class war

Who Lost the White Working Class?

by Robert Reich Why did the white working class abandon the Democrats? The conventional answer is Republicans skillfully played the race card. In the wake of the Civil Rights Act, segregationists like Alabama Governor George… Read More

shrkeli perp walk

Of Rotten Apples and Rotten Systems

by Robert Reich Martin Shkreli, the former hedge-fund manager turned pharmaceutical CEO who was arrested before Christmas, has been described as a sociopath and worse. In reality, he’s a brasher and larger version of what… Read More

gop clown car

The Economy in 2016: On the Edge of Recession

by Robert Reich Economic forecasters exist to make astrologers look good, but I’ll hazard a guess. I expect the U.S. economy to sputter in 2016. That’s because the economy faces a deep structural problem: not… Read More

wealth redistribution

At Stake in 2016: Ending the Vicious Cycle of Wealth and Power

by Robert Reich What’s at stake this election year? Let me put as directly as I can. America has succumbed to a vicious cycle in which great wealth translates into political power, which generates even… Read More

hate speech

Why Hate Speech by Presidential Candidates is Despicable

by Robert Reich On Friday, a gunman killed three at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado. Later, in explaining his motive to the police, he said“no more baby parts.” Last Monday, gunmen opened fire on… Read More