EU referendum: ‘scaremongering’ Cameron attacked by Michael Gove

In an astonishing attack on his own party leader, the justice secretary told a studio audience that David Cameron and other remain supporters were treating British voters as if they were “too small, too poor and … too stupid” to go it alone outside the EU.


Speaking about the Tory leader’s appearance on Thursday night, Gove said: “I believe that last night, I am afraid, what we heard was depressing and it was an exercise in trying to scare you into not following through what you know in your heart to be right.”


He said his opponents were guilty of a “depressing litany of projections about world war three and global Brexit recession,” saying it was the leave campaign that was “project hope”.


In an acrimonious clash, he hit out at the programme’s presenter, Faisal Islam, for “sneering condescension” after Sky’s political editor branded him an “Oxbridge Trump”. And he ruled himself out of any future Conservative leadership battle.


Michael Gove has hit out at the “invincible arrogance of Europe’s elites” in a bruising interview on , in which he accused the prime minister of scaremongering.



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