Brexit united Tory and Labour losers. Now all they need is a battle plan

Perversely Ukip, which played a significant role in the former prime minister’s political demise, looks bereft, suffering the loss of a treasured enemy. Nigel Farage’s career tracked the rise and fall of the Notting Hill… Read More

emily thornberry

Labour won’t rule out second referendum on European Union

The 10-page document, prepared by the shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, and Barry Gardiner, the shadow minister for Europe, also lays out how Labour hopes to have a say in Brexit negotiations.   On the… Read More

tax haven

David Cameron under pressure to end tax haven secrecy | World news | The Guardian

It is extremely rare for Westminster to impose such measures, but not without precedent. The UK forced its Caribbean territories to abolish the death penalty in 1991 and to decriminalise homosexuality in 2000.   Before… Read More