Fake news, racism and bombs: Fear and loathing in Trump’s America

Last week’s bomb threat showed yet again that Trump is the most prominent enabler of domestic terrorism in the US. by David A Love 25 Oct 2018 Donald Trump, the American president, has fomented violence… Read More

Jeff Sessions Didn’t Want Alternatives To Census Citizenship Question: Official

Attorney General Jeff Sessions personally ordered Department of Justice officials not to meet with the Census Bureau to discuss alternatives to adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census, a top DOJ official said in… Read More

Message to Milennials

by Robert Reich You are the largest, most diverse, and progressive group of potential voters in American history, comprising fully 30 percent of the voting age population. On November 6th, you have the power to… Read More

Midterm elections are likely to change the calculus for post-2020 Census redistricting

The redistricting wars, which since 2010 have worked to the advantage of the Republicans, are about to take a potentially significant turn. The midterm elections, along with efforts in states to reduce partisan redistricting, are… Read More