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London housing: what price affordability under Conservative plans? | UK news | The Guardian

Struggling to make the best of a bad job, they have rallied round their mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith’s amendment to the Bill. This asks for a “binding guarantee” that London will see a net gain… Read More

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Jeremy Corbyn’s first move as leader? Remove the Labour whip | Julian Baggini | Comment is free | The Guardian

It all springs from what looks like a massive problem. Corbyn has been #Labour’s most rebellious MP, voting against his party more than 500 times. That would make it practically impossible for him to demand… Read More

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Labour must ‘end the madness’ over Jeremy Corbyn, says Alan Johnson | Politics | The Guardian

Amid growing nerves among senior party figures that Corbyn is building up an apparently unstoppable momentum, Johnson described the veteran leftwinger as “cheerfully disloyal” and praised Cooper as the unity candidate.   Writing for the… Read More