Nigel Farage whines Obama didn’t pay enough attention to UK: He thought ‘Germany was most important’

Over the last few weeks, President-Elect Donald Trump has announced he’s appointing a former Goldman Sachs executive to head the Treasury Department and a billionaire to handle the Department of Education. Tapper asked Farage if that concerned him, but Farage said that it didn’t.


“The problem is what globalism has become,” he explained. “The European Union in a sense is a prototype for what Hillary Clinton and some of the big banks want to see, where individual nation states effectively give up their democratic rights, gave up the supremacy of their courts and hand it over to a higher global order… It’s played into the hands of the multinationals and done nothing for small and medium-sized enterprises.”


“We voted for Brexit, so we will be an independent country again, an incoming president who felt positive about it,” Farage continued. “I’m positive about this relationship. One of the few things we can do to prove the anti-globalist movement isn’t insular or small-minded is for the U.S. and the U.K to put a trade deal together.”


“Firstly, the special relationship during Obama’s time did slip away,” Farage said. “I think Obama looked towards Germany, really, as being the most important country, and he saw the United Kingdom as a political process rather than an independent state.”


Nigel Farage, the architect behind the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote, apparently got his feelings hurt because U.S. President Barack Obama didn’t give enough face time in his country.



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