UK to begin registering EU nationals for ‘settled status’ by end of 2018

Rutman also said the recruitment of 300 extra Border Force staff was now under way and they could be fully trained and in place by next September. “Our intention is to deal with preparations at the border through the Border Force,” he said.


“I am unable to rule anything out. Any use of military would be an absolute last resort,” said the Home Office’s permanent secretary, Philip Rutman, after being repeatedly pressed by a member of the Commons home affairs committee.


She told MPs on Tuesday that the Treasury had so far made £50m available to fund the preparation costs this financial year for the new registration system. The Home Office has yet to agree with the Treasury how much extra will be needed from this March 2018 to get the system under way.


Amber Rudd said 1,200 extra staff were to be recruited by next April to provide an “easy access” registration process she promised would be “completely different” from the troubled permanent residency application system that has undermined confidence in the Home Office.


The registration of 3 million EU nationals in Britain will begin by the end of next year with the “default position” of the Home Office to accept applications, the home secretary has told MPs.


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