Op Ed: Dirty Bomb named West Lake, in St. Louis courtesy of EPA, DOE, Republic Services, Bill Gates, Exelon & President Obama

by Jeanine Molloff St. Louis is sitting on top of a ticking ‘dirty bomb’—hidden in plain sight, which if ignited could result in a nuclear event rivaling Fukushima.  This dirty bomb is not the work… Read More

Dodgy Trade Deals Part 2: Inside ISDS = The Four Horseman of the Economic Apocalypse

by Jeanine Molloff “Investment arbitration lawyers are not just ambulance chasing.  They are also creating the accidents because, doubling as arbitrators, they often interpret the treaties very broadly.  So it’s a bit like ambulance chasing… Read More

Dodgy Trade Deals Part 1: Liquid Plutonium in your kid’s cereal?

by Jeanine Molloff ”It wouldn’t matter if a substance was liquid plutonium destined for a child’s breakfast cereal. If the government bans a product and a US based company loses profits, the company can claim… Read More