tax haven

David Cameron under pressure to end tax haven secrecy | World news | The Guardian

It is extremely rare for Westminster to impose such measures, but not without precedent. The UK forced its Caribbean territories to abolish the death penalty in 1991 and to decriminalise homosexuality in 2000.   Before… Read More

cameron press intrusion

Press intrusion victims say Cameron’s failure to keep promises is betrayal | Media | The Guardian

Gerry and Kate McCann, the parents of a missing child, and Christopher Jefferies, wrongly accused of murder, are among the signatories to the letter reminding Cameron of the promises he made to reach the cross-party… Read More

perry beeches

Lauded academy chain to be stripped of schools after finances inquiry | Education | The Guardian

The Perry Beeches academy trust is to have its five academies and free schools in Birmingham handed over to a new academy trust following a critical financial investigation.   A report by the Education Funding… Read More

gove at no 10

European court could challenge Cameron’s deal, says Michael Gove | Politics | The Guardian

Gove said: “The facts are that the European court of justice is not bound by this agreement until treaties are changed and we don’t know when that will be. I do think it’s important that… Read More

How council services are affected by spending cuts | Business | The Guardian

Local authorities struggling to cope with the scale of government imposed cuts are braced for further bad news in the form of George Osborne’s spending review.   When #David Cameron demanded to know why his… Read More