MEK/PMOI’s National Council on Resistance in Iran’s Response to Sherwood Ross and Seymour Hersh

This is a rehash of lies that have been uttered repeatedly in the past. First and foremost by the clerical regime, by conjuring up lies and stories such as that the MEK members, while having American military uniforms and boots in Sadr City, were engaged in massacring Iraqi Shiites. These reports that the MEK members have been brought to the US and specifically to Nevada for training is an absolute fabrication. It is not anything new and the MEK has denied it in the past.

Reciting these lies at this period is a hastily and panicky response by the clerical regime and its lobbyists to overshadow the effective position of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and the Iranian Resistance as a legitimate alternative to the clerical regime that is faced with deepening acute crisis.

It is not a coincidence that circulation of these stories is taking place at the same time as the bipartisan call of the most senior former U.S. officials and U.S. politicians, including many members of the Congress, for revoking the illegal and immoral listing of the MEK is growing constantly. This was also true of the clerical regime’s attempts to fictitiously implicate the MEK in the assassination of nuclear scientists and the futile attempt to attribute the plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in the U.S. to the MEK.

We reject this article and the purported claims with posing two simple challenges:

Identify one – any one – member of the MEK that has been trained in Nevada.

The official who has made such a claim, with the passage of seven years, logically should be able to provide his name.

It is common knowledge that the only way to spread such fabrications and conjure up stories likes this is to hide behind anonymous and behind-the-scene sources. Any transparency dooms such a fabrication and removes any setting for it.

It is very telling that in order to corroborate its claims, the story has resorted to sources such as Masoud Khodabandeh, a notorious agent of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence in Europe. That by itself shows how baseless and ludicrous these claims are, and that they are made up with political objectives. The documents proving that this individual is an agent of the Iranian regime have been exposed previously by the courts in the UK and by British Parliamentary groups.


Shahin Gobadi
National Council of Resistance of Iran


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  1. Shahin Gobadi should direct his argument at the Canadian, Australia and American governments who all have considered the MEK a terrorist organization. This is not merely the ramblings of a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist. Even the French government (until recently) considered the organization enough of a threat to launch a police investigation which included arrests. French police arrested 165 members of the MEK on June 17, 2003, including Maryam Rajavi, in Auvers-sur-Oise near Paris.
    Even if the claims of Hersh are false, the Patriot Act forbids giving material support to terrorist organizations -a category the MEK falls into according to the State Department. This support is not limited merely to support of violence. The Supreme Court has also consider material support to include “teaching of non-violent means” as well. I agree this is silly but the courts have considered it constitutional and has already been used to incarcerate others. Gobadi’s attack on the messenger is a waste of time.

  2. In total agreement with Shahin Ghobadi’s statement, I should add that the PMOI was placed on the State Department’s FTO list back in 1997 as a goodwill gesture towards Tehran regime by President Clinton as a result of the destructive “Appeasement Policy” towards Iran’s theocratic regime. Distinguished brave US officials who are campaigning for the PMOI (MEK) to be removed from unlawful list of FCO have confirmed this over and over including Louis Free who recently said the terror designation was “part of a fruitless political ploy to encourage dialogue with Tehran”.
    The attack on the residence of Maryam Rajavi, the President elect of the Iranian Resistance was in fact a coup by the French in a dirty deal with the theocratic regime in Iran. Years later, French court dismissed all allegations against the PMOI and even said that the PMOI had the right of “Resistance” against tyranny.
    The dirty campaign to disrepute the PMOI has been very costly for the regime and its lobbyists but has failed. No amount of spreading false accusations against Iranian Resistance led by the PMOI could annihilate this movement!

  3. To Nomad. You are inverting fats to manipulate readers: The French government lost in the case and had to pay a fine to the Iranian opposition because the court revealed that there was no legal or lawful basis on the perverse acts taken by the government, and that the government actions were only politically motivated. Political motivation has lawyers been the factor behind allegations against eh PMOI/MEK . 22 EU court, 1 US High court and 1Spanish court have all unified in one message: PMOI/MEK has no bases for terrorism, cult or any such vulgar politically motivated bases. It is natural for the 22 countries to bend to the clerical fascists in Iran. The landmark is that even you fix your attack on a group claimed to be a “grouplet by the Iranian authorities” but feared most by them. Why not point you spear at the hangings going on in that country, why not point your attack or criticism on the fact that this regime is killing innocent girls and children in Syria through its exported proxies? Why not reveal the fact that it is cunning the world in the nuclear issue, why not reveal its tactics using ISLAM to brainwash sentiments of youth into terrorism? Why not talk about the devastation it has brought on the region and its people under the wuise3 of religion? I wonder!!! There is no Justification for murder and silence over the rimes committed by this regime. As mush as you and your like attack the only opposition this regime has, you will share the blood this regime is spilling. You will be responsible too. I am sorry but at the end the world will reveal to JUSTICE. Hollow words will get you no where. The MEK has always been open in all its activities despite the viscous regime present in Iran and its threat to MEK members and families. The regime has killed 120 000 of ME supporters and members and leaders. It has assassinated 450 members of the MEK outside Iran..and it will do so if it was not for International Community concern. If it was not for support of more than 4000 parliamentarians, 150 US senators and Reps. , 1800 jurists worldwide and a large Iranian Diaspora that supports the group. So let facts speak not rumors dispersed by the Iranian Intelligence. Otherwise we have to say ..sharing blood spilled by Iranian regime will get no one anywhere

  4. @Nomad, This is exactly “the ramblings of a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist” who has either been lured into it or paid handsomely for it. I want to believe the first version.

    As for the French, the courts have clearly rejected the fabricated persecution and concluded that: “it is evident that the French definition of terrorism cannot underpin the prohibition of actions that are consistent with the fundamental and essential right of resistance against tyranny. … The question is whether the actions under review aim at frightening or terrorizing the general population, or whether they aim at frightening and terrorizing a state in a bid to compel it to abandon its practice of terrorizing or frightening its own people? If the latter is the case, then one is clearly talking about resistance against tyranny”.

    For Canadian and Australian governments who are just tails of the same fox, when the head of the fox (USA) is corrected the tail will follow.

  5. Well done Mr Ghobadi for exposing these ludicrous and preposterous lies of the Ministry of the Intelligence of the fascist and frantic mullahs of Iran.

  6. In reading the article by Misha Uzal, I had the impression
    of reading the thoughts of a mullahs, so the article again
    the old fables of the théocratic regime in Iran. It goes even further by the foolish inventions of the course of the MOK, paying their assassinations, espionage, bloody wars,drive the United-States, to work shoulder to shoulder wiht the Mossad, of being behind the attacks.
    Mr Uzal should apologize to the Iranian Resistance for presenting this story in imaginary facts as true facts.

    I am really ashamed!

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