People Respond to Conviction

by Dick Price In the past several weeks, President Barack Obama took two bold, moral stands — expressing support for marriage equality and giving DREAMers legal standing until Congress can be forced to act —… Read More

Taking Responsibility for Killers Among Us

Shocked by the shooting of a black teenager in Florida and 17 villagers in Afghanistan, the nation busily tears into the psyches of the two shooters, debating what could possibly motivate such outrages. In the… Read More

5 Days in Denver: Rage Muted

5 Days in Denver, an impressive film by first-time film producer and director Todd Cassetty, follows a small group of activists, young and old, as they attempt to disrupt the Democratic Party’s 2008 national convention…. Read More

Veterans: The War After The War

Now that the last American combat soldier has walked across the desert out of Iraq, and the Obama administration seems poised to end our military involvement in Afghanistan over howls from the military’s brass and war… Read More