Tears on the Wall

Words by Glyn Strong Pictures by Ed Dempsi UPDATED: Just days after Manchester soldier Lee Rigby was brutally murdered in Woolwich, London graffiti artist Paul Smith started working on a memorial. Not the traditional kind,… Read More

Deported for a Speeding Offence

by Glyn Strong NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE SATURDAY 25th August, 2012: Today The Mail reveals how Poloko Hiri, a Commonwealth citizen with an  ‘exemplary’ record in the British Army,  is being ordered out of the… Read More

The Right Place at the Wrong Time

In 2011 NATO initiated Inteqal – the process of transition of security responsibilities from ISAF to the Afghan state and its forces. It was launched on the assumption that the Afghan Army, Police and governance… Read More

Human Croquet in Absurdistan?

by Glyn Strong The ‘most famous woman in Afghanistan’, Malalai Joya, has decided not to stand for re-election to Parliament because it is too corrupt, the commander of multinational forces, General Stanley McChrystal, has been… Read More

Why This War is About Women – and One in Particular

by Glyn Strong Inter-Parliamentary Union: Committee On The Human Rights of Parliamentarians. Case No AFG/01 – Malalai Joya – Afghanistan) The Inter-Parliamentary Union’s Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians holds its next session 27… Read More