Quote of the Day – GOP Rep accidentally wanders off the ranch and speaks truth.

Corral that little doggie, brand him and get him back on the reservation! “I wish we had an alternative. You know what’s unfortunate? It’s for the next six months, we’re going to go into an... Read More
You know how people say, “if it don’t like it here, go to another country?” Here’s a candidate.

You know how people say, “if it don’t like it here, go to another country?” Here’s a candidate.

They did things very differently and it seems to have worked…
These guys are epic at pen spinning…

These guys are epic at pen spinning…

Hypnotic and amazing…

100+ hate crime murders linked to single website… why is it still in the air?

The Guardian reports that the website has, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center,  been responsible for more than 100 hate crime murders? If it were in the UK, it would be shut down.... Read More

Mt. Everest tragedy kills at least 12 with up to 17 still missing.

In one of the worst disasters in the history f climbing the fabled peak, up to 17 sherpas have perished in an avalanche atop the world’s highest peak. npr has more… “The avalanche “hit the most... Read More
repo men

The Grim Repo: Medi-Cal Estate Recovery Act

by Tina Dupuy It was 2007 and we were all gathered around the kitchen table. It was my husband; his parents, Frank and Rachel (not their real names); and me spending a Sunday afternoon catching... Read More
Paycheck Fairness Act

Friday News dump! State Department angers Keystone XL supporters with further delay. Awww…

Watch the Right Wing nut job polluters foam at the mouth all weekend as the US State Department said more time is needed to study the Keystone XL Pipeline… the GOP was not pleased, pouting... Read More
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Would you spend 20 years listening to psychopaths for science? He did.

Wired Magazine tells the fascinating story of Kent Kiehl and his life as The Psycopath Listener. “Kiehl is a neuroscientist at the Mind Research Network and the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, and he’s... Read More

5 of the worst US cities to rent an apartment in unless fabulously wealthy

AlterNet discusses the Wall Street as slumlord phenomenon. Sadly, the article neglects a huge culprit, rental tourism thanks to services like AirBNB focing people out of affordable housing.  
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As Fracking-Quake Link Becomes Clearer, Ohio Requires Stricter Seismic Monitoring

ThinkProgress writes: Fracking was the “probable” cause of a series of small earthquakes that shook northeast Ohio last month, state officials announced on Friday. This is the first time gas drilling in Ohio and local... Read More
Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Riders

USA’s neighbours to the north (and many other countries) know how to fix rigged elections.

Seems the independent redistricting commission is not just in selected states. It is a means for driving electoral fairness. But gerrymandering infuriates voters because it feels so unfair. Letting partisan politicians — or their appointees... Read More

Unlimited coffee for $45 (£30) a month? In New York with the CUPS App, yup!

The CUPS App is an ingenious scheme for The Big Apples caffeine addicts. New Yorkers will pay $45 a month for brewed, drip, pour-over, or filtered coffee (or tea). Latte drinkers will pay more: The... Read More
RNC’s Priebus Continues Flogging Faux IRS ‘Scandal’: ‘We’re Done Playing Footsie’

RNC’s Priebus Continues Flogging Faux IRS ‘Scandal’: ‘We’re Done Playing Footsie’

Healthcare fizzled so why not pick up another dead horse and ride it across the finish line?

Sneaky little clause let’s G-Mail examine all of your e-mails….

Google added a paragraph to its terms of service as of Monday to tell customers that, yes, it does scan e-mail content for advertising and customized search results, among other reasons. The change comes as Google undergoes... Read More