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Could Scott Walker’s Legal Victory Expand PAC Superpowers?

Proponents of tighter reins on political money worry that a Wisconsin ruling about the governor’s recall campaign could carry seeds of another ‘Citizens United.’ by Robert Faturechi ProPublica A Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling on Gov…. Read More

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Senator to Red Cross: Where’s the Transparency on Haiti?

“I still have a lot more questions for the Red Cross,” said Sen. Charles Grassley. by Justin Elliott ProPublica The American Red Cross met a deadline this week to answer congressional questionsabout how it spent… Read More

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Road Hazard: How the ‘Embarrassing’ Gas Tax Impasse Explains Washington

by Alec MacGillis ProPublica This story was co-published with Politico. In 1993, the Dow Jones industrial average was still well under 4,000, the best-selling car in the country was the Ford Taurus, and the average… Read More

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Confidential Documents: Red Cross Itself May Not Know How Millions Donated for Haiti Were Spent

The documents also raise questions about the accuracy of the Red Cross’ count of how many Haitians it helped, concluding the figures on one project were “fairly meaningless.” by Justin Elliott, ProPublica, and Laura Sullivan,… Read More