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(USA or UK?) Electoral register loses estimated 800,000 people since changes to system | Politics | The Guardian

The number of voters registered in December – the first under the new individual electoral registration system – represents 1.8% fewer than the previous year, with just months to go before May’s local, assembly and… Read More

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More than 500,000 primary school pupils taught in ‘super-size’ classes | Education | The Guardian

More than half a million children are being taught in “super-size” classes of more than 30 pupils as overstretched primary schools struggle to cope with the surge in demand for places, according to a new… Read More

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Corbyn plan for Labour members to get say on Trident ‘against rules’ | UK news | The Guardian

Iain McNicol, #Labour’s most senior official, told MPs at a parliamentary meeting that any changes to the way policy was made had to be agreed at the party’s autumn conference. His comments are a blow… Read More

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Tories undermining Labour funding with ‘partisan’ trade union bill | Politics | The Guardian

In one of the strongest attacks on a government by a retired senior civil servant, Bob Kerslake said the bill marked a “partisan and disproportionate” attempt to improve the position of the #Conservatives at the… Read More

Jeremy Corbyn warned against ‘punishment’ reshuffle | Politics | The Guardian

The #Labour leader said on Monday he was “not talking about the reshuffle” as he appeared at King’s Cross station in London as part of a campaign against rising rail fares.   Corbyn’s most likely… Read More

10 of the best speeches from the Syria airstrikes debate | World news | The Guardian

10 of the best speeches from the Syria airstrikes debate | World news | The Guardian   I can give you anecdote after anecdote that would break your heart but one in particular is a seven-year-old lad being lifted from a dinghy on the beach at Lesbos and my Arabic… Read More