Immigrant arrested while delivering pasta to military base will get to stay in U.S. — for now

A federal judge has given a last-minute reprieve to a New York restaurant worker who was fast-tracked for deportation this month after he showed up at an Army base with a delivery of pasta and the wrong type of ID…. Read More

What Did the FBI Do in 2016 About Russian Connections to Donald Trump?

No story is hotter across America this Memorial Day weekend than what the Federal Bureau of Investigation did—and did not do—in 2016 about Russian connections to Donald J. Trump. As the summer enjoys its unofficial… Read More

Trump’s Retail Website Only Pays Sales Taxes In 2 States. Amazon Pays Taxes In 45.

President Donald Trump has railed against Amazon, falsely claiming the company fails to pay state and local sales taxes on online shipments. But it turns out the Trump Organization retail website collects sales taxes only on goods… Read More

Former US attorney lays out why Trump can’t find a lawyer: ‘He’s a terrible boss and a terrible client’ The former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara explained why President Donald Trump has been unable to hire qualified defense attorneys like O.J. Simpson’s dream team, during an interview… Read More