Newspapers united in disgust at appointments of new peers | Media | The Guardian

“In elevating Tory donors, playthings, has-beens, never-weres, ballot failures and assorted rejects – including the MP forced to quit because he charged us to clean his moat – the hubristic prime minister unintentionally sealed the case for abolishing the House of Cronies… We now see how Cameron country is a Ruritanian land of prizes for mates, £300-a-day jobs for life for Dave’s Tories.”


“Once the Upper House was filled with dotty baronets who only turned up because the Lords served a decent claret. Not exactly democracy at its finest but at least they amused the tourists. Now the Lords is about political placemen rewarded for their loyalty to a party leader. Or brown-nosing, as it is known outside Westminster. What a depressing advert for Britain.”


“It is absurd that Ukip were not given a single peer. The party polled almost four million votes at the general election and won the European elections the year before… The composition of the House of Lords needs to fairly represent parties across the board by reflecting the political allegiances of the populace. Yesterday those in charge missed a chance to make this happen.”


“This comes a few months after their humiliating defeat at the ballot box. By contrast, Ukip, which did much better in May, gained no new peers at all. The contradiction is deeply unfair. It also betrays hypocrisy. The Lib Dems have long championed the cause of constitutional reform… yet at the very moment when the Lords does genuinely appear bloated, it is their party that adds to the problem.”


“What a shower!… The 26 Tories and 19 others who join the overcrowded Lords are the usual crowd of has-beens, drawn from the political class and its hangers-on… When will ministers accept that the bloated Upper House has become a laughing stock, and the rest of the honours system a sleazy lucky dip of baubles for cronies and dodgy donors?”



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