Kids: Trump is a Bully

If past presidential served as real-time lessons about civics and government and illustrations of nobility to which children might aspire, this year’s has looked more like a cafeteria food fight or recess brawl.


How do educators, after all, turn these into teachable moments:  When Bernie Sanders hushed Hillary Clinton with his curt, “Excuse me, I’m talking.” When Marco Rubio insinuated that Donald Trump had wet his pants. And when Donald Trump said almost everything Donald Trump has said, including self-referential comments about his genitals.


School-aged children, parents and teachers across Capitol Hill say this year’s presidential primaries have made a particularly strong impression on younger audiences, even though the debates generally start after bedtime.


Even kids who haven’t seen the debates on television refer to specific interchanges, some invoking language or subject matter they admitted could get them sent to the principals’ office, often to the surprise of parents and teachers.


The presidential primaries, with their name-calling, locker room language and general lack of civility have been bewildering for many people, including these three.



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