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Five Prerequisites for War Against ISIS

by Robert Reich We appear to be moving ever closer toward a world war against the Islamic State. No sane person welcomes war. Yet if we do go to war against ISIS we must keep… Read More

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The Perils of Circus Politics

by Robert Reich The next president of the United States will confront a virulent jihadist threat, mounting effects of climate change, and an economy becoming ever more unequal. We’re going to need an especially wise… Read More

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Why the Republican Assault on Planned Parenthood is Morally Wrong and Economically Stupid

by Robert Reich The Republican assault on Planned Parenthood is filled with lies and distortions, and may even lead to a government shutdown. The only thing we can say for sure about it is it’s… Read More

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4 Reasons Why The Wall Street Journal’s Attack on Bernie is Bogus

by Robert Reich I’ve had so many calls about an article appearing earlier this week in the Wall Street Journal – charging that Bernie Sanders’s proposals would carry a “price tag” of $18 trillion over… Read More

Why We Must Fight the Attack on Planned Parenthood

Why We Must Fight the Attack on Planned Parenthood

by Robert Reich On Thursday, right-wing extremists in the U.S. House of Representatives will vote to try to defund Planned Parenthood, one of the nation’s largest providers of women’s health care and family planning services. Planned… Read More

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A Crisis of Public Morality, Not Private Morality

by Robert Reich At a time many Republican presidential candidates and state legislators are furiously focusing on private morality – what people do in their bedrooms, contraception, abortion, gay marriage – America is experiencing a… Read More