Ex-Bush official: Trump ‘like an addict’ for press coverage



Three former press secretaries warned Sunday that they believe President-elect Donald Trump will create more difficulties for the media when he takes office.


Former presidential press secretaries for the and Bush administrations voiced their concerns to Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”


Nicolle Wallace, who served as communications director during George W. Bush’s administration, said Trump craves the press “like an addict craves their drugs.”


“We’ve just elected a man who bullies female reporters at his rally as an applause line. We have just elected a man who started a hot war with a female anchor instead of attending a debate she moderated,” she said, referencing Fox New’s Megyn Kelly.


“We are in a new place,” Wallace added. “And I don’t think it’s good. And I don’t think it has any parallels to the past.”



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