How to Improve Temp Worker Safety

by Michael Grabell ProPublica The federal government could easily track injuries suffered by temporary workers by adding a checkbox to a government form that already exists. Such a move would give regulators the data needed to… Read More

Temporary Work, Lasting Harm

by Michael Grabell, Olga Pierce and Jeff Larson ProPublica A version of this story was produced by Univision. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – This was it, he told his brother Jojo. He would finally be able to pay his mother back for… Read More

Flight Records Say Russia Sent Syria Tons of Cash

by Dafna Linzer, Michael Grabell and Jeff Larson ProPublica This past summer, as the Syrian economy began to unravel and the military pressed hard against an armed rebellion, a Syrian government plane ferried what flight records describe as more… Read More