‘Egypt Unshackled’ Whips ‘Witchy’ O’Donnell, Maybe Johnston? Is Palin Hit Piece Next?

It’s encouraging. People like you are buying this great story and I didn’t have to storm off a TV set in faux outrage, threaten to sue anyone or do a shirtless dramatic reading (trust me, thank goodness for your sake!). And yet I feel almost certain we have outsold Christine (“I’m not a witch…”) O’Donnell and maybe even Palin’s boy-toy (Bristol’s, not Sarah’s, but the level of curiosity/animosity after the NBA’s Glenn Rice rumour? Just wonderin’…). I hope the windows are sealed inside the advance granting offices of Simon and Schuster. Of course the bar was set VERY low on sales.

As Michael Moore would say, “we deal in the real world, the non-fiction world…” We’ve got Joe McGinnis’ flop about Roguish Sarah next on our radar sights. Now if we only had ¼ of the advance and press of any of them, we could have a proper tour! Alas we’re busy making lemonade here and asking for our reader’s and social network help.

I stare daily at my ‘bucket list’ of news programmes and shows I would love to be able to visit and talk with about the brave people of Egypt and their shining fight and moment of independence. I need your help.

Maybe you or someone you know can help me a get a copy to the lead producers of or these amazing folks themselves. I feel certain if they knew of Egypt Unshackled, they would fall in love with this gripping thriller as those who have already read it have.

As an author, you work so hard to create and edit, you almost cannot believe that the book is finished until you hold a finished copy in your own hands. What began as an around the clock live Tweetcast, is now a book and… I’m starting the screenplay this week.

So here’s the list:

New York Times Book Review
The Guardian Book Review
Rachel Maddow The Rachel Maddow Show
Keith Olbermann Countdown
Tavis Smiley The Tavis Smiley Show
Terry Gross npr’s Fresh Air
Jon Stewart The Daily Show
Bill Maher Real Time
Piers Morgan CNN Piers Morgan Tonight
Anderson Cooper CNN
Newsnight BBC
Sandi Toksvig BBC Radio Four News Quiz
Peter Sagal Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me
Breakfast BBC
The Today Show NBC
Good Moring America ABC
The Early Show CBS
Daybreak itv
Live! with Regis & Kelly ABC
The View ABC
Ellen DeGeneres The Ellen DeGeneres Show
David Letterman Late Show
Jimmy Fallon Late Night
Click BBC

The last eight months seem a blur, but can we get real together for a moment?

The people of Egypt are still not free. The military council is making life very difficult for regular Egyptians. The trial crawls along with the chance Mubarak and his minions are set free. Unemployment is still high, protests are regular and the economy and tourism have not recovered from February.

Yet, Egypt is still a great destination. A land of treasured antiquities and pyramids just sitting there waiting to be witnessed. There remain many bargains to be had travelling there. It is a treasure of a country needing global support.

I have spoken to many Egyptians who say “we are sorting out the government, please tell people to come back. Egypt is safe.” And do know that we are giving a percentage of every book sale to The International Foundation of Journalists Egyptian Humanitarian Fund benefitting the families of those journalists killed covering the 18 Days of the Revolution and Kheir wa Baraka, the Peace and Plentiful Society of Cairo helping to rebuild schools and villages.

Anything you can do to purchase a book yourself or by telling your friends to buy a copy helps spur sales helps so many others… so thanks!

And as our gift, in tribute to a worthy book competitor (having a hard time keeping a straight face…) one last look at a classic campaign advert… With your help maybe we smoke Levi next month!


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