blair chilcott

Blair camp readies its defence to Chilcot report

In the wake of the publication of the Chilcot inquiry report, friends of the former prime minister believe he will argue that the ultimate cause of the long-term bloodshed in Iraq was the scale of… Read More

saddiq khan

Tories step up attempts to link Sadiq Khan to extremists | Politics | The Guardian

Minutes after David Cameron joined the attack on Wednesday by claiming Khan was close to a south #London cleric, Suliman Gani, who “supports IS [Islamic State]”, Team Zac circulated a dossier alleging Khan’s links with… Read More

tom watson mp

Labour welcomes Tory ‘climbdown’ over Freedom of Information Act | Politics | The Guardian

#Tom Watson, #Labour’s deputy leader, who set up a cross-party committee to examine the issue, said: “This is a remarkable government climbdown in the face of sustained pressure from the opposition parties, the third sector… Read More

corbyn cameron

Cameron’s deal is the wrong one: but Britain must stay in | Jeremy Corbyn | Opinion | The Guardian

#Labour will campaign for Britain to stay in Europe in the referendum that the prime minister has called for June, regardless of Cameron’s overblown tinkering. That’s not because we don’t think the EU needs reform –… Read More

labour husting

(USA or UK?) Electoral register loses estimated 800,000 people since changes to system | Politics | The Guardian

The number of voters registered in December – the first under the new individual electoral registration system – represents 1.8% fewer than the previous year, with just months to go before May’s local, assembly and… Read More

ovrsized classes

More than 500,000 primary school pupils taught in ‘super-size’ classes | Education | The Guardian

More than half a million children are being taught in “super-size” classes of more than 30 pupils as overstretched primary schools struggle to cope with the surge in demand for places, according to a new… Read More