Bernie Sanders Has Stuck To The Same Message For 40 Years : NPR

There are many ways to describe Bernie Sanders: a democratic socialist, an independent senator, a Democratic presidential candidate. But the best adjective may just be: consistent. No matter how you label it, Sanders’ worldview is locked in.


Now he’s running for president, which typically means reacting to what’s happening in the world, in real time. But even in the wake of terrorist attacks by ISIS, Sanders’ primary focus is still where it’s been since the 1970s.


It’s a theme that runs through every speech Sanders gives. And over the course of a decade, the way he describes the “unfair distribution of wealth” has changed very little. In a 2005 speech on the House floor and 10 years later at his campaign kickoff rally in Burlington, Vt., this past spring, he delivered essentially the same line.


Sanders attributes this to politicians not talking about the real issues facing the working people of America, kowtowing to corporate interests instead of helping the poor and middle class get ahead.





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