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Why No War on Easter?

by Tina Dupuy hy haven’t these clever secularists tried to take over Easter just like they’ve allegedly hijacked Christmas? What’s taking them so long? Bill O’Reilly deciphered the secret scheme to de-Christian Christmas. On his… Read More


Legitimizing Rape

by Tina Dupuy The charge of rape is a successful way to smear your enemy. When political agitator Andrew Breitbart was met with Occupy protestors one year at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he started screeching,… Read More

OK Gov Mary Fallin

Separate ‘Marriage’ and State

by Tina Dupuy The problem with our debate about same-sex marriage is in many ways language. The term “marriage” is a religious one. All the dictates as to what a marriage is and who gets… Read More

gop psyche

The GOP Psyche: An Explainer

by Tina Dupuy I believe the Republican Party’s psychic break happened the moment their “compassionate conservative” economic philosophy melted the world’s economy. President Bush, the champion of deregulation, bailed out the banks and then offered:… Read More