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Nigeria Is Ebola-Free: Here’s What They Did Right

Time Magazine reports… It’s been 42 days since the last new case The World Health Organization declared Nigeria free of Ebola on Monday, a containment victory in an outbreak that has stymied other countries’ response... Read More
Whites riot over pumpkins in NH and Twitter turns it into epic lesson about Ferguson

Whites riot over pumpkins in NH and Twitter turns it into epic lesson about Ferguson

Raw Story explains… Police were forced to descend on Keene, New Hampshire Saturday night after students and outside agitators turned the city’s 24th annual Pumpkin Festival into “a destination for destructive and raucous behavior.” Those... Read More
ebola fears

On Fox News, Health Expert Ridicules Congressman For Pushing Travel Ban Against Ebola

ThinkProgress reports…. Since the first case of Ebola was diagnosed in the United States in September, lawmakers from both of the parties have sought to politicize the government’s response, calling for the resignation of different... Read More
Tavis Smiley rips Bill Kristol: You are ‘the worst of America’ for using Ebola in politics

Tavis Smiley rips Bill Kristol: You are ‘the worst of America’ for using Ebola in politics

Tavis is a hero to many. Add me to the list.
glacial collapse

What if Climate Change is Worse Than We Thought?

by Robert Hunziker It is worse than we thought! New studies about the warming of the planet and the risk of massive release of methane from the Arctic are “worse than we thought.” As it... Read More
island drowning

When island nations drown, who owns their seas?

The Boston Globe reports. OVER THE PAST several years, it’s become clear that one of the starkest potential effects of climate change is the existential threat that rising oceans pose to the world’s low-lying island... Read More

(Pity Party? Anyone? Awww….) When the Petrodollars Run Out

Foreign Policy explains the arrogant oil sheikhs’ dilemma. It’s good to be Vladimir Putin these days. The Russian president can jerk most European countries around without fearing the consequences, thanks to their dependence on his... Read More
romney clinton

The GOP’s hot Presidential mess: Romney Leads Scattered 2016 GOP Field, Clinton Still Dominates the Democratic Race

ABC News reports. Hillary Clinton continues to hold a commanding lead in the potential Democratic field for president in 2016, while the GOP frontrunner in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll is a familiar figure... Read More
gm hit and run

GM’s hit and run: How a lawyer, mechanic, and engineer blew open the worst auto scandal in history

Pando Daily has the incredible story. As the sun was setting on a stormy Georgia day, Brooke Melton was 30 miles outside of Atlanta in her Chevy Cobalt. It was March 10, 2010, her birthday,... Read More

You Can Look It Up: The Wikipedia Story

The Daily Beast tells the story of Walter Isaacson’s newest book on he founders of Wikipedia. In an excerpt from his new book, The Innovators, Walter Isaacson recounts the improbable story of the online encyclopedia... Read More
ear lobes

Duuuh? Big increase in surgery to mend ‘flesh tunnel’ earlobes

The Guardian explains. The price of fashion: £1,800 to rebuild ears stretched by fashion. After seven unsuccessful job interviews, 24-year-old Luke Clark began to think something other than his CV was playing havoc with his... Read More
crist and scott

How Billionaire Oligarchs Are Becoming Their Own Political Parties

The New York Times Magazine explains: In August, Tom Steyer and seven campaign advisers sat in a small conference room in Coral Gables, Fla., trying to figure out how to save the world. Steyer, who... Read More

About time! The UK will quadruple prison sentences for online abuse, trolls can get up to 2 years in jail

From TheNextWeb.com The issue of online trolling is never too far awayfrom public debate, but the UK government is gearing up to tackle the problem head-on by quadrupling the maximum sentence for those convicted of... Read More
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Ebola Panic Reaches New Heights As Maine Teacher Is Put On Leave Because She Visited Dallas

Get a freaking grip people! ThinkProgress reports… An elementary school teacher in Maine has been placed on leave for 21 days, the incubation period of Ebola, after she visited Dallas to attend an educational conference.... Read More
draft lottery

America may never have a draft again. But we’re still punishing low-income men for not registering

The Washington Post explains: More than 40 years since America’s last draft, failing to register for selective service can mean missing out on crucial benefits. The last time Danieldevel Davis got out of prison it was... Read More
eat like pig

Bike Like A Pro Athlete, Eat Like A Pig

npr explains the problems of long-distance cycling: bellying up to the breakfast bar and more! Last month, a friend and I rode bicycles 738 miles up the spine of Texas from the Rio Grande to... Read More
cost of cola

Well this is depressing: The Exercise Cost of Soda and Juice

The Atlantic has the bad news. What if nutrition labels told people exactly what calories meant, in practical terms? A bottle of Coke could dole out specific exercise requirements. The calories herein, it might say,... Read More
Bienvenidas Genalguacil

Art comes to life in Andalusian paradise

‘The mayor who dares to dream’ by Glyn Strong A state of the art cemetery with no bodies, a body of art that is augmented annually at no cost and a view to die for... Read More
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America’s Worst Colleges

Washington Monthly sets out the ranking of Universities n the USA. We set out to make a list of the poorest-performing colleges. What we found is that, while good schools are basically all alike, every... Read More
Tim Cook, Xi Guohua

How Apple Gets You To Buy New iPhones Over And Over Again

Huffington Post unlocks the secret… Ever wonder why your iPhone seems to slow down after a few years? Why the once-amazing device gets cranky and struggles to perform basic tasks or load apps? The answer... Read More
chris and mary pat christie

Can I hasz job? Tax returns show Chris Christie and his wife made $698,838 last year, paid $193,510 in taxes

Not bad work if you can make that kind of money part-time and conflict free? Oh no wait, that is New Jersey. The Star Tribune reports. NEWARK, N.J. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and... Read More
photoshop image

Everyone In What Looks Like A Group Photo On GOP Governor’s Website Is Photoshopped

Tom Corbett of Ohio hits a new low as Buzzfeed busts him… A black woman smiling in the background of a group picture that appears at the bottom of every page of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom... Read More
sam wang

When Sam Wang speaks, I listen: Midterm National Senate Polling Error Is Five Times Larger Than In Presidential Years

Sam Wang of Princeton speaks… everybody listen. Yesterday, Nate Silver and I both examined Senate polling errors. He saw no overall bias; I pointed out that recent bias has been unusually large. Both statements are... Read More
ebola media

The Media’s Ebola Coverage: The More You Watch, The Less You Know?

It has been a disgusting spectacle… Alternet explains… The fact that Americans have such a weak grasp on the facts doesn’t speak well for the quality of coverage to date. A new poll last week... Read More
dead bees

EPA: Those Bee-Killing Pesticides? They’re Actually Pretty Useless

Now they tell us? Mother Jones explains… So, there’s this widely used class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids, marketed by chemical giants Bayer and Syngenta, that have emerged as a prime suspect in honeybee collapse,... Read More

(Our 6,000 post!) Inside The Sleazy Business Of Cashing In On Americans’ Ebola Fears

Aside from the subject matter, try to imagine an 8 year old publication producing 6,000 posts in such short order. 4,000 in May. Revamp, relaunch and 6,000 by September. We’re growing thanks to you. Now... Read More
John Oliver explains the strange American pumpkin latte phenomenon…

John Oliver explains the strange American pumpkin latte phenomenon…

You’re welcome.
Gemini Chair-Neri Oxman

American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist

Wired Magazine explains. Are Americans getting dumber? Our math skills are falling. Our reading skills are weakening. Our children have become less literate than children in many developed countries. But the crisis in American education... Read More
seating chart

Drama. Ego. Protocol: Washington dinners have it all — and that’s just the seating chart

The Washington Post should know… You walk into a fancy dinner and pick up the little envelope that reveals your fate: the seat assignment for the evening. Did you score a prized spot at the... Read More
amber lamp

Just wrong! Chicago Quietly Allows .1 Second Shorter Yellow Lights, Makes $8M Off 77,000 New Tickets

Double take much. Slate exlains. How long is a yellow light? Most people would—reasonably—have no idea the exact length of time before a traffic light goes from yellow to red. The answer is: A minimum... Read More