When it rains it pours: Tesco’s buttermilk penis?

I am starting to feel bad for new CEO Dave Lewis…

tesco buttermilk penisIt’s a sad day when a carton of buttermilk forces you to envisage a man’s penis.

In what already must be a tough PR season for supermarket giant Tesco, someone (who gets paid a wage) designed this orange-shaped phallic creation to adorn this carton of buttermilk.

We here at .rising speculate that the designer in charge was being pinned for the supermarkets financial mishap and wanted to leave their final F-you immortalised  on cardboard – and scarred into the eyeballs of the innocent consumer.

The always ready and waiting website Reddit was alive with the story over the weekend. “They really made a cock and balls of this branding,” posted redditor andyburdens.

The redditor said he found the cartons on the shelves of an Irish Tesco branch – apparently the item is only available on Tesco’s Irish website – a shame.

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