arctic methane

Methane’s Danger Accelerating

by Robert Hunziker Methane (CH4) is 25 times more efficient at entrapping solar radiation and effectuating global warming than is carbon dioxide (CO2). As the Arctic becomes more and more ice-free, the release of methane… Read More

billion climate march

One Billion at COP21

by Robert Hunziker Just imagine the impact, the feeling, the awe-inspiring circumstance of one billion people all standing for the same purpose on the same day. Yes, that is the goal of The Billion People… Read More

eco economics

Eco-Economics Takes on Neo-Liberalism

by Robert Hunziker Ever since Milton Friedman, American economist (1912-2006), who considered himself the heir to Adam Smith, used the term neoliberalism in an essay “Neoliberalism and its Prospects” in 1951, the world has tilted… Read More

scripture vs climate

Nature’s Global Warming Fix

by Robert Hunziker Mother Earth has experienced five extinction events, but she’s still standing. Like a prizefighter, she is the Milky Way Galaxy Grand Champion. Our tenacious planet is armed to fight and conquer global… Read More