Ex-‘Daily Show’ writer says Jon Stewart cursed him out over Herman Cain impersonation

“He got upset. And he stood up and he was just like, ‘F*ck off. I’m done with you,’” Cenac told podcaster Marc Maron. “And he just started screaming that to me. And he screamed it a few times. And he was just like, ‘F*ck off! I’m done with you.’ And he stormed out. And I didn’t know if I had been fired.”


Cenac’s concern stemmed from a June 2011 segment in which the host impersonated Cain for saying that if elected, he would not allow legislation that was more than three pages long.


“If I am president, treaties will have to fit on the back of a cereal box,” Stewart said at the time. From now on, the State of the Union address will be delivered in the form of a fortune cookie. I am Herman Cain and I do not like to read.”


Cain and Fox News later accused Stewart of mocking him because of his race, prompting the host to respond with a compilation of various other character voices.


Former Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac said an “incredibly defensive” Jon Stewart berated him in front of staff members after bringing up his concern over Stewart’s impersonation of Herman Cain, Vulture reported.



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