Fukushima Backlash Hits PM Abe

by RobertHunziker Nuclear power may never recover its cachet as a clean energy source, irrespective of safety concerns, because of the ongoing saga of the meltdown in March 2011 at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant…. Read More


Epicenter of Obliteration – Arctic Ice

by Robert Hunziker “Obliteration” is intentionally Machiavellian, and over-reaching, but the hard truth is that obliteration (extinction) could really, truly happen, assuming certain things happen, or not, depending…. In such case, in order to gain… Read More

austerity whirlpool

Neoliberalism Nakedly Exposed

by Robert Hunziker A recent IMF study (June 2016) exposes flaws in neoliberal policy that have afflicted progressive issues for over 40 years. The title of the study itself “Neoliberalism: Oversold?” hints at the underlying… Read More