Hillary Women Will Save Obama

by Brent Budowsky

President Obama will be reelected president by a narrow Electoral College margin for three reasons.

First, when autoworkers and auto companies faced a 1930s-style depression and Mitt Romney proposed a vulture bankruptcy that would have destroyed Ohio for a generation, Barack Obama was there for them, and next week I believe Ohio voters will be there for him.

Second, words cannot fully express the power, clout and credibility of the passionate and determined support for President Obama by a man whom history will rank among the great presidents and a grateful nation now applauds as the prosperity president, who has gone by the name of the Comeback Kid, and called himself the man from a place called Hope, who barnstorms the nation on behalf of Barack to battle for a future that neither Bill nor Barack nor Hillary nor the men and women who support them will ever surrender.

And third, in the spirit that the last shall be first, the great X factor of this campaign, the secret advantage of Democrats next Tuesday, which is not today highlighted on RealClearPolitics, or discussed on Fox News, or bannered by Matt Drudge, or even acknowledged by the Obama White House, is that a giant rescue mission for the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party is being led beneath the radar of the commentariat class of American politics by …

The Hillary women!

I predict that the voter turnout among women who most admire Hillary Rodham Clinton is being underestimated in the turnout models of all major pollsters, and if I am right by even a small percent this will shake the foundation of a razor-thin election.

The Hillary women! By this I mean much more than Hillary Rodham Clinton herself, who has overcome in her life the most hostile slanders and defamations from her political opponents with dignity and grace and brilliance, who came within a fraction of becoming the first female president and may well shatter this iron ceiling four years and several days from today, who is a worldwide inspiration for women everywhere and a global champion of human rights for women and men and the poor and the hurting and the dispossessed and the hungry and the ill in nations everywhere.

When I use the phrase “the Hillary women” I mean more than the brilliant and powerful women from her inner circle, of whom there are many, and more than the many women she considers her friends, whether they are in the 1 percent or the 99 percent, of whom there are even more.

No. When I use the phrase “the Hillary women” I mean the female CEOs and construction workers, the female law professors and kindergarten teachers, the female basketball players and Rhodes scholars, the female waitresses and concert pianists, the housewives and female human-rights activists, the women who plow the fields and sweep the floors and serve in the Senate and compose the symphonies and are awarded Bronze Stars in the military and gold medals in the Olympics and proudly wear the badges of the Girl Scouts and the local police and, this is important, the men in their lives who love and respect and admire them and support their dreams coming true, as they return these sentiments to the men (and women) in their lives!

When I write about “the Hillary women” I mean women who believe they have a birthright as Americans to equal opportunity to advance and achieve, and equal rights to be paid based on their talents and ingenuity, and not their gender.

When I write about “the Hillary women,” I mean older women who feel they have spent a lifetime earning the security and protection of Social Security and Medicare and do not want these things taken away by partisans or ideologues or extremists.

When I write about “the Hillary women,” I mean younger women whose dream is not only that Hillary can become president, but that THEY can become president, or CEOs, or world-champion athletes, or homemakers, or whatever choices they exercise their right to make.

When I write about “the Hillary women” I mean women (and men) who dream of an America where no candidate and no party ever argues that any woman can ever be raped in any way that is called “legitimate,” and that no man who is ever a candidate for any office from any party can ever claim that our Lord and Savior wishes any woman to be pregnant after she was raped, and then try to force that view upon her using as their weapon the Supreme Court of the United States.

Yes indeed, I believe that these women will vote in larger numbers than the polling models now suggest. They have the power to decide by their turnout the future of the nation. If I am half-right, enough of them will exercise that power by voting to reelect President Obama because whatever his imperfections, on every matter described in this column, he has been there for them and they will be there for him, and others like him, until every barrier is broken and every ceiling is shattered and America becomes everything that America can be for all men and all women.

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Brent Budowsky
Brent Budowsky served as Legislative Assistant to U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen, responsible for commerce and intelligence matters, including one of the core drafters of the CIA Identities Law. Served as Legislative Director to Congressman Bill Alexander, then Chief Deputy Whip, House of Representatives. Currently a member of the International Advisory Council of the Intelligence Summit. Left government in 1990 for marketing and public affairs business including major corporate entertainment and talent management.


  1. No one ever accuses these guys of being deficient in rhetoric.

    Take, for example, this little gem: “I mean the female CEOs and construction workers, the female law professors and kindergarten teachers, the female basketball players and Rhodes scholars, the female waitresses and concert pianists . . . .”

    So we now have male waitresses?

    That’s news to me, but in the gender-neutral world we now live in I guess nothing surprises me anymore.

    What does surprise me, however, is that people don’t call president Obama out on what really happened in the auto bailout.

    What really happened is that president Obama used taxpayer money to buy a handful of votes among UAW members, and he did so at a huge price to the American taxpayer.

    We know that the Chrysler bailout ended badly for U.S. taxpayers. When Chrysler was acquired by Fiat, the U.S. taxpayers lost $1.3 billion of our money that we will never recoup no matter what.

    And it takes more than a small amount of chutzpah for president Obama to pat himself on the back for bailout out GM.

    You know what chutzpah is, don’t you?

    Chutzpah is where a kid takes an axe and murders his mom and dad and then pleads for mercy because he’s an orphan.

    So Obama is taking credit for bailing out GM, although the American taxpayers are upside-down on that investment to the tune of a stunning $23 billion.


    Some accomplishment.

    I have a seven-year old niece who could have thrown $22 billion down a rathole and who could have saved the American taxpayers big bucks in the process.

    You know the old saying. A billion dollars here, a billion dollars there, and pretty soon you’re talking about big bucks.

    And that’s on top of the other equally stunning, and equally mindless investments president Obama has orchestrated.

    Like, for instance, the $535 million he threw down another rathole (the green energy rathole, that is) called Solyndra.

    And the $150 million of U.S. taxpayer money he threw down another rathole when he funded the Chevy Volt battery factory in Holland, Michigan two years ago and which has yet to ship its first battery to a customer.

    The workers at that plant spend their time, literally, playing Monopoly.

    I guess they want to say a big “Thank You” to the American taxpayers for president Obama’s view that the taxpayer’s money is just like the Monopoly money they play with on the factory floor.

    Would someone please stop president Obama from this ongoing campaign of carpet bombing the American economy that we’ve seen blow up over and over again during the past four years?

    Obama’s a nice guy, and a smart guy, however, his area of expertise as we all know is in teaching the law to aspiring ambulance chasers. I’m sure that’s something at which president Obama excels.

    However, he has no background in investments, the investment advice he’s gotten has sucked, and his investments with U.S. taxpayer’s money has blown up over and over again during the past four years.

    Twelve years ago we were confronted with the spectre of the Atari Democrats (that segment of the Democratic party that believes high tech is the solution to everything) hold sway with the party of Thomas Jefferson.

    Today we have the spectre of the Solyndra Democrats (those who believe green energy is the solution to everything) in the reins of power.

    Enough, already. Here’s my advice. Next time you want to take the taxpayer’s money and make an investment, call Warren Buffett and ask him if he’d make the same investment with his own money.

    If so, let him.

    At least that way you won’t be throwing our money down some stupid rathole of an investment like Chrysler, GM, Solyndra, et al.

  2. Oh come on Tom. This piece was beautifully written… quite moving. Your sour grapes miss the point completely.

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