Dismantling Ted Cruz’s Global Warming Statement

Dismantling Ted Cruz’s Global Warming Statement

by Robert Hunziker In March 2015, Raw Story interviewed Senator Ted Cruz.  The interviewer challenged the senator about his wish for millions of young voters to turn out. Yet, he’s against pot, gay marriage, and… Read More

our childrens trust

Children Fight Governmental Climate Policies

by Robert Hunziker Twenty-one children in America have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Government and the president of the United States, seeking declaratory and injunctive relief. The lawsuit claims the federal government, abetting, if… Read More

ocean dying

The Perfectly Nasty Ocean Storm

by Robert Hunziker The oceans of the world are currently experiencing a “perfect storm” that is nasty, real nasty with too much warming, too much acidification, too much CO2, too much fishing, too many chemicals,… Read More

the anthropocene

Human-Made Evolution

by Robert Hunziker Evolution is nature’s way of preserving itself, but nature is losing out for the first time ever as it becomes curiously unnatural, artificially induced to adapt to human existence. It is human-made… Read More

America’s Purple Politics

America’s Purple Politics

by Robert Hunziker All across America, from West Quoddy Head, Maine, the easternmost point, to Cape Wrangell, Alaska, the westernmost point, a distance of 3,625 miles, people are confronted by politics, Democrats and Republicans, but… Read More


Impending Ecosystem Collapse

by Robert Hunziker Climate change/global warming is the main protagonist on the worldwide stage of collapsing ecosystems. The ecosystem is a combination of living organisms in harmony with nonliving elements like air, water, and mineral… Read More