by Robert Hunziker The American Museum of Natural History/NY (AMNH-NY) conducted a survey about the likelihood of a mass extinction event. The majority of the 400 scientists polled were convinced that a “mass extinction of… Read More


Op Ed: America’s Deep State

by Robert Hunziker Bill Moyers of Moyers & Company, on Feb. 21, 2014, interviewed Mike Lofgren, a former GOP congressional staff member, who, during the interview, confirmed what many Americans already suspect: America has become… Read More


The Ocean’s Slow Motion Death March

by Robert Hunziker Something is out of kilter in the ocean. The problem is found throughout the marine food chain from the base, plankton (showing early signs of reproductive and maturation complications) to the largest… Read More

valdez avalanche

Climate Change Hits Alaska

by Robert Hunziker Valdez, Alaska carries the moniker: the “snowiest place in the United States,” receiving on average 300-to-600 inches per year. Additionally, Valdez is the end of the line for the Tans-Alaska Pipeline that… Read More


Here Comes the Sun

by Robert Hunziker Climate change news is mostly negative, in fact, downright depressing, as glaciers melt away, torrential storms hit coastlines, and embedded droughts scorch countrysides. But, behind all of the gloom and doom, an… Read More