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Donald Trump shows hate speech is now out and proud in the mainstream | Opinion | The Guardian

Those who saw him only as an entertainer kept waiting for his Republican audience to get the joke and move on to more plausible candidates. But on Monday, after he called for Muslims to be… Read More

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With so many Republicans vying for the wingnut vote, it was only a matter of time before one solved immigration | Comment is free | The Guardian

Given the generally dismal state of leadership contests in this country, it’s no wonder that I’ve been secretly coveting America’s hunt for a Republican presidential candidate. On the surface, it should be so much worse… Read More

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Donald Trump is under fire from all sides – and that’s what gives him power | J Arthur Bloom | Comment is free | The Guardian

Donald Trump – who accused the GOP of being “mean-spirited” toward immigrants as late as 2012 and donated more to Democrats than #Republicans in the mid-2000s – is nobody’s idea of a real conservative. Among other things, he is an enthusiastic backer of the US supreme court’s… Read More

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GOP candidates must turn in financial disclosure on time to get into first debate – The Washington Post

That means every candidate who declared before July 6 — a group of 14 contenders including former Florida governor Jeb Bush and real estate magnate Donald Trump — will have to reveal information about their assets and debts… Read More