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Rick Perry’s Texas Giveaways

The soon-to-be U.S. energy secretary doled out billions in grants and tax incentives for corporations while governor of Texas. One $30 million grant went to an energy group that turned out to be a phantom…. Read More


Trump’s Treasury Pick Excelled at Kicking Elderly People Out of Their Homes

When Steven Mnuchin ran OneWest, the bank aggressively and in some cases, wrongly, foreclosed on elderly homeowners with reverse mortgages. The bank had a disproportionate share of such foreclosures. by Paul Kiel and Jesse Eisinger… Read More

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How We Found a Pro-Trump Group Blew Past Campaign Finance Laws

by Kate Brown ProPublica Last week, ProPublica’s Derek Willis was combing through detailed campaign finance data, when something caught his eye: A significant funder to one of President-elect Donald Trump’s fundraising efforts had failed to… Read More


Will Trump Scrap NASA’s Climate Research Mission?

NASA does more than explore other planets; it studies our own. Agency scientists worry Donald Trump will abort the work. by Andrew Revkin ProPublica The wonders of NASA — Mars rovers, astronaut Instagram feeds, audacious… Read More