nye v ham

Why Nye vs. Ham is a Dangerous Debate

This is the Monday Line by Denis G. Campbell A fascinatingly stupid debate sucked up last week’s media oxygen. The combatants were Bill Nye-TV’s ‘Science guy’ and Kentucky’s Creation Museum head, John Ham. The argument… Read More


Happy 2014!

by Denis G. Campbell 2013 was a tumultuous year which many of us are glad to see in the rear view mirror. We’d be grateful if you could find it within your means to throw… Read More

festivus pole

A Joyous Festivus To One and All

by Denis G. Campbell Seinfeld fans know of what I speak as we all gather around the Festivus Pole and give thanks for another great year. Whether you celebrate Thanksgivakkuh, Christmas, Kwanza or Winter Solstice,… Read More