Not Content With Just Women’s Bodies, Planned Parenthood Opponents Now Want To Regulate Art | ThinkProgress

The National Portrait Gallery, a historic art museum in downtown D.C., is being pressured to remove a bust of Planned Parenthood’s founder from an exhibit entitled “Struggle for Justice.”


Conservative critics say that Margaret Sanger — who is largely credited with leading the birth control movement and, in turn, launching a naitonal sexual revolution — shouldn’t be honored by the museum because she held offensive and racist views. A group of black pastors held a rally outside of the Smithsonian museum on Thursday in an attempt to pressure officials to take down the bust, which has been on display there since 2010.


“You must remove the bust!” E.W. Jackson, a far-right pastor who has previously said that Planned Parenthood has been “more lethal” to African Americans than the Ku Klux Klan and that Democrats are “partners” in black genocide, said at Thursday’s rally. “If Margaret Sanger had her way, MLK and Rosa Parks would never have been born.”


At least one Republican presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, has also joined the campaign. This week, Cruz circulated a letter to his fellow lawmakers that calls the bust’s display “an affront both to basic human decency and the very meaning of justice.”


The ongoing political controversy over Planned Parenthood, which has intensified in the wake of several highly edited videos that accuse the group of profiting off the sale of fetal tissue, has made its way from the Capitol to a quite different kind of building in Washington, D.C.



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