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We already have meat pies, just how crazy is it to make a meatcake?1  It is not crazy — just crazy delicious. The real meat and potatoes of it is just that: ground beef and mashed potatoes. Then, you just shape it into a cake, and garnish with peas, ketchup and hot dogs. Doesn’t that just take the cake?


Listen, we’re not saying that cinematic depictions of extra-terrestrials have gotten hotter over the years. In the early days, they hadn’t figured it all out — they needed time to grow into their lumbering, lanky bodies. But now the movie aliens look good. Real good. So good, you could imagine yourself making first contact with them.


Admittedly, this look into the work of Skip Lievsay is not the first examination of Foley committed to writing. It is, however, a fascinating look into what drives a person to fashion a career out of recording the sound of sizzling bacon or carefully whacking a piece of sheet metal with a rubber hammer.


For most who grew up in the ’90s, Reboot was the cartoon of the future.2 It’s the first CG-animated series. It’s set inside of a dang computer. Every episode, its characters become video game characters. And so, today, we can look at this terrible early concept video, laugh and thank the matrix that ReBoot was eventually rebooted.


Why do mosh pits happen? Why does heavy guitar-based music turn groups of people into a throbbing amorphous blob of aggressive, but polite, shoving and touching? Music does make people want to move, even dance. But the truth is we just want to touch someone; for once in our dull empty lives, feel something. And so, when Matt Pike tears into “Frost Hammer” you find a group of people and open up a dang pit.



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