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Big Cash Game – For God’s Sake

by The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall Last year, my friend Pat and I did a 2 man demonstration at Lexington Ave and 125th Street in New York City. We carried signs for several hours in… Read More


Why Democrats Are Winning

by Brent Budowsky Here are important polling numbers: The most popular political leaders in America are Bill and Hillary Clinton. Their approval rating of nearly 70 percent suggests a nation that is more center-left than… Read More


Why America Loves the Clintons

by Brent Budowsky As the campaign from hell continues to promise voters four more years of what they detest no matter who wins, and politics in America is now in almost universal disrepute outside the… Read More

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Erasing W

by Robert Reich As Bill Clinton is resurrected by the Democrats, George W. Bush is being erased by the GOP — as if an entire eight years of American history hadn’t happened. While Bill Clinton… Read More