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The Last Water

by Robert Hunziker The documentary film Blue Gold: World Water Wars (Distributor: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) 2008) examines the implications of the planet’s dwindling fresh water supply. Malcolm McDowell narrates the film by starting with… Read More

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Congressional Vacuousness

by Robert Hunziker -Apple Powers its Data Centers with Renewable Energy and Google Plans a New Electric Car While Congress is Stuck With Fossil Fuels- One of America’s great achievements is the International Space Station (“ISS”),… Read More

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A Looming Fossil Fuel Goliath Overshadows Climate Science

by Robert Hunziker While the fossil fuel industry merrily hums along with blessings from the world’s body politic, especially in America, climate scientists ponder the question: Can global warming be solved… in enough time? This… Read More