Happy Birthday Medicare

by Robert Reich Medicare turns fifty next week. It was signed into law July 30, 1965 – the crowning achievement of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. It’s more popular than ever. Yet Medicare continues to be… Read More

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Why Progressives Must Stay United

by Robert Reich A new report finds more U.S. children living in poverty than before the Great Recession. According to the report, released Tuesday from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, 22 percent of American children are… Read More

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How Goldman Sachs Profited from the Greek Debt Crisis

by Robert Reich The Greek debt crisis offers another illustration of Wall Street’s powers of persuasion and predation, although the Street is missing from most accounts. The crisis was exacerbated years ago by a deal… Read More

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Hillary Clinton’s Glass-Steagall

by Robert Reich Hillary Clinton won’t propose reinstating a bank break-up law known as the Glass-Steagall Act – at least according to Alan Blinder, an economist who has been advising Clinton’s campaign. “You’re not going… Read More

The Choice Ahead: A Private Health-Insurance Monopoly or a Single Payer

The Choice Ahead: A Private Health-Insurance Monopoly or a Single Payer

by Robert Reich The Supreme Court’s recent blessing of Obamacare has precipitated a rush among the nation’s biggest health insurers to consolidate into two or three behemoths. The result will be good for their shareholders… Read More

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How to Disrupt the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex

by Robert Reich President Obama is said to be considering an executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose their political spending. He should sign it immediately. But he should go further and ban all political spending… Read More

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How to Punish Bank Felons

by Robert Reich What exactly does it mean for a big Wall Street bank to plead guilty to a serious crime? Right now, practically nothing. But it will if California’s Santa Cruz County has any… Read More