Tokyo 2020 in the Shadow of Godzilla

by Robert Hunziker Tokyo 2020: “Tokyo Ready to Proceed With $1.3-Billion Olympic Stadium,” Los Angeles Times, Dec. 1, 2015. (Note: Beijing’s Bird’s Nest cost $414 million.) When Tokyo was first awarded the 2020 Olympics, Nature… Read More

transnational batlefield

The Looming Transnational Battlefield

by Robert Hunziker Economically speaking, in today’s world of nations-without-borders an extraordinarily potent Transnational Capitalist Class, with no allegiance to individual nation-states, determines the fate of society at large. However, in order to keep their “house… Read More

cop21 paris 3

COP21 Stares Down Big Oil

by Robert Hunziker The 2015 Paris Climate Conference scheduled for Nov. 30th  – Dec. 11th looks to be a humongous event, a big win with extremely significant world-changing implications for economic behavior and planetary health… Read More

trump and carson

Anti-Establishmentarianism Escalates

by Robert Hunziker In America, a nascent movement against “politics as usual” or to put it another way, “anything other than the establishment” is reflected by the popularity of weird, offbeat presidential candidates like Donald… Read More

fukushima 5

The Fukushima Fix

by Robert Hunziker Japan’s Abe government claims portions of Fukushima Prefecture (original population 2 million) are safe for habitation, radioactivity is acceptable; whereas scientific data by third-party NGOs indicates otherwise, stay away! PM Abe’s specific… Read More