Racist Quote, Clinton’s Quiets Reid’s

The blogosphere is all atwitter about Sen. Harry Reid’s quote about presidential candidate Barack Obama. The then-Illinois senator was described, in private, by the Nevada senator as “light skinned” and “with no Negro dialect, unless… Read More

GOP Swine Flew Cure-All

  by Monroe Anderson In the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, as far as the father of the bride was concerned, Windex was the miracle cure for anything from “psoriasis to poison ivy.” In… Read More

Black Power and Reality in the 21st Century

  by Monroe Anderson I’ve been getting this viral email from white friends, black friends, even one of my Indian friends. It’s one of these truths that’s been hiding in plain site: Black is In! I’m… Read More

Much ado about hugging

by Monroe Anderson Michelle Obama is a hugger. I know this personally because, the last time I saw Michelle, she gave me a hug. So yesterday’s international incidence with some of the British tabloids tsk-tsking… Read More

Cop Killing is a Bad Political Cause

by Monroe Anderson With only one exception, when it comes to police, the “we serve and protect” has meant nothing more than a motto stenciled on the side of a squad car to me.  Just once,… Read More

All’s Not Fair in Love That Wars

  by Monroe Anderson Superstars Chris Brown and Rihanna are the poster children for domestic violence. You know the story. A lover’s quarrel in 19-year-old Brown’s car led to a beating so brutal that neither were… Read More