a big Big Oil problem. And by big Big Oil problem, I mean oil being transported by rail taking... Read More