Poll: Trump surges to big lead in GOP presidential race – The Washington Post

Support for Trump fell sharply on the one night that voters were surveyed following those comments. Telephone interviewing for the #poll began Thursday, and most calls were completed before the news about the remarks was… Read More

Racist Quote, Clinton’s Quiets Reid’s

The blogosphere is all atwitter about Sen. Harry Reid’s quote about presidential candidate Barack Obama. The then-Illinois senator was described, in private, by the Nevada senator as “light skinned” and “with no Negro dialect, unless… Read More

Caroline We Hardly Knew Ye

  By Denis Campbell On the day Hillary Clinton was confirmed by a 94-2 vote as Secretary of State, thus defeating attempts at partisan payback by her husband’s enemies, the New York media wolfpack claimed… Read More

New POTUS, New Name

by Denis Campbell Every incoming POTUS and VPOTUS (President of the United States and Vice), has a code name used by their US Secret Service protection detail. The name is chosen by the White House… Read More

30 Days To Go …

by Charley James Alright, so it’s been an unpredictable election year. When the primaries began, Hillary Clinton was the heavy favorite and John McCain was all but dead in the water with Fred Thompson’s entry… Read More