They’ve Socialized Our Wombs: ‘In Arizona I’m Pregnant’

Moving to Arizona

This lovely video and song comes to us from Taylor Ferrara.

I will be in Arizona tomorrow, driving through on my way to New York City. And I am “expecting” (get it?) to be legally pregnant for a couple of hours. When the law sees us as public incubators – adding a prequel to conception is the least of our worries. It means your body is not your own. If your body is not yours they can probe you, criminalize what you do with your own body and arbitrarily change the legal duration of your pregnancy. And it’s already happening in Arizona: Make way for state-decided immaculate conceptions!

I’ll let you know how my Arizona pregnancy goes.

(All the more reason to read my new e-book The Vagina Wars: GOP’s War on Women -Ed.)




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