obama on syria

Can Obama Rise Again?

by Brent Budowsky Democrats can win in 2014 the way Harry Truman won in 1948. President Obama, Democratic leaders in Congress, former President Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Organizing for Action, the Ready… Read More

matt damon president obama

Is Matt Damon Right?

by Brent Budowsky When the great actor Matt Damon recently said that President Obama “broke up with me,” he hit the jackpot of telling political truth in the eyes of many progressive Democrats and independents…. Read More

obama with congress leaders

Obama Must Lead

by Brent Budowsky With the jobless rate at nearly 8 percent and the real jobless rate nearly double that; with our national GDP between zero percent and 2 percent over the last two quarters; with Europe… Read More

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Mideast War and Peace

by Brent Budowsky As President Obama prepares to visit the Middle East and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposes an Israeli government of national unity, let me suggest the United States work with leading nations to… Read More